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Tyler Albizo

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Ned's life of safe choices has led him to a cycle of monotony, so when charismatic huckster Doug Hargrave asks him to risk everything for a whole lot of cash, he's interested.

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Mission Statement

This is my senior thesis project, so in it I want to show what I have learned over these past four years. I want to make a visually interesting, cinematic project that shows both my love of thrilling, suspenseful films, and funny, offbeat comedy.

The Story


Risk/Reward follows Ned, a lonely pencil pusher with no direction in life. Ned is approached by Doug a sketchy yet charasmatic former acquaintance who has an intriguing offer. He needs Ned to switch out a key document at the insurance company where he works in exchange for a lot of cash. Ned understands this is could cost him his job or even send him to jail. Will Ned continue his safe, numbing life or risk everything?


Style and Inspiration

Risk/Reward will have a distict visual style that will refelct the tone of the film. Off kilter camera angles will be used to show Ned's psyche. There will be a visual contrast between the dull office and home of Ned, and the collorful, alluring underworld of Doug. 

A huge influence for me are The Coen brothers. I am inspired by their abbility to create compelling, thrilling stories with comically flawed characters and a stunning visual flare. Other influnces of this project are the films The American Friend, Being John Malkovich, and the show Better Call Saul.

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Fiming during a pandemic

Our number one concern is the saftey of our cast and crew, and we are going to great lengths to ensure that saftey. The cast is only two people, and the crew will only be 8 people. Everyone on set will need to get a confrimed negative test before shooting starts. Every crew member will wear a mask at all times on set, and every cast member will wear a mask when not on camera. Your contribution will help us ensure that this is a covid safe production. 

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Costs $850

We have secured several amazing locations, that will make the world feel lived in and cinematic.


Costs $750

We are paying our actors a rate of 125$ per day.

Catering and Craft Services

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The cast and crew need food to stay happy, healthy, and productive.

About This Team

Tyler Albizo is a Baltimore based director, writer, and cinematographer. Tyler is currently working towards a B.S. in Film and Moving Image from Stevenson University. Tyler is the director of  the 2019-2020 Don’t Talk During The Movies short “The Loudest Whisper” which plays before films at The Senator Theater in Baltimore. Tyler is the writer and director of Risk/Reward, his most ambitious project to date. 

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