SCREAM: The Musical, The Movie

Sag Harbor, New York | Film Feature

Documentary, Comedy

Sam Pezzullo

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We are confident and enthusiastic that we have the ability to create something truly unique, entertaining and commercially viable. We're getting many comparisons to Christopher Guest which is the tone we want to explore in this film!

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Mission Statement

We are friends, writers and filmmakers who want to tell stories that capture the true spirit, beautiful places and interesting characters who reside in the place we call home, The Hamptons. Our first effort is to create this feature length parody mockumentary that is completely improvised!

The Story


SCREAM: The Musical, The Movie is a comedy driven feature length satire/parody film that follows an eccentric producer, Sam, as he attempts to produce a musical version of his favorite movie, SCREAM, at a local theater in Sag Harbor, encountering a series of hilarious and outrageous challenges along the way! It's a unique hybrid documentary/mokumentary, fully improvised, featuring all local actors and establishments!

We're employing a cinema verite style here. Often using a single camera to capture scenes with multiple actors, giving it an authentic fly on the wall feel. There is no script. All the dialouge is fully improvised and truly blurs the line between what is real and what is staged. We're getting many comparisons to Christopher Guest, Waiting for Guffman, and Best in Show, which is the tone we want to explore in this film, while honoring that comparison along the way! We've filmed a large portion of material on our own already but have great ideas on how to expand upon the story and add surprising twists and turns for the second and third acts! We feel that we are more than half way there and would love to take this project all the way to completion and major film festivals and hope that the success it can achieve will enable us to pursue all of the other exicitng passion projects that we have in development. 

To achieve our vision for the remainder of the film we need to enhance the production value by purchasing additional equipment and bringing out more skilled DP's from the city to help us shoot scenes. We would like to pay all of the actors and crew for their participation. We also need to rent studio space to film interviews, stage some elaborate and costly scenes, hire an editor to assit with post production of the feature length film, license music and sound effects, pay for marketing and PR, Film Festival submission fee's, and more. We are seeking $30,000 in funding to achieve all of this. We also have stretch goals in place should we exceed that amount! With extra money we would like to pay our crews more, purchase better props, and possibly explore a web-series extension with the footage we don't use!

Based on the feedback we've recieved on the trailer we are confident that we have the ability to create something truly unique, entertaining and commercially viable. We have a very robust strategy in place to reach our goal. We will leverage the power of our teams social media influence combined (Over 25,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter) + combined networks and mailings lists (LinkedIn, personal contacts, etc.) of over 20,000 people. Beyond that, we have many connections in the film space and plan to get this in front of the right people who can share it with the right people. We plan to send out general emails but also taregeted, personal outreach to family, friends and colleagues who we are confident will contribute based on the good will and excitment for the project that they have already expressed! We also have recieved great press from the trailer and have some media coverage lined up which will include a link and call to action for this Seed & Spark campaign. Here is a link to some coverage we've already gotten: Adweek Article

For social media, we suggest the following copy along with the photos on our media page!: "Join me in supporting this hilarious mokumentary, SCREAM: The Musical starring all of these amazing unknown improv actors in Sag Harbor!" 

The safety, health and well being of our cast and crew is top priority! We have standard COVID-19 safety protocols in place for the remainder of our shoot. All cast and crew participants are required to show proof of vaccination. We have a large quantity of rapid tests to administer testing before each and every shoot. We will maintain safe distancing at any group scenes or gatherings!

This project is extremely special to me. It's evolution has been fast, furious, and totally organic which is what is motivating me to build upon that momentum and take this all the way! It started as a playful project that my producing partner and I made for fun to share with Paramount Pictures to promote the new SCREAM movie, since viral movie marketing is my background. After we realized how great the material was, and how positive the response has been, we truly feel that we have something special. For me personally, it's the culimation of everything I've ever done in my life and career. The inspiration, SCREAM, is real. It's the first film I ever saw as a young kid that made me want to become a filmmaker. And now, 25 years later, it's inspired me to actually attempt to make my first film. Yet, this proejct has also brought me back to my roots as a performer which was my earliest aspiration. To entertain people and make them laugh. It's also allowing me to incorproate all of the skills and resources I've developed working in the independent film industry for many years, for various Festivals like Tribeca, Hamptons, and also with IFP/The Gotham. And lastly, we're exploring unique ways to raise money through organic product placement with certain brands, making this a very unique example of branded storytelling, which is the section of Tribeca that I oversee and program. It's truly a full circle project and I believe it has the ability to go places! I hope you will agree and consider supporting our project so we can do it justice. It means the world to me and the whole team! <3



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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Equipment & Gear

Costs $2,500

We need additional camera and audio equipment!

DP, Director, Producer

Costs $8,000

We'd like to pay everyone for their time and participation during shoots!


Costs $5,000

We'd like to pay participants (approximately 10 people, $500 each) featured in the film something!


Costs $4,000

We need to bring in a professional editor to assist with the crafting the full length film!

Music Licensing

Costs $1,000

We'd like to add cool music throughout the film!

Location Fees

Costs $2,000

We need to rent studio space to film interviews!

Film Festival Submissions

Costs $1,500

We'd like to submit the finished film to several national and regional film festivals!

Hard Drives

Costs $1,000

We need several large hard drives to store footage and manage media!

Marketing & Publicity

Costs $2,500

We have great ideas to market the film but they cost money! We'd like to hire a PR firm!

Staging Scenes

Costs $2,500

There is one scene for the film that will require us to stage an elaborate scene with extras!

About This Team

Sam Pezzullo is the director, producer and subject of the film. He is a Webby, Clio, and Shorty award-winning Producer with a background in viral marketing, branded content, film and event production, and media promotion and strategy. He spent six years making videos at Thinkmodo, the world's leading viral marketing agency where he created content for clients including Warner Bros., Sony, Paramount, Oakley, Verizon, Amazon, and YouTube. Those videos earned more than 3 billion views and generated global media coverage. He also oversees the programming and production of Tribeca X, a section of the Tribeca Film Festival that recognizes branded storytelling. He also works with The Independent Filmmaker Project and The Hamptons Film Festival.

Anon Omis is Sam's friend, business and producing partner. A creative genius behind-the-scenes who prefers to remain anonymous!

Tatum Barrows is our wonderful Production Coordinator and Social Media Manager to assist with outreach!

Ko Im is an Associate Producer. She is an award-winning storyteller. A former tv correspondent, she has also been an extra on several shows. Ko has also narrated her memoir, Broke, Not Broken.

Mike Busa is an Associate Producer. He's a social media director, lover of all things entertainment, especially television and movies!

Mindy Thomas is an Associate Producer. 

Michael Candelori is one of our talented Directors of Photography. 

Nicholas Pierce DePriest is an Associate Producer. Nicholas is an escape artist and all-around MacGyver. When he’s not competing with Sam for the spotlight, he oversees product strategy and design for one of Amazon’s many software divisions. He’s a lover of screwball comedies, Roy Andersson, Wes Anderson, snow and hot cocoa. He has a strong aversion for cat hair and plastic combs. He’ll be shaking down prospects for extra dollars in their pockets to fund this film and he will serve as our executive executive executive music advisor (he wrote that part in…not yet approved by Sam).

Laura Leiva, an Associate Producer, is a writer and creator. She lives in Los Angeles and is currently at work on her first screenplay. 

Current Team