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Living with mental illness is, more than anything else, super annoying. If you're in therapy, like Sam & Pat, you make vulnerable, expensive small talk with a highly educated stranger on a regular basis, and talking about that weird small talk is considered taboo. We think that should change.

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Mission Statement

All members of our production crew live with mental illness- anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, OCD. Our series was created by (and stars) a bi asexual woman, was directed by a gay man and our producing team is half people of color and half women.

The Story


So after 15 hours, we hit our 100% goal. You guys. YOU GUYS. Thank you so much!


We've funded the bear (rawr) minimum that we need to accomplish an amazing season, but I KNOW we can go further. So let's talk stretch goals:


6/22/18 update: we hit $1000!

We're OFFICIALLY recording and releasing the first season of a comedy podcast about mental health hosted by co-stars Bri and Chris, actual real-life depressed people!


7/14/18 update: we hit $1200!

We're scheduling a FULL PHOTOSHOOT. We love our season 1 graphic posters (below) but this season we'd like our actual human faces in our poster and key art and promotional imagery, and at this level we'll actually be able to dedicate a day to that! Our pledges will also get a unique behind-the-scenes video of said photoshoot, and knowing us, it'll be real dumb. This BTS video will ONLY be available for pledges, so if you know someone that's dragging their feet, make sure to poke 'em before it's too late!


7/14/18 update: we hit $1500!

We can now invest more in post-production!!

At $2000...

Every teammate would get a cut. Right now this project is entirely run by volunteers. Depressed, passionate volunteers. But we'd love to give back past a hot meal on set and a feeling of satisfaction.


Q: What is ‘Sam and Pat Are Depressed’?

A: Bri and Chris, the co-stars of Sam and Pat Are Depressed, are depressed. For a short period in early 2017, they were also both in therapy, a topic of conversation that arose frequently. A few months later, Bri wrote down a heightened version of one of these conversations, then wrote eight more, and then they had a web series. You can watch season 1 on SeekaTV and on YouTube! It’ll take you less than half an hour.



Q: Who are Sam and Pat?

A: Sam is a heightened version of Bri, and Pat is a heightened version of Chris. Sam is a delusional narcissist who covers up her deep insecurities with more delusions and narcissism. Pat is a high strung ball of nerves with a love of arts and crafts.


Q: Do you think depression is funny?

A: Sort of? At least, it’s not always rock bottom. Sometimes it’s rock side. Or rock adjacent. That got away from us. Let’s start again. We think that people are funny and that depressed people are people, first and foremost. We also think that there’s a lot of humor to be mined from the experience of going to therapy. As far as we’re concerned, the most important thing about depicting mental illness honestly is depicting it with empathy for the characters and, considering that the characters are based on us, it would hard for us not to. And we think that there’s value in portraying mental illness in a way that’s funny and irreverent. Because living with depression is weird and once of the best ways to come to terms with that is to see someone else dealing with it.


Q: Why are you making more?

A: Because we are gluttons for punishment. It’s our kink. We’re kinkmasters. Out of context season 2 jokes aside, we loved splashing around in this weird little world but we want to dive deeper for the next nine episodes. We want to cover the conversations around going on medication, we want bigger, stranger visual gags, we want to introduce new characters, and we want to continue talking about depression in frank, funny, bizarre ways.


Q: Didn’t you make season 1 without help? Why do you need it now?

A: The economy is bad, my dudes. Also we wrote season 2 in a fugue state and ended up with a script of escalating visual gags based on props we don’t already own. The season’s also almost twice as long in pages as season 1, requiring double the shooting days, and we hear from our lawyers cast and crew like to eat while on set. Also Chris wants a boat.


Q: Why does Chris want a boat?

A: Just to have it.


Q: I hear the economy is bad- how else can I help if I don’t have the cash?

A: There are a couple of ways!

  • Hit the follow button, it's free! At 250 followers, we’ll get all sorts of fun stuff, and at 500 followers, we'll get even more!
  • Email this campaign to folks you think would find us funny and/or important! Maybe they have money!
  • Share the campaign on social media!

Here’s some easy language you can copy/paste:

If you want to increase the representation of depression and mental illness, asexuality, and female voices, loan the #SamAndPatAreDepressed people some fruit snacks! 

#SamandPatAreDepressed… and need your help to make season 2 wetter, wilder, and weirder! Except without the wet and wild part. Join the dry party: 



Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Fruit snacks

Costs $23

Fruit snacks are the ideal on-set food because they don't make a mess and are universally beloved!

150 ct Plastic Easter Eggs

Costs $15

Go big or go home. Will be seen in Season 2, Episode 7. Written by co-star/season 2 EP Chris Cherry!


Costs $13

Filmmakers are hungry folk. We are no exception!

External hard drive

Costs $106

Season 2 is longer than season 1 and will require more hard drive space than we currently have.


Costs $8

Will be seen in the season 2 finale.

Fake mustache set

Costs $8

Will be seen in season 2 episode 4.

Ping pong balls

Costs $8

Will be seen in season 2, episode 5. Written by co-star/season 2 EP Chris Cherry!

New blank canvases

Costs $11

Pictured- the canvas painted by Pat from season 1. These will be seen in season 2, episode 4.

Holiday decor (various)

Costs $50

Will be seen in season 2, episode 8.

Measuring tape

Costs $1

Will be seen in season 2, episode 3. Inspired by Amy Sherman-Palladino.


Costs $30

We thirst.

Granola bars

Costs $24

Marginally more healthy on-set snacks than the chips and fruit gummies.

Lunch for shoot day 1

Costs $60

6 cast/crew members + $10/person= at least a scoop of caviar each.

Lunch for shoot day 2

Costs $60

6 cast/crew members + $10/person= 6 Very fancy gourmet twigs.

Lunch for shoot day 3

Costs $60

6 cast/crew members + $10/person= a fistful of vegan crawfish each.

Lunch for shoot day 4

Costs $60

6 cast/crew members + $10/person= 6 stacks of pepperoni and a jar and a half of pickles.

Other stuff

Costs $163

Straight up, I wanted our campaign goal to be a nice round number. But also, film is EXPENSIVE!

About This Team

Sam and Pat Are Depressed was created by Bri Castellini based on conversations with her muse, co-star, and fellow executive producer Chris Cherry. Bri wrote season 1 and co-wrote season 2 with Chris. The series is directed by Andrew Williams and associate-produced by Michele Austin Rodriguez and Kris Keochinda.


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