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Rosalie is about how an unplanned pregnancy leaves an overwhelmed mother of four determined to end it—and her infertile best friend determined to stop her. The film explores how obsession and desire can intensify the mounting pressure that women and mothers regularly face, and too often face alone.

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Mission Statement

Moved to action by the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade in June 2022—also a few months after my miscarriage—I wrote Rosalie to explore the complexities of womanhood, motherhood, and caregiving. We hope this film challenges audiences to question the answers they always thought they knew.

The Story

What is Rosalie about?

The film follows Carolyn and Nadine, two lifelong friends facing very different circumstances.

Carolyn, 39 and childless after many miscarriages, loves kids and wants nothing more than to be a mom. Nadine, 38, has four children under the age of ten that she’s raising mostly on her own.

When Nadine tells Carolyn she’s unexpectedly pregnant with her fifth child—and that she doesn’t want to keep it—Carolyn offers to adopt the baby. Nadine’s rejection of her offer sets Carolyn down a desperate path that leads to alarming consequences.

Why Rosalie now?

“Rosalie” came to me in the weeks after Roe v. Wade was overturned, which also was a few months after my miscarriage.

As someone from Texas, I thought about the women in my home state who would lose access to essential healthcare and the right to decide the most intimate stories of their bodies. I also considered, certainly not for the first time, how deeply divisive the issues of women’s bodily autonomy and abortion are in our country—and how alienating and painful abortion and miscarriage can be for people. Finally, I wondered what might happen to two women—bound by friendship yet confronting very different circumstances—who find themselves in a pressurized time and place, bearing their burdens alone.

Women should have the freedom to determine the role their bodies play in their lives, and in the lives of their families. No two women's stories about miscarriage or abortion are the same, but all our stories deserve respect and care—and none of us should be silenced.

With this film, our team aims to show a close-up portrait of the complexities of womanhood, motherhood, and caregiving, and to leave audiences with questions about the answers they always thought they knew.

Photo attribution: Ann Harkness, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Where are we in the process of making Rosalie?

Development for "Rosalie" began in July 2022. We’re currently in the final stages of pre-production, with our shoot dates set for April 12–14, 2024 in the Hudson Valley.

As we polish our shot list, hold rehearsals, and put the final pieces in place to enable a successful production, we're requesting contributions from generous donors like you, applying for script and film grants, and seeking partnership with a like-minded nonprofit (please let us know if that's you!). This essential support will help us finance "Rosalie," compensate our talented collaborators for their work, and promote the film to wider audiences.

After editing throughout the summer, we'll submit "Rosalie" for consideration in the 2025–2026 festival circuit. We want this film to reach audiences across America, raising awareness about vital issues like bodily autonomy for all and women’s mental health.

We hope the story and characters honor the complex lives of women and mothers and play a role in effecting positive, meaningful change for women in our country.

The script of "Rosalie," which advanced in the 2023 Austin Film Festival's Screenplay Competition

How will your contributions help bring Rosalie to life?

The funds we raise from this Seed & Spark campaign will pay our visionary, hardworking collaborators, including our director of photography and her camera team, other essential crew members, and our talented cast.

Carolyn, played by Rebecca Quinn Robertson

Nadine, played by Adriana Spencer "Adi"

Contributions will also help cover equipment and camera rental fees, accommodations for out-of-town cast and crew, travel expenses, food and sustenance on set, and more.

In short, we can't do this without your support! Every donation helps our film, and we are so grateful to you.


For all ROSALIE updates, follow our production company on Instagram or Facebook: @ruffledowlproductions

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Cash Pledge

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Camera Rental

Costs $5,000

This lets us rent the magical technology to bring Rosalie from page to screen: camera, lenses, monitor, tripod, etc.

Camera Team

Costs $5,000

The DP and her team lend their talent, time, and expertise to transform the script into cinematic art.

Production Design

Costs $3,000

Building a film's visual world requires creativity, patience, and great attention to detail from the production designer and her team.


Costs $2,500

This will feed our hardworking cast and crew—and give them well-deserved breaks.


Costs $2,000

Performing might be a labor of love, but actors deserve to be compensated for their talent and time on set.

Transportation & Accommodations

Costs $4,500

This goes toward transportation and accommodation costs for out-of-town cast and crew.

About This Team

The ROSALIE team

Led by women filmmakers, our creative team is made up of artists passionate about telling powerful, nuanced stories that move, challenge, and inspire.

We want ROSALIE to reach audiences across America, raising awareness about vital issues like bodily autonomy for all, women’s mental health, and the difficulties inherent in caregiving.

In making this film, we aim to honor the complex lives of women and mothers—and to play a role in effecting positive, meaningful change for people of all genders in our country.

Our creative team includes:

Erin McGuff-Pennington

Writer, Director, Producer

Adriana Spencer "Adi"

Producer, Actor (Nadine)

Adam Grannick

Producer, Editor

Asligul Armagan

Line Producer

Liza Gipsova

Director of Photography

T.V. Alexander

Production Designer

Elaine Rava

Assistant Director

Rebecca Quinn Robertson

Actor (Carolyn)

Julian Giat

Actor (Lucas)

Current Team