Raw, Regal, and Real

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Sydney Morgan

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The dynamic life of a college student by day, graffiti artist at night witnessing a glimpse of lives in her daily commute on New York City’s Transit Subway. The goal of our project is to connect to people’s humanity by unveiling the richness of the African American experience.

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Mission Statement

Our project is spearheaded by women in every creative department. Our cast and crew are also rich with African American representation that is not often seen in either the film or theater industry.

The Story


The Story

The inspiration for the show comes from living in New York, particularly during my freshman year of college, I would meet and have conversations with people during my commute on the subway. The people that I would meet were very interesting, it's rare to have deep conversations on a daily commute but it was my experience.


Though New York is known as a city with a hustle and bustle, there is a strong sense of community.  I wrote the show to explore the underbelly dynamic of the strength of New Yorkers, the story of survival living in a world of race, incarceration, parenthood, education, relationships, and the importance of generations. As a writer, my goal is to explore the lives of the people of the city in everyday life. The show is combined with monologues and scenes, some acted solo theatrically, and others acted within the film portion. 




What We Need

Theater is an important way to spread our message of connectivity and the human experience; however, it's also an expensive one. We need to pay for things like theater space, cast, crew, insurance, touring expenses, etc. This is where you come in, your contributions will help us get this important part of the project made.




The Impact

Raw, Regal, and Real's entire creative team of writers and actors are represented by WOC / POC. We feature characters and scenarios from OUR experiences and bring them to life in a way that resonates both for us and a broader audience looking for fresh perspectives.


Our show is unique, but our experiences are all-to-common. We work in a variety of careers and disciplines. We are tired of waiting for people to cast us in reductive, stereotypical roles, and collaborate with other artists and actors who feel similarly. We’ve given ourselves a platform to be authentic on our own terms, and invite our audiences to think about issues that affect all of us.




Other Ways You Can Help

In order to reach our goal, we will need help from as many of you as possible. In addition to contributing to the campaign, sharing the link to the campaign via social media will help to spread the word about this important story.





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Touring Expenses

Costs $7,200

Touring a play is important which means paying for things like travel, places to stay, and more!

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Costs $2,320

We need to promote this play as far and wide as possible! Help us advertise for this production.


Costs $4,320

We want to hire the best team in the business, so our production can come to life on stage!


Costs $1,200

We want our short film in the play to look amazing, which means we need to rent a movie camera!

Props and Set Dressing

Costs $800

We need the right props and set dressing in order to tell our story on the big stage!

Theater Space

Costs $5,280

We need a theater space in order to perform this amazing play, help us rent out the right venue!


Costs $750

It's important to keep your cast and crew fed. Nobody does their best work on an empty stomach!


Costs $1,930

Actors put in their time and effort, just like the rest of the crew, so they deserve to be paid!

Makeup and Wardrobe

Costs $200

We want to make sure our actors look and dress the part for their roles!

About This Team

Sydney Morgan

Writer, Producer, and Performer 


A vivacious pistol in a small yet MIGHTY package. I am an Actor, Writer, and Director. I am apart of first Inaugural class of Studio School located at a movie studio.  I was born and bred in Queens, New York and also raised in Delaware.


Film credits include an action sci-fi film called Guppy, Now Loading, A Movie Musical of the true life story of Ronnie The Bren Gun Girl. Happy Sketch Lab. My Theatrical and Musical Theatre credits includes, Almost Maine, Wild Party, Death Proof, The Wolves, and I am currently in production for the play, a Tiger Wears a Necktie. 

As a writer and director, my work includes a short film called Hues and Hidden Kings. Currently, I am writing and producing my first one-woman show called Raw, Regal, and Real. And remember, “We are the lineage of Kings and Queens” - Sydney Morgan, Hues and Hidden Kings



Katie Northlich


Actress, playwright, solo performer, improviser and acting coach located in Los Angeles. Four-Time National Monologue Champion, having written, performed and produced original work since 2001. Her solo shows have played to critical acclaim and sold-out Off-Broadway houses in New York City,  Her work was chosen as a premiere piece in opening Stage Left Studio’s first season, NYC’s only Solo Repertory Theatre.


Katie has worked as an actress both regionally and Off-Broadway. Katie's play "Two Of Them, Looking," was selected for Emerging Artist Theatre's New Work Series, and was produced in NYC in April 2015.




Ashley Noelle Jackson


Ashley Noelle Jackson is thrilled to be the producer for Raw, Regal, and Real. This project is a dream come true and Jackson feels blessed beyond measure to be working with her dear friend, Sydney Morgan, on creating this one-woman masterpiece. Originally from University Place, Washington, Ashley Noelle Jackson attended Catawba College in Salisbury, North Carolina, earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts in 2013.

Since then, she's performed as Mercy Jones on the TV show, The Librarians, formerly on the TNT Network. Also, Ashley landed a principal role in the Credit Sesame Commercial, which was featured regionally throughout the United States during the Superbowl in 2018.


In 2018, Ashley decided to pack up her car and move to Los Angeles, which proved to be an enlightening experience. Within months, she secured an agent and booked the AT&T campaign, Kings of Style, featuring A$AP Rocky and Dapper Dan. Ashley’s greatest passion is helping other film professionals reach their fullest potential. She speaks professionally throughout the United States about her acting journey in hopes to encourage the next generation of actors and film artists to achieve their dreams.


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