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A self-indulgent couple find themselves accidentally hosting a couple's retreat for a cast of oddballs. Deeply inspired by the works of artists like Christopher Guest and David Wain, this ensemble comedy aims to deliver as much laughter as it does heart to our audience. Come join us for some levity!

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Mission Statement

Our comedy addresses what it is to love, how one's definition of love can change, and gives validity to the less than common expressions of love. Led by a platonic, artistic quarantine couple, our team is made up of a diverse group of voices to bring an authentic (and irreverent) snapshot of love.

The Story

The Premise

Struggling documentarian Paul Munch and his wife Savannah, a successful graphic designer, leave New York City for a long weekend and head to Savannah's family's cabin. Through a miscommunication with Savannah's brother Hunter (now residing full-time in the cabin), the three unwittingly host a couple's retreat for an ensemble of local oddballs: a single hopeless romantic, twin men, an ex-teen pageant winner and her long-term girlfriend, and a married couple separating after 19 years as the husband discovers his sexuality. Paul and Savannah take advantage of the happy accident and decide to make a documentary over the course of the weekend, exploiting their guests for their own gain. 

How the Heck this Came to Be

Grace, here.

The idea for "Retreat!" first came to mind while I was reading "Like Brothers" by the Duplass Brothers, based on their concept of "available materials". I had access to a cabin, people, and a strong desire to make a movie. Inspired by ensemble cringe comedies like Waiting for Guffman and Veep, a story of a couple's retreat formed in my mind. 

As the pandemic hit the United States, I created audio projects and met a plethora of talented actors and creators, including Joseph Leo Boyce. I adored Joe as an actor. But when he launched his own podcast, The Kitch Chronicles, I knew our comedy languages were compatible. I dusted off my couple's retreat story idea and reached out to Joe. We got to work. 

(Joe and I are the two at the top)


The Pandemic

Our passion for this project is about more than our need as actors and creators to make a movie to star in. It's about more than our life-long desire to make a movie. It's about getting together with the kids in our corner of the universe to make a movie. We could've (and maybe should've) written a different movie, with a smaller cast. But it's big on purpose. We've been stuck inside for so long and we want to get together, collaborate with this talented group of people from different backgrounds, with different voices, to tell a story. To make a movie. Much of more film will be shot outdoors, and our cast and crew will be entirely vaccinated. 

Our huge, lovable cast: 

Where We're At

We are fully in the swing of pre-production. Our film is cast, crew members in place. We are fortunate that over half of our total budget has been funded, so this is the final chunk to get the movie made. COVID-permitting, we will begin shooting on November 2 of this year. 

Filmmaking Inspiration

"We were up all night, running around in the middle of the woods like idiots. Everyone was doing every possible job: Jay shot the main camera, I held the boom pole, we all (including the actors) hung lights in between scenes.We would discuss ways to improve scenes moments before shooting them. Most importantly, with no one to answer to or explain ourselves to, we followed our own impulses the whole way."

-The Duplass Brothers, "Like Brothers"


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Cash Pledge

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Feed Our Cast and Crew

Costs $4,500

10 day shoot, many people to feed! We are also accepting meal donations!

Location! Location! Location!

Costs $3,000

Our story takes place all in one setting, which will double as lodging for the team.


Costs $2,000

Movies are made in the editing room. Therefore, we need an editing room.


Costs $27

A birdwatching scene requires the use of three binoculars. $9 each.

Double-slot Ring Box

Costs $15

No spoilers!

Archery Kit

Costs $150

A Lord-of-the-Rings-inspired Archery class takes place at the retreat.

Equipment Rentals

Costs $300

Good lighting and sound can really make or break a film. We'd prefer this one to "make".

About This Team

Creative Team

Joseph Leo Boyce - co-director, co-writer, cast

Joseph Leo Boyce is a Brooklyn based actor, writer, and comedian. He received his BFA in Acting from the Boston University College of Fine Arts before moving to the city to continue his training at The Upright Citizens Brigade in improv and sketch comedy. He is the creator of “The Kitch Chronicles”, a one-man, scripted, noir parody podcast, as well as the co-host of “Can I Walk You Out?”, a podcast diving into the manic machinations of Bachelor Nation.

