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Santi is the story of a young man who seeks to run away from the violence of his household. When things spiral out of control one night with his parents, Santi must decide whether to flee or remain by his family's side.

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The Story

Director's Statement:

The story for Santi comes from an amalgamation of my personal life and the lives of my friends. As you grow up your perception of the world gradually changes as the people and environment do as well. There is perhaps no time of greater acceleration in character than what occurs during your teenage years. This film seeks to understand how that change is influenced by the events that occur in the family space. How the concepts of love and monogamy are shaped by the actions of the parents. Where solutions to problems are sometimes met not with reason but rather frustration and violence.


It is only through self reflection that I am able to understand that many of pains I experienced as a teenager were influenced by bad habits I learned growing up. I do not excuse myself from the taking responsibility however I am obliged to believe that many people who will experience this film will the feel same; that our families shape our character for good and for bad. That domestic violence is as physically scarring as it is emotionally. That as we become older our parents become more  and more human and not always in the best ways.


These are the core themes behind the film of Santi. The film is an examination of the relationship between parents and their children.


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Production Crew

Costs $4,400

These are the people who work behind the scenes to get the highest quality film!

Post Production Services

Costs $2,100

This will bring the film together with beautiful imagery and immaculate sound!

Actresses & Actors

Costs $1,000

They give life to the story!

Production Design & Wardrobe

Costs $1,000

They create the world of the film with props, color, and style!


Costs $700

We love to feed our crew a good meal for their hard work!

High School Location

Costs $3,200

In order to achieve an authentic design this location is vital to the story!


Costs $1,000

Help us a build an audience so we can get as many people to see the film!

URSA Mini 4.6k

Costs $600

The beautiful images this camera produces is essential for telling this story!

Zoom F8 Audio Recorder

Costs $200

This high quality recorder will help us capture the best sound on set!


Costs $300

Lights are essential in shaping the mood and energy of the film!

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Mateo Marquez (Director) - is a filmmaker and colorist born and raised in New York City. He received his BA from Hunter College in Film Studies and Production and was also the recipient of the 2015 BAFTA Scholarship (British Academy of Film & Television Arts).  As a colorist, Mateo has worked on many short films, indie features as well as TV pilots. However, Mateo's true passion lies in his narrative works. His recent short film, La Sangre en Nuestras Venas (Blood in Our Veins), garnered him multiple festival appearances which included the Hoboken International Film Festival, Soho International Film Festival, and Queens World Film Festival. At the Queens World Film Festival he achieved a win for Best Ensemble and two nominations in the Best Director and Best Short Film categories. Mateo infuses into his projects stories that seek to challenge the audience's perception of disenfranchised peoples. (


Charlie Chalkin (Producer)is a producer of Santi and founder of Charlie Chalkin Productions. His 2016 film collaborations include In Search of Lost Time and Erika on which he served as Director of Photography. Charlie has worked with renown artists, musicians, and brands including Susan Sarandon, Google, the Women on 20s Campaign, SLAM Magazine, and New York City restaurants like Dos Caminos and Le Pain Quotidien. Charlie is thrilled to be working with the talented cast and crew of Santi and looks forward to creating an exceptional and singularly unique film. (


Irina Chelidze (Producer) - is an independent producer, actor, writer and director. She is a recent Hunter College graduate where she received her Bachelor's Degree with a concentration in Film Studies & Production. Irina has been the producer of numerous thesis films such as "The Basis of Optimism", "Eureka's Castle", "Ageless Beauty" and "VISA”.  


Austin Ashamole (Producer)is an award-winning writer and producer who has produced and developed Pixie Dust under PBS’s umbrella. Upon graduating Rutgers University with degrees in English and Psychology, Austin decided to forego several job offers to capitalize on his entrepreneurial talents and his passion for filmmaking. As Producer and Co-founder of the new Mad Ace Producons a New York based producon company, Austin oversees all aspects of the business. 


Ethan Felizzari (Co-Producer) - is the CEO of CK Productions Inc., has worked in many projects ranging from theatrical ventures to films. Ethan founded CK Productions Inc. in December of 2013. Mainly producing theatre, he then ventured on to producing film, dance projects & to working exclusively with new recording artists. Felizzari is a versatile producer whom is excited to share his projects that he believes so fondly of. Ethan has recently been nominated on behalf of his film, La Sangre en Nuestras Venas, for Best Short Film at the Queens World Film Festival and won an Honorable Mention. Other Film Credits: By the Code (Web Series) & Wild Minds Never Learn (Short). Theatre (Regional): Lost in Yonkers (Prod./Dir.), Avenue Q (Prod./Dir.), The Great Gatsby (Prod./Dir.), Into the Woods (Prod./Dir.), Legally Blonde (Prod.) & more. His love & passion for the arts had led him to create some very unique work & ideas. For more information on upcoming projects, visit


Tim Foster (Director of Photography) is a cinematographer with five years of experience in narrative works, and fifteen years of experience in photography. A serial obsessionist with an interest in a broad array of disciplines, he designs and builds much of his equipment and has developed several specialty camera motion rigs. His work has appeared on several national campaigns and in film festivals around the world. (


Sydney Amanuel (Art Director)was raised in the film industry and began following her parents foot steps into the art department from a young age. She is an Art Director and Writer bouncing between Boston and New York City. She graduated from Hunter College with a focus in Film Production and Linguistics. She has art directed both shorts and features, most recently, Genesee & EVOL both of which have garnered multiple festival selections such the Rome Independent Film Festival, HIFF and SoHo Film Festival. Sydney also worked on the television series Person Of Interest, a commercial series for JetBlue and a bridal spread shoot for Vera Wang. If there's one thing she doesn't like, it's limits, so Sydney continues her pursuit to create a unique style that further enhances her projects.


Roni Pillischer (Sound Designer)Starting in the industry in 2008 shifting from commercial to theater, and then setting her roots in post production sound in 2010, Roni is what you call an all around sound woman. Her understanding of the many facets of audio make her a unique and remarkable force. Roni has been keeping busy freelancing for several independent features, shorts, and trailers. Working closely with the Soundtrack group (post production sound facility) and Jump Cut Creative (trailer house, where she is head of sound). This has allowed her to work with not only major motion pictures, but artful and international projects as well. 


Bryan Powers (Editor)Bryan’s informal film education started early, as the son of a cinema manager and film critic. His formal cinema studies include an MFA in Film from the City College of New York and a BA in Film from Hunter College, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude, received a scholarship from BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) and was nominated for Marshall and Fulbright Scholarships. In addition to being an accomplished editor, Bryan is also the writer/director of several short films, and has worked in post-production positions at the Tribeca Film Institute and at DCTV.

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