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ROYALLY is an original comedy series that follows a millennial burnout who runs a private princess party company as a front for small-time cons, petty theft, and drug peddling. We've shot all six episodes of the first season and are funding our post-production costs. Thanks for your interest!

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Mission Statement

ROYALLY centers around a female lead who's strong, independent, and doesn't take sh*t from anyone. She also has a lot of flaws... which we think is a good thing. We're really excited to be putting forth a strong, independent, HUMAN lady on screen.

The Story

Royally is an original comedy series written by Ben Diserens that follows Mel (Rachel B. Joyce), a millennial burnout who strategically starts a princess party company in order to gain access to the wallets, liquor shelves, and medicine cabinets of New York City's most elite parents. Along with her wide-eyed sidekick, Damien (PJ Adzima), she robs unsuspecting mothers blind from Park Slope to Park Avenue, all without ever taking off her wig or tiara. It's like Enchanted meets Get Rich or Die Tryin'.



Last summer, we shot all six episodes of our first season! We were able to assemble an incredibly dedicated crew, helmed by our fearless leader, director Don Downie. Many people donated their time, their equipment, and their apartments/other locations to our shoot. We are so, so grateful. 



We also put together an incredible cast of actors including Tina Benko (Broadway's The CrucibleThe Cherry Orchard), David Fierro (The KnickRed Oaks), Christiane Seidel (Boardwalk Empire), Sara Kapner (Off-Bway's Bare), Sebastian Beacon (Taking Woodstock), Thea McCartan (Orange Is The New Black), Lauren Ireland (5Stages), and more!



We've made this Seed&Spark page because we're currently in post-production for our series, and we want to give all of you the opportunity to get involved! If you click on "the wishlist" tab, you'll be able to see a breakdown of our post-production costs. That money will help cover the fees of our editors, sound mixing and color correction, a composer and music rights, graphic design and animation, and of course, all the marketing for the show so that lots of people will watch it once it's made.


We think Royally has a promising future ahead of it, and finishing these six episodes is a crucial first step. We're grateful for any contribution you're able to make. And if you're not able to give financially right now, clicking "follow" on the right helps us as well. Thank you so much for watching our video and sharing your interest in our project!


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Post Production Supervisor

Costs $2,000

Help us pay our MVP Ali Rivera who's supervising all of post!


Costs $4,000

Help us pay our editors! They're making sure the show is as funny as we think it is.

Graphic Design & Photography

Costs $1,000

Help us pay our photographers and graphic designers! They make us look fancy.

Music / Composer

Costs $1,000

Help us make sure the show has a great score! Good music makes a huge difference.


Costs $500

Sometimes the colors on screen aren't quite right. Help us make sure our series looks picture perfect!

Sound Mixing

Costs $500

Sound quality can make or break our series! Help us hire a great sound mixer.

Marketing Expenses

Costs $1,000

Help us get the word out! We want to be able to promote our show in a successful way... and that costs $$.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Executive Producers: Rachel B. Joyce, James Presson
Producers: Ben Diserens, Don Downie, Stacey Maltin, Victoria Negri
Writer: Ben Diserens
Director: Don Downie

Starring: Rachel B. Joyce and PJ Adzima
Featuring: Tina Benko, David Fierro, Christiane Seidel, Sara Kapner, Lauren Ireland, Sebastian Beacon, Thea McCartan, Josephine Huang, Elena McGhee, Daniel Velasco, Ben Diserens, Stacie Capone, Cicily Daniels, Jay DeYonker, Greg Fallick, Annabelle Fox, Laura Hetherington, Shea Kelly, Alice Marcondes, Courtney Gabrielle Williams, Ross Weiner

Director of Photography: Jared Roybal

Co-Producer/AD: Ali Rivera
Production Designer: Kery Lacy

Editors: Shari Berman, Rhett DuPont, Rosie DuPont, Taylor Thompson, Rachel Gordon Loube
Sound Mixer: Ryan Dann
Camera Operator / Grip: Chris Seerveld
Gaffer: Alexander Frasse
Assistant Camera: Dave Burdette, Adam DeRezendez, Kyle Forbes
Location Manager: Mike McCabe
Production Assistants: Jay DeYonker, John Donchak, Patrick Dooley, Jason Hood, Jacqueline Elisabeth de Gorter, Nicole Joseph, Jacob Presson


Main Image
Graphic Design: Audrey Eaden
Photography: Bjorn Bolinder


Special Thanks: Paul and Lisa Buethe, Sheilagh Weymouth and Cayce Crown, Tommy Dorfman and Quinn Coughlin, Art Presson and Greenwood Cemetery, Justice Longshore and Fordham University, Elanna White and Broadway Silk Store, Jordan Manusco, Saint Mikes Barbershop, Elisabeth Durkin, Adam Weppler, Eric Mossman

Current Team