Grace Day - co-director, co-writer, cast

Grace is an actor and a writer, currently in a long-distance relationship with New York City. Shortly after marrying an Air Force pilot and leaving the city, she began creating her own work. Her web series, Library Freaks was released in 2018 two months before her son was born. In 2020, she created the anthology podcast, As Seen on and the audio sitcom, How Do You Sleep at Night? Her first feature film, Killington, is currently in post-production after filming in April of this year. 

Tessa Faye Talent, LLC - Creative Consultant, cast

Tessa Faye: founder of Tessa Faye Talent, a Career Consulting business for those pursuing creative endeavors professionally. She works in film, theatre, voiceover and new media and is a graduate of The University of Michigan's musical theatre program.

Lambo Productions, LLC - Executive Producer, cast

David Lambert (actor/producer)- currently seen in "Twelve Mighty Orphans" in release by Sony Classic Pictures, and soon to be released, "Killington, the Move"; Producer-"A Christmas Carol"(Broadway--5 Tony noms , and  "Abnormal" (Off-Broadway)

Shawn Arani- producer

Producing credits include KILLINGTON (upcoming, feature film), PILLOW TALK (upcoming, short film), Broadway's COMPANY (upcoming, Jacobs Theatre) and A CHRISTMAS CAROL (Lyceum Theatre) and Off Broadway's ABNORMAL (Theatre Row).

Caitlyn Murray - Director of Photography

Charlotte based cinematographer, writer, editor, director and actor. Caitlyn is well-versed both in-front of the camera and behind. After studying acting for nearly a decade, she decided to challenge herself to create the roles and stories she’s dreamt of playing. Shortly after making the switch behind camera, a new love for storytelling was born. Her self written & produced short film, SPARK, gained a cult following on YouTube over the past two years. She currently resides in the Charlotte, NC area working full-time as a videographer and content creator on a wide variety of projects. Some of her recent collaborations include working with Glass Animals and Heather Thomson from the Real Housewives of New York City.


The Cast

Curtis Sammons- Richmond, VA-based musician. Retreat! will be his feature film debut. 

Ted Wold- owner of Ted Wold Studio,, an acting studio in NYC. Ted Wold has twenty years of experience with the Meisner Technique of acting, first as a student and then as a teacher.  He is a graduate of Duke University School of Law and holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin. In January 2020 he made his Off Broadway directing debut with a production of "Abnormal."  As an actor his most recent role was Mr. Harding in the New York City Workshop production of "One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest.'

Mindy VanKuren- Mom and wife by day, actor when she's feeling really lucky. Mindy's currently producing "The Red Sedan", short thesis film, "Out in the Open", an LGBTQIA sci-fi feature and developing a docuseries and feature documentary. Past credits include commercials for Glacier Bay Vodka, Toyota, and Arkansas Parks & Tourism, in addition to film roles, Nita in "Hallowed Ground", Tatiana in "Last Call", and Sarah Shepherd in "Ridge Runners".

Brianna Cala- Brianna is an actor, writer and comedian… oh! and school nurse (so random, right?) living in Brooklyn. She recently starred in the dark comedic feature film, Killington, which is now in post production. During the pandemic she kept busy with her quirky improvised web series, You’re Not Getting Any Younger. If audio media is more your thing then you can hear her voice regularly on the podcast Can I Walk You Out?, Year of the Nurse and the audio version of Dry Run.  She is beyond excited to work with the creative and talented team in Retreat!

Christy Hall- NYC-based actor, writer, and musician. 

Ricky DeRosa- NYC-based actor, writer, filmmaker. 

Ryan DeRosa- NYC-based actor, writer, filmmaker.

