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We are making a beautiful film, for the Louisiana Film Prize, that will show just how strong and daring Sojourner Truth was in her early years. Celebrate Sojourner with us by contributing to her legacy. Continue to scroll to learn more below. We look forward to sharing the final project with you.

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Mission Statement

This film is about an African American woman in 1827, Sojourner Truth. She is our protagonist and our hero. This film shows her bravery and strength in hard circumstances. It is written, directed, produced and costumed by women and it is our mission to tell her story honorably.

The Story


Seed of the Free is about a mother's love for her son and the extent she will go to take care of her children. It's about standing up for what you deserve in life because that is exactly what Sojourner did. Sojourner Truth is known as an abolitionist and women's right activist; however, many do not know about her early years. Sojourner was the first African Amercian woman to win a court case against a Caucasion plantation owner. This film will show just how brave and determined she truly was.


 I am the seed of the free and I intend to bare great fruit. 

-Soujouner Truth


Sojouner Truth was a slavery abolitionist and Women's Suffragist. Once she gained her freedom she became the seed that helped other slaves become free. 






 This amazing church in Bienville will serve as our court room.


 Rolling Hills of Bienville



Location in Bienville


We are making this film in Northern Louisiana for the Louisiana Film Prize!!! See pics below from last year!! The pic below is Jency with her Founder's Circle Award. This award is allowing us to come back this year and pursue The PRIZE again!!!!!  






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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Judges Robe

Costs $100

Our judge needs a authentic judge robe. we would like to rent it.


Costs $45

Will order one online. It will need to look like it was from 1827.

Craft Service

Costs $600

We serve snacks while the team is working.


Costs $600

Rental and cleaning of period costumes.


Costs $600

We need to provide housing for cast and crew.

Hiring crew

Costs $3,000

We like to hire the best! love working with some of my favs.

Post production

Costs $1,000

The sound must be awesome!!!

Film score

Costs $400

The music score in a film can make it or break it!! This film's will be epic!!!!

About This Team

Our team is a dream team. We have worked together on other films before so we know that this is possible to accomplish greatness on our days of shooting in Sherveport. 


Our leading actress Lecourtey Harness is returning to work with Hogan Productions for the secound time. She was in a film called With My Soul that we made two years ago. We can't wait to work with her again. 

Richard Zeringue is returning to screen with Hogan Productions. We love his work. He has been in all of my period dramas. 

Screen shot from The Verses

Still shot from Madeline's Oil



Kay Landon wrote our screen play. She is an amazing writer and loves history about as much as Jency does. 



Aaron Hogan will be our cinematographer for the first time on one of our period dramas. He has been studying with the amazing Joel Froome. Joel will be coming to set as Aaron's coach and guide. Can't wait to see these two in action.




Update on me, Jency Griffin Hogan 

I will be acting / directing and producing yet again in this period drama.  I love challenges obvisouly. ha!

I feel honored to get to do what I get to do. Here are the posters for my past four films. 


Madeline's Oil still

Madeline's Oil still

Can you tell how much fun I had on this set?


Behind the scene shots onset of With My Soul

My reel :


Heidi Richard Ray is my costume designer and seamtress on this project.


There are many more awesome talented people that will be involved in making this film happen!!!

I love them all. 



Current Team