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Seawall is a limited series (2 episodes total) that centers a i-Kiribati family fighting to protect the island they called home against the rising of sea levels. The story begins and ends with the daughter of the family speaking at the United Nations Climate Action Summit.

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Mission Statement

We hope to shine a light on this underrepresented community, and inspire viewers to take action to help Kiribati. Part of our proceeds will go toward supporting an environmentalist, groundroots Nonprofit. We also want to provide positive representation of Asians in musicals and uplift Asian artists.

The Story

"Will you be a part of the solution?"

This is the question that our main character, Waiola, asks at the end of the film and the question I asked in creating this script. As a Christian artist, I am determined to create art that reaches the marginalized groups in this world and discuss socio-political issues that are traditionally avoided in the church.

We the production team come from diverse backgrounds that empower us to great at empathizing with cultural groups that have been continually colonized, oppressed, and ignored throughout history. Within the past year, there has burst forth a current of global movement for justice by the people for the people. This is the perfect time for typically forgotten communities to be centered and spotlighted. This is the perfect way for Americans in the D.C. metropolitian area to be a part of this movement.

Out of a desire to minister in this particular way, Seawall was born. Seawall is a limited series (2 episodes total) that centers an i-Kiribati family fighting to protect their home against the rising of sea levels.

The story begins and ends with a young climate activist Waiola speaking at the United Nations Climate Action Summit. 

Climate change is not some faraway issue-- it poses a threat to humanity right now. Through this piece, we hope to inspire audiences to take action. Furthermore, we hope to provide positive representation of Asian American and Pacific Islander artists, who have traditionally are underrepresented or misrepresented.

COVID Safety. The screenplay will be filmed on May 1 and 2. All of production, cast, and crew will have gotten a COVID test done by April 28, with some already having  a status of being fully vaccinated by the time our shoot days arrive. Masks, sheilds, and hand sanitizer will be provided on set. All on set will be required to wear masks unless they are on camera. During lunch breaks, we will be outside and a fan will be used indoors to keep air circulating.

Timeline. The film will then be edited in early May to be released on TV by the end of the month. The production also plans to submit the piece to festivals globally as well as award shows local to the D.C. metropolitan area for consideration.

If we don't act now, Kiribati could easily be the first island wiped off the map within the next 20 years-- that is within our lifetime.  Let's take action to help Kiribati stay above water.


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Costs $600

Without their talent, we wouldn't have a production! We want to thank them for their commitment.


Costs $565

We want to use the best quality tools to compose an art piece you'll enjoy.


Costs $185

We want our recordings to be as clean as possible!

Props & Costumes

Costs $100

We want to set the scene as well as possible.


Costs $3,000

So much behind-the-scenes creates the beauty in the spotlight.


Costs $500

Any skilled edits can make already spectacular footage look even more captivating.

Airbnb Location

Costs $550

We will need to purchase an Airbnb for one evening for the Interior of the home in Tarawa.


Costs $200

We will be providing catering services for our actors and crew onset.

Personal Protective Equipment

Costs $150

To stay safe, we are providing PPE gear onset- hand sanitizer, sheilds, glovers, KN95 masks.

Festival Costs

Costs $200

We are hoping to apply to film festivals with our work once production is finished!

Set Items

Costs $300

This will help us portray the interior of a Tarawa home.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Audio Equipment

Costs $300

We are looking to purchase or rent our own shotgun and boom microphones.

About This Team

JASMINE MITCHELL (Executive Producer, Director, Writer)

This will be my 3rd short film project, 3rd musical I've worked on. I am super excited about this project specifically because it's putting my 3 favorite things togethr-- faith, musicals, and filmmaking! 

Previously, I've directed for the stage: Breath, Boom, Hell is a Bubble Tea Shop, RAPunzel Harlem Duet, Warriors of God, and Soundtrack. I received Honorable Mention at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. I've directed two short films: American Idol: A Visual Poem by Sadia Alao and Same Power.


Current Team