Aimée Garcia- a New York and Atlanta-based writer and actress. After years of acting on stage at the University of Michigan and on-screen, Aimée's voice mysteriously faded to a whisper for almost two years. It is during this time that her first play, The Portrait of Mrs. Hopper was born. Her work embodies the discovery of her metaphorical voice as a woman, artist, and human being, and revels in the recovery of her physical one. Prior to the pandemic, she was named a Town Stages Fellow and is currently in the process of writing her first TV Pilot. Aimée is so thrilled to be performing again with such an incredible group of people!

Nikki MacCallum- New York City based actress, author, and standup comedian.  As a performer she’s been seen at Lincoln Center, Caroline’s on Broadway, Birdland, and has been featured on VH1.  She's a house comic at NYC's The Grisly Pear, and her memoir, DRY RUN, was released in 2019 by Auctus Publishers and was showcased on both ABC and CBS.  The audio version is now available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts featuring a cast of fifty-one (Tessa Faye Talent, LLC), produced by Lambo Productions, LLC (Broadway: A Christmas Carol, 5 Tony Nominations).  She recently wrapped Principal Photography for the feature film, Killington (Written by Grace Day, Produced by Gnar Bois LLC) which is currently in post-production. 

Peter Walsh- is a New York based actor, writer, and comedian. His most recent credits include Zoe Kamil’s Girl Power Sex Positive Joy Ride (SheNYC), The Merchant of Venice and Henry VI (Actor's Shakespeare Project). Peter also writes, acts and produces original sketches and comedy videos! Follow his Instagram @Peterluvsfun, to watch! Website:

David LaMorte- Actor - Musician - Writer - Poet - Filmmaker - Martial Artist - Wisdom Seeker - Ego Lover - Emotional Manipulator - Identity Escapist.David Michael LaMorte was birthed in 1989 and raised on Long Island to a loving pack of black sheep lone wolves. Always having a love for movies and television, David started to pursue his interests in and outside of high school. Using his high schools editing equipment, he started directing and editing music videos for his friends, which led to David buying his own equipment to make more videos of weddings, sweet 16s, bar mitzvahs, live performances, radio shows, and more. After receiving his BFA in Film Production from Five towns College, David decided to get in front of the camera and studied Acting at Matthew Corazine Studio in NYC as well as production and writing at The Independent Film School. Shorty after, David started booking small gigs in commercials, short films, plays, web series, and an ambitious tv pilot. When he’s not working as an actor, David is in the music studio, practicing and recording with his band Leasto. Currently David is active in a writers workshop and also looking to learn more about producing. He is working on a new draft of his web series that will blend his love for movies and music together as well as challenging his crafts in front of and behind the camera.

Matt Vita- actor, stand up comedian, writer, director, producer, improviser, musician,
surfer, snowboarder, award winning freestyler, overall GNAR shredder, general mischief maker, and purveyor of self-indulgent run of sentences. He can rap better than you,shred trees faster than you, and still holds the door for strangers. Matt is currently in post-production on his first feature length film, Killington- he created the story, executive produced the project with fellow Gnar Boi Mark Dudzinksi, Co-Directed, and starred opposite America’s Next Top Model Winner Sophie Sumner, bringing to life a script written by Grace Day.

Peter Fanone- NYC based actor from Alexandria, VA. Post-Pandemic Era credits include: Gremio/Chowder/Curtis in Lanes Coven Theater Co.’s Taming of the Shrew; Pandemic era: Anhyzer (short film, Wildflower Ent. Co.), George Corwin in Ghosts of Salem (audio drama), Phillip/Andrew/Martin in How Do You Sleep At Night (audio comedy), Ray in Drumming With Anubis (zoom play); Pre-pandemic: OFF BROADWAY: Brendan in Indoor Person (Normal Ave Theater); LORT A REGIONAL THEATER: Hamlet with Tony Award nominee John Douglas Thompson (American Conservatory Theater), a Christmas Carol (A.C.T.). 

Christian Cagagil - U.S. born son of Salvadoran and Spanish immigrants, Christian Cagigal splits his time between San Francisco and New York City: Magician at Speakeasy Magick at the McKittrick Hotel in NYC, Co-Producer for Odd Salon NYC, Owner of the San Francisco Ghost Hunt, and Co-Founder of Fog City Magic Fest.




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