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I created this web series in order to explore an underrepresented experience--that of a gay, fat woman dating for the first time. Rosalie is the story of a late in life lesbian who's finally come out and begun dating; at a time in her life when everyone's done most things, she's done nothing...yet.

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Mission Statement

While so few shows and movies include LGBTQ characters, Rosalie is a web series with a plus-size, Cuban-American lesbian at the very center of its story. Diversity behind the scenes is also important to our show, which is why our cast and crew is predominantly made up of women.

The Story



After denying herself romance her entire adult life, Rosalie finally admits her truth: she's a lesbian who's never even so much as held hands with someone. Her romantic journey takes place at a time in her life when most people have already done everything and she's done absolutely nothing.


Truly, nothing. 
Literally, I mean nothing. 


In typical Rosalie fashion, she's created a list of romantic firsts to accomplish.


Here's to hoping she can finish them by the end of the year!




The main financial goal of this campaign is to raise $1,720 to cover the bare minimum costs to produce the final three episodes of the series.  However, if we're able to raise more than that, all additional funds will be used towards compensating all the cast and crew attached to the project--who're all currently volunteering their services.






Rosalie played by Celenia


Jackie played by Becca


Jamie 1 and Jamie 2 played by Bri and Aiden
(left to right)


Desiree played by Lola


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

RODE VideoMic Studio Boom Kit

Costs $200

So that we don't have to record sound on various people's iPhones.

Yellow Teletubby Costume

Costs $60

For the Halloween Party in Episode 4!

Green Teletubby Costume

Costs $60

For the Halloween Party in Episode 4!

Mario Costume

Costs $20

For the Halloween Party in Episode 4!

Ghost Face Costume

Costs $25

For the Halloween Party in Episode 4!

Sexy Male Doctor Costume

Costs $30

For (you guessed it) the Halloween Party in Episode 4!

Episode 4: Various Halloween Party Props

Costs $80

- red solo cups - soda bottles - party decor - fake vomit - trash can

Episode 6 Drinks

Costs $20

Episode 6 has a scene where Rosalie grabs drinks w/ a cutie & this money will go towards that :)

Finale Costume

Costs $50

$50 seems steep but being fat ain't cheap!

Food for Crew

Costs $150

Cost of food to feed crew for shooting of all three episodes!


Costs $750

This is to pay my editor to edit the last three episodes of Rosalie!


Costs $200

Brooklyn is hella expensive--this is to rent an airbnb to shoot in for various upcoming scenes!

Backstage Listings

Costs $75

To cover the cost of advertising on Backstage!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Celenia Lugo

Celenia Lugo is the Creator and Writer behind Rosalie.  She's currently receiving her MFA at LIU in TV Writing and Production and she's taken improv and stand-up classes at UCB, The PIT, and Brooklyn Comedy Collective.  She also co-hosts a stand-up variety show with Becca Herries called What?. Her comedic writing has been published on sites like Points in Case, The Belladonna and Funny-ish.   


Bri Castellini 

Bri Castellini is the Film Community Manager at Seed&Spark and an Adjunct Professor at LIU-Brooklyn and Stephens College.  She is a writer, director, and actress with numerous web series and short film credits to her name.  She's also the Director of Photography, Editor and an Actress in Rosalie.  For more on her extensive work history, check her out here:


Carlos Lugo

Carlos Lugo is a Brooklyn based Actor who's acted in various short films, including: Charlie on Cloud Nine and Some Things Never Changed. He's also done extra work in the TNT show Constance, as well as Starz's Bittersweet. He'll be acting in an upcoming episode of Rosalie and has assisted as Director on two episodes of Rosalie. 


Smita Patankar

Smita Patankar can be seen performing stand-up comedy at open mics around Brooklyn and she assisted as Director for the pilot episode of Rosalie. 


Raymond Urrutia

Raymond Urrutia is currently receiving his MFA in TV Writing and Production at LIU-Brooklyn.  He's the Script Supervisor for Rosalie, in addition to many other web series. 


Jonny Lebeau

Jonny Lebeau is the Lighting Technician on Rosalie, in addition to currently receiving his MFA in TV Writing and Production at LIU-Brooklyn.  He's performed improv and sketch comedy at the Magnet Theater, Second City, and UCB.


Aiden Orr

Aiden Orr plays Jamie 1 in Rosalie. 


Lola Jones

Lola Jones plays Desiree in Rosalie.


Rebecca Herries

Rebecca Herries, is a young professional whose soft skills far outweigh her technical abilities. If you Google her, you will find her emails from the 2016 Democratic National Committee email hack. This search will reveal a batch of correspondences where she confirms the receipt of other emails and says “great — will do” a lot. Becca has also studied improv and stand-up at Washington Improv Theater in D.C., UCB and The PIT.  She currently plays Jackie in the web series--Rosalie.

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