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Luke Hristou

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In the city known as Hooptown USA, a former coach’s path collides with an ex-player (and 9-5 gym rat) after trouble arises at Coach's basketball facility.

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Mission Statement

We've always had 3 main goals with Real Rat: 1.) Celebrate and honor the extraordinary basketball community in Spokane 2.) Make an authentic sports dramedy with REAL gym rats and an insider perspective 3.) Become a running series filmed in Hooptown USA.

The Story

My (Luke's) first introduction to Spokane was at 8 years old... on the concrete streets of downtown.

Real Rat creator, Luke Hristou, playing in his first Hoopfest.

From that moment on, I've never waivered in my belief... Spokane is one of the greatest basketball cities on earth.

Picture this... a city where the local University (Gonzaga) has been to nine straight sweet 16's, where every June there's an extra Christmas called HOOPFEST (the largest 3on3 outdoor basketball tournament IN THE WORLD), and a name befitting it all -- HOOPTOWN USA.

It sounds too good to be true, right? It's as if the Hoop Gods themselves crafted the perfect basketball city out of the clouds and sent it to settle in eastern Washington... and then decided, "you know what... there should be a show made here, and it should be called -- REAL RAT!"

That's what we thought too.


Luke Hristou (Center),
with Real Rat Collaborators: Houston Stockton (left)
and Michael, "Mike Stonks," Stockton (right) at Hoopfest, 1999.

And we haven't even mentioned the Warehouse... or as Coach calls it, "A CRAZY COOL BASKETBALL FACILITY!" which will play a prominent role in the new pilot.

A staple in Spokane's basketball community and a gym rats paradise.

Since Real Rat's inception nearly 4 years ago, we've written over 250 pages of script, formed a production company (Luke's, 81Hundred - est. in 2022), assembled an amazing cast and crew, shot a proof of concept, premiered at the Magic Lantern Theater in downtown Spokane to a crowd of enthusiastic supporters (AKA REAL RATS), had an online premiere (on Hoopfest weekend of course), started a podcast going behind the scenes and highlighting the stories of some of Spokane's realest rats, made merchandise, AND FINALLY...

Taken all the feedback we've received from our first go around and written a new and improved script that's ready for production upon achieving a successful fundraising campaign!

Our amazing crew on set for the Real Rat Proof of Concept

Independent production is HARD... we're attempting to pull off something at 1/100th of the budget/resource level of a network pilot. That's why every dollar, share, follow, and ounce of support you give will go SUCH. A. LONG. WAY.

Especially in the first 48 hours, where we need to hit 30% ($6,000) of our goal to continue our campaign.

And if the Hoop Gods are with us and we surpass our goal of $20,000 we can...

  • Hire additional (and much-needed) crew!!
  • Compose some bouncy beats worthy of an epic noon ball montage!
  • Film at some extra special Spokane locations!
  • Hire an editing wizard (and save Luke the headache)!
  • Have a budget for promotion to spread the Real Rat word!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your support means the world to us!

(*Our new pilot will be inspired by, but not based on the POF)


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Costs $3,500

We want to pay our people!

Crew + equipment

Costs $8,000

Again, we want to pay our people!


Costs $1,000

Real Rats need fuel!

Insurance and legal fees

Costs $2,000

Real Rats need coverage!

Post Production

Costs $3,000

Setting aside a small boost for post-production will be key!


Costs $1,500

A small budget for locations will be essential!

Promotion + Distribution

Costs $1,000

Help us spread the word!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Luke Hristou

Producer, Writer/Director, Actor - "Funk"

After finishing a college basketball career at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Luke's first experience in the creative world came soon after graduation while working in New York City. There, Luke took improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and began writing fiction.

Hungry to learn more about the craft, Luke continued acting and writing, while living in Portland, Oregon, and working in software sales. After a successful stint in sales, Luke decided to pursue a creative career full-time in 2019 by attending Colorado Film School to study Acting/Directing. In what would be his final assignment, the idea for what became Real Rat was first put to paper...

After a move to Spokane (AKA Hooptown USA) in late 2020 to turn the idea into a reality, Luke formed 81hundred Productions in 2022 and his team began principal photography on what is now considered, the Real Rat proof of concept.

Luke wrote, produced, directed, acted, and edited the proof of concept with the help of the tremendous Real Rat Team!

Dashawn Bedford

Director of Photography

With 18 years in the video production industry, DaShawn Bedford's love for his craft shows in his work and his accolades.

In 2018, he won Best Cinematographer at the Northwest Horror Fest Festival for his DP work on "Recursion". A short film that has recently been picked up by Stardust a top YT channel for sci-fi. Most recently, DaShawn was the 2nd Unit Director of Photography for the 2022 feature film Outpost, directed by Joe Lo Truglio.

As co-founder of B & B Pro Video, as a 2020 Journal of Business Rising Star, DaShawn continues to love the art, the creativity, and the team aspect involved with a production

Rick Ibarra-Rivera

Acting Coach, Actor - "Coach"

Rick Rivera, AKA Coach Rick, AKA Ricardo Ibarra-Rivera is an Actor, Acting Coach, Life/Health/Business Coach, and Creative residing in Spokane, WA.

A first-generation American, born to Guatemalan parents, Rick was born and raised in San Francisco. He discovered theatre in high school (St. Ignatius College Preparatory) and continued pursuing the art and craft of acting through Undergraduate (Santa Clara University) and Graduate (American Conservatory Theatre) degrees.

Rick Rivera also provides services as a Life/Health/Business Coach, helping others achieve breakthroughs in their lives, health, or businesses and accomplish their dreams.

Jerry Buxbaum


With 20+ years of experience in the stunt industry and an impressive list of projects, Jerry Buxbaum brings an energy and a passion to his work that is unmatched. From water safety to precision driving and stunt coordinating, Jerry has worked his way through the industry with professionalism and commitment to a job well done.

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