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We're independent filmmakers, and started Seed&Spark on Dec 1, 2012 like an independent film: bootstrapped! Six months of activity have shown us exactly what we need to do to grow, and we want to do it quickly! This campaign is about getting your input to make it work for YOU.

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The Story

Hi Community!

Since we launched on December 1, 2012, we have been honored and humbled to support incredible films and filmmakers who took a risk on a brand new platform and weathered some not unserious hiccups along the way. At every step, our community has engaged to help us improve the platform, to teach us about pain points we hadn't considered but that we can help alleviate. 

Thanks to them, the tool is not only working, it's starting to work really well:

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 4.36.28 PM_1.png

And starting a tech company, we learned, is just like making a film: you make do with what you have, AND a little more money would make it better faster.  So here we are. It's been six months and we have some BIG IDEAS about how to improve the Studio and Cinema to make every user's experience seamless. But we need your help and your collaboration.

We found ourselves sitting around saying, "Man, I WISH we could make how-to videos. I WISH we could create a wizard to walk new users through the platform." Then we remembered: WE ARE A WISHLIST PLATFORM.

So, we LITERALLY put our money where our mouth is. Using our own platform, our own methods and putting everything on the line to make it better now. 

We're hoping that by reaching out in this way our community will help us not just fund this initiative, but shape it. We want to learn from you about more ways in which we can support the life-cycle of a film, about more ways we can help connect audiences to the content that matters to them.

We're all ears!


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Video: How to Launch a Campaign

Costs $10

How-to's are better as videos! Fund the whole thing, you get to pick the genre we shoot in and STAR.

Intro Wizard for Filmmakers

Costs $1,000

There's a lot to know about, we want to provide a site tour for filmmakers in 30 seconds.

Intro Wizard for Audiences

Costs $1,000

There's a lot to know about, we want to provide a site tour for audiences in 30 seconds.

How to Support a Film

Costs $1,000

How-to's are better as videos! Fund the whole thing, you get to pick the genre we shoot in and STAR.

Video: How to Stream on Seed&Spark

Costs $1,000

How-to's are better as VIDEOS. Fund the whole thing, you get to pick the genre we shoot in and STAR.

Video: How to Watch and Share a Film

Costs $1,000

How-to's are better as videos! Fund the whole thing, you get to pick the genre we shoot in and STAR.

Video: The Guide to Fair Trade Filmmaking

Costs $2,000

Essential educational tool to help filmmakers build successful campaigns and wide audiences.

UX Developer

Costs $10,000

An expert to ensure the User eXperience is easy breezy beautiful for every user (at any age!).

Festival Fees

Costs $2,500

We go to festivals to raise awareness, find films, talk to filmmakers and learn what audiences want.


Costs $2,500

To get to festivals and conferences to reach out to filmmakers and audiences all over the country!

Business Meals

Costs $1,875

Sometimes in order to strike a great partnership, we have to buy dinner. It helps. Seriously.

Printing Services

Costs $125

Promotional materials for the New! and Improved! Seed&Spark.


Costs $2,500

Extend our current professional help to get the word out about the New! and Improved! Seed&Spark.

Production Assistants

Costs $2,500

We'll need interns to help us update our databases, research new films, and SOCIAL ALL THE NETWORKS!

Create a Pre-Launch Page

Costs $2,500

So filmmakers can launch and gather followers before starting their crowdfunding campaign.

About This Team

Oh, this team. Best to check it out where we have already formatted it, here:

Emily Best_0.jpg

Producer and actor Emily Best turned Founder and CEO. Has a small dog named Allistaire, a ridiculous obsession with food, a lucky break in a chef boyfriend, and an obsession with keeping her email inbox at 0. See the first feature she produced, that started this whole crazy Seed&Spark adventure: Like the Water.

Erica Anderson_0.jpg

Producer and actor Erica Anderson turned Chief Marketing Officer. Heiress to My Mom's Pie legacy, getter of all things done, calmer of nerves, maker of jokes, better at dealing with vendors than anyone. Ever.

Eve Cohen_0.jpg

Director of Photography Eve M. Cohen turned Chief Creative Officer. Designer of pages, decider of aesthetics, shooter of all promotional materials, avid maker and eater of pickles of any kind. Every kind. See her film Mana O'Lana: Paddle for Hope.

Liam Brady_0.jpg

Writer/Director Liam Brady turned Chief Operating Officer. Pointer-outer of typos, master of the Studio, director of our Promo Video, lover of baseball (Specifically the Giants), player of Volleyball, taller than you. Support his upcoming film Fog City.


Writer Amanda Trokan turned Director of Content. Watcher of many films, lover of some; winner of 1993 West Road Elementary D.A.R.E. essay and two 2013 Oscar® pools, loser of hair thingies.  Follow her on twitter where she mostly retweets what she thinks is funny but didn't actually come up with herself.


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