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Scars Unseen aims to illuminate the power of healing, destigmatize victimhood, and encourage open communication about the causes, treatment, and prevention of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse doesn’t have to be our reality. Join us in discovering how to disrupt the cycle of abuse.

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Mission Statement

Our female Co-Directors and diverse crew are determined to involve women in the filmmaking process from ideation to execution. This includes women in front and behind the camera. Additionally, Scars Unseen aims to spread awareness that domestic violence affects everyone regardless of age, race, etc.

The Story

Scars Unseen is a sponsored project of Film Independent, a 501(c)(3) non-profit
independent media arts organization. Film Independent will receive grants for the
charitable purposes of Scars Unseen, provide oversight to ensure that grant funds
are used in accordance with grant agreements, and provide reports as required by the
grantor. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Scars Unseen must be made
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In each episode of the six-part series, one of our subjects will recount their experience involving domestic violence, focusing on what it took for them to overcome. Whether they were formerly abused or if they formerly abused another person, we will dive deep into who or what allowed them to see a better life for themselves.


Understanding that domestic violence is cyclical in nature, this documentary will also focus on the untold side of the story--life after abuse. 

In addition, we will include interviews with subject professionals: medical, psychological, legal, and social. This documentary will explore the causes, signs, treatment, and prevention of domestic violence.




The title of “Scars Unseen” comes from the emotional and unseen effects of domestic violence: the silent story, the hurt that hasn’t healed. We’re aiming to bring healing and light to these wounds through our project.

Instead of focusing on the negative or gruesome details of their individual experience, Scars Unseen aims to highlight the moments of personal realization, triumph, courage, bravery, and healing that evolved out of their situation.




Too many of our family and friends have been affected by domestic violence and often times they don't share their story because they don't think anyone will care, but WE DO.


We care.


We want people to know that they are not alone.


More Topics we will discuss in the film:

-What legal actions can those affected take to protect themselves and their family?

-How has the recent expiration of the Violence Against Women Act affected legislation, if at all?

-What does this mean for victims? 

-What forms of healing and treatments are available?

-Where can people affected go to receive treatments? How as friends or family members of someone affected can we help?

-In what ways can trauma be revealed?

-How do we look out for warning signs of someone affected?

-What can we do to prevent trauma in the first place?

-What are the root causes of violence?

-How can we prevent violence from escalating?


Aerial view of the Promo Video shoot.


Mustafa's Interview for the Promo Video.


Checking sound before the first shot of the Promo Video.


Co-Directors, Natalie & Meredith planning their first shot. 



Your donation is tax deductible! Scars Unseen is a fiscally sponsored project of
Film Independent, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions on behalf of Scars Unseen are payable to Film Independent and are tax deductible less the value of
any goods or services received, as allowed by law. The value of goods and services
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Costs $6,000

This portion will cover a Studio for the Interviews and Standing Sets for the Reenactments.


Costs $12,500

Basic Editing and Original Music Composition for one Episode.

Camera, Grip/Electric, Sound

Costs $8,000

This portion covers hiring Camera, Grip/Electric, and Sound crew members.

Production Staff

Costs $5,500

This cost covers hiring the Directors and Producers for the production.

Reenactment Talent

Costs $5,600

Casting and hiring Talent to perform in our Reenactment Scenes.


Costs $2,000

This portion will cover travel/transportation for Skeleton Crew to Subjects for Interviews.

Taxes & Fees

Costs $3,900

This portion will cover Seed & Spark, Fiscal Sponsorship, and Taxes Fees.


Costs $6,500

General Production and Equipment Insurance for Production.

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About This Team

Meredith is an independent filmmaker,  host and entrepreneur. She loves to bring stories to life through the magic of film. Whether it be short documentaries, interviewing subject experts, or how to make the most bomb guacamole, Meredith has your back. Meredith's short film, Avo-Wiedersehen, is a Moving Pictures Festival nominee. Her other works include: Hurry Up and Wait, a social justice web series she wrote, produced and performed in and many more. She is currently in post production, along with Natalie, on a female empowerment documentary called “Story in Her Eyes”, following seven inspiring women's stories of love, hope, and overcoming abuse.


Natalie Perez is an LA-based cinematographer and filmmaker. Her work includes narrative and documentary films, shorts, and web series— from quirky comedies to dark thrillers, dynamic musicals to stark dramas. Natalie's passion stems from genuine and honest stories that capture human emotion and connection. She strives to create visual pieces of art in every frame.



Lars Hempel and Michael Firmont are two studied film composers who have been working together under the umbrella of their established film composition brand Hempel&Firmont since 2015. Having entirely different musical backgrounds, Hempel&Firmont cover a great variety of compositional styles – surely one of the major aspects that give the duo their unique edge and already enabled them to successfully realize a bunch of international projects in Los Angeles, Germany, Great Britain and Asia. Thanks to a professional education in audio engineering, Hempel&Firmont consistently deliver excellent quality of production.


Trish Steele, Founder and CEO of Women Crowned In Glory, Inc./Safe Passage has spent

twenty seven years reaching out to all women, encouraging and directing them to fulfill their

calling in life. As an author, model, beauty consultant and spokesperson, Trish brings great

awareness to the issues of domestic violence, and is an amazing example of how an abused

woman can be restored to start a new life of success. Trish drew upon her own past experience with domestic violence, overcoming all forms of abuse, and hopelessness. She has also conquered hearing loss as a result of childhood fever, which proves that any challenge can become a person’s greatest victory.

Safe Passage helps women find various services, such as shelter from abusers, job placement, makeovers, and a new place to live. The mission of Safe Passage is to give survivors a new life, with the hope of building confidence and leaders that can give back to the community.


Maha Bodhi is a refugee from Yemen who had a brutal upbringing, as she was forced into arranged marriage twice, survived multiple death threatening situations and two civil wars. Arrived in the U.S. in 2006, she found freedom and her true self as she went on a healing journey by practicing yoga for over a decade and eventually studied with internationally recognized yoga teachers Travis Eliot and Lauren Ekstrom. She currently is a 300 hours Yoga-Alliance certified teacher and the creator of Master the Flow of Life - a 10 day  transformational yogic program that is delivered and accessible at Maha also earned a masters degree in Organizational Behavior and works with Fortune 100 companies to help educate their leaders on how to create a productive, healthy and happy work environment for their people. Maha now lives a purposeful fulfilling life inspiring others and being of service in sunny Santa Monica, California.

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