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A crime drama taking place in Vermont and New York City with a social twist addressing the heroin/opiate epidemic, criminal justice system & war on drugs. The story follows three individuals as their stories interweave within the world of drug trafficking, addiction and the criminal justice system.

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Mission Statement

The very nature of this project's theme bisects all sectors of our culture, in light of this, every effort is being made to ensure this production is as inclusive as possible. From a strong female to male crew ratio to a story that calls out racial biases & stigmas in our criminal justice system.

The Story



My name is Cal Hopwood - the writer and director of RAT PARK.


As a youth growing up in Vermont, I experimented with recreational drugs which quickly led down a dark and troubled path. The details of this sordid past are complex and deeply personal, and I now consider myself one of the lucky ones. I had opportunities- privileges- afforded me which thankfully allowed my life to take a new and brighter direction. These past experiences have shaped who I am today. My outlook on addiction, the criminal justice system and the stigma towards drugs and substance abuse has created a drive and passion to use my artistry to address these issues.

Rat Park is a five-part series in which these issues are addressed by following the lives of three individuals and their interwoven stories. The series was designed to connect the audience with authentic characters in a compelling narrative as a means to evoke a human empathy that is often buried, yet exists within us all. The title of the project comes from an experiment conducted by a social pycologist name Bruce Alexander, his results paint a different picture when it comes to the way we approach drug control and addiction. This project is designed to be a piece of media that addresses this hugely important social issue.

I have an MFA in Emergent Media with a focus in 'Entertainment Education'. In essence, Entertainment Education is a concept which utilizes social cognitive theory to influence behavioral change with it's viewers. Film is one of the most powerful ways to influence an audience, and that is exactly what this project strives to do.  

I have spent over a year researching and developing the story to be as authentic and truthful as possible while incorporating Entertainment Education methodologies to create media for change. I have gathered a talented team of individuals excited to make this project come to life. 

The next step for the project is filming a pilot episode to promote support, and gain recognition and momentum for the remainder of the series.  It will also serve as a jumping off point for an awareness and action campaign with the sincere hope of shedding light toward positive change.


We hope you join us on this journey, and share it along.



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About This Team

We have an amazing team of talented and creative proffesionals.  Our goal for this project is to have it be a project about Vermont, shot in Vermont and by Vermonters. 

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