Self Portrait

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Drama, Experimental

Corrie Legge

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Self Portrait deals with an innately American concept - divorce. By approaching this concept in a new way, through the reliving of the same family dinner from three different perspectives, we are bringing into question the authenticity of memory as a whole.

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Mission Statement

Every person's perspective matters, every side deserves to be told. Self Portrait touches upon the universal faculty of memory, regardless of age, ethnicity, or gender. As such, we are a diverse group of individuals who have banned together to tell a story dedicated to ensuring every voice is heard.

The Story

“I have tricks in my pocket - I have things up my sleeve - but I am the opposite of the stage magician. He give you illusion that has the appearance of truth. I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion.”  - Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie


When my parents first told me they were getting divorced, I was shocked. To me, at 8 years old, they were happy. I had never seen them fight, never seen the divide that was forming between them. To me, the world my parents lived was not the world I’d grown up in. My memory of my family was colored by my own bias. My reality of my parents' marriage was not their reality. 


Flash forward 15 years. I was having a conversation with my younger cousin about a couple we both knew. The wife had cheated on her husband, but he had decided to forgive her and fight to preserve the marriage. My cousin was disgusted. She thought the wife was evil for cheating, and the husband was spineless for staying. She saw in black and white. 


But the world is not black and white, and reality is subjective. As I thought more about our conversation I realized how truly complicated relationships are. I have loved both people who have been cheated on, and people who have cheated. I have avoided taking sides in divorces and breakups alike. Because the world is messy and reality is an illusion. 


From these thoughts, Self Portrait was born. For me, Self Portrait is an attempt at understanding. It is an opportunity to explore the complexities of memory from all angles. To honor and understand every persons' reality. 


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About This Team

Corrie Legge - Screenwriter, Co-director,  Actor

Corrie was born and raise in a small suburb of Portland, ME (the real Portland). She has been acting professionally in New York City for several years. SELF PORTRAIT is her directorial and screenwriting debut. However, she has been a content creator since she was old enough to produce improvised action films with brother as her co-star and her father as DP. In addition to acting, she loves anything outdoors including skiing and triathlons.

Benjamin M. Algar - Co-director, Editor


Much like a used paperback novel, Benjamin M. Algar's path to filmmaking bears the footprint of a studious practitioner. And much like an absurd metaphor, Benjamin M. Algar likens his career path to a used paperback novel. Both are true. 
(He also likes poetry, and asides.)
 The origin story begins in Old Lyme, Connecticut, home to an evaporated fishing industry and the namesake of Lyme's disease. He was taught to unapologetically embrace uniqueness and to follow his passions. It was within the world of the novel that Ben felt most safe and understood. With the spark lit, Ben eventually escaped the haven of Old Lyme, Connecticut, and pursued the life of a storyteller.
(which his parents unsecretly hated until he started making money and then things were okay,
I guess.)
Ben's scripts and films tend to study the minutia of small town America and the dynamics of dysfunctional families. His work is best characterized as drama with arthouse narrative effects and uncanny imagery. Ben is always eager to engage in any conversation that includes the work of David Lynch. 
CUT TO: PRESENT DAY - Ben is a broadcast commercial film editor by day and filmmaker by night (and usually by day). Confused, always. Interminably happy. And a goof.

Rosalie Tenseth - Producer

Rosalie is thrilled to be producing SELF PORTRAIT with this dream team! A professional actor for over 28 years, Rosalie took filmmaking into her own hands in 2013. Her writing and producing credits include 4 festival shorts including the award-winning FAILURE GROUPIES, currently in development as a feature ( She was hired to direct an 11 episode series, AFTER, with a cast of 17 and 14 locations that she’s guessing no one else was crazy enough to take on. As she looks at the rough cuts in post, it’s clear the work was worth it. TRENDING a series has been a concept in development since 2015 when she brought together a group of actors and shot experimental footage to explore strong diverse female characters. After putting together a variety of edits, TRENDING sizzles screened at some local filmmaker events and fests and got such great laughs and feedback that Rosalie created a new pilot and series that is loosely based on her hilarious, brilliant, tough-loving Grandmother Marvel. As an actor you may have seen Rosalie die as Evelyn on CBS’s LIMITLESS, throw people under the bus the first two seasons on LMN’s “I LOVE YOU BUT I LIED, be that quirky friend on HBO’s hit series HIGH MAINTENANCE, teach Tina Fey how to line dance on 30 ROCK and be accused of murder on LAW AND ORDER. Whether it’s acting, filmmaking or stand-up, Rosalie just wants to tell a great story. 

Erin Zapcic - Producer

Erin Zapcic is an actor, producer, princess, and cheap wine enthusiast. She is a dyed-in-the-wool Jersey girl, and says "pork roll" but not "cawfee". She loves pirates and mermaids but curiously hates the ocean, and she can be counted on to contribute random facts to nearly any conversation. 

Victoria Prather - Producer

Always in search of that perfect, top shelf rum cocktail, served in a Mason jar. Seen frequently on vacation with her children and small dogs.

 Edith Bukovics - Actor

Edith Bukovics hails from Vienna, Austria and holds an MA (Hons) in English from Cambridge University where she performed in numerous critically acclaimed theatrical productions. Subsequent London theatre credits include lead roles in Peer Gynt (Arcola) and Polygraph (Soho Theatre). Her first leading screen role was in the powerful Greek-Cypriot film ‘Secret Paths’ and she has gone on to work with BAFTA and FIPRESCI award-winning film directors such as Vadim Jean and Julian Kemp. Stand-out feature film roles include Natalie in the romantic comedy My Last Five Girlfriends and Camilla in the psychological thriller Fossil. Since moving to New York she has enjoyed collaborating on new plays such as Kacie Devaney’s “The Unknowns” (Theatre at St Clements) alongside her ongoing screen work. She is next slated to appear alongside Amber Tamblyn and Jackie Cruz in writer/director Danny Ward’s new feature film “Cleveland.”

Away from the camera, Edith is a published writer and co-founder of the international acting support network and blog “Actors Gone Global”. She consults for Liquid Entertainment Ltd. with a feature film and sci-fi TV series currently in development. 

Russell Kohlmann - Actor

Russell is ecstatic to be a part of this wonderful, unique project. There are always many sides to a story - at least as many as there are people involved - and this piece explores that beautifully. Director, actor, writer, producer, goofball extraordinaire... You may not have seen Russell in anything major yet, but he has plans to dominate 2018. "Take your broken heart and make it into art." -Carrie Fisher. AKA #SelfPortrait. 

Ivylyn Nickel - Actress

Ivylyn has been an actress since she was 6 years old and is a natural on camera. She is a gymnast, cheers, plays soccer and is a zookeeper during the summers. Ivy is very passionate about acting, animals and the Carolina Panthers. 

Jamal Solomon - Director of Photography

Being from Brooklyn has left an indelible mark on Jamal's cinematography --
"Finding the beauty in that visceral environment and how the two interacted with each other was always fascinating to me. Even at a young age, when I didn't understand art, [I knew] THIS was ART."
Jamal has been working in the industry for 5 years in New York City, as well as internationally. Shooting short films, feature length movies, as well as artistic videos for brands and artists has brought him the insight of understanding the needs of all types of stories and genres. In 2014, he won the Zeiss Precision Image Award; and recently, his contibution behind the camera on the short film Flowers, allowed for the film to win Best Short at the American Black Film Festival. It is now slated screen on HBO until the summer of 2017. For him, these momentous achievements cemented the belief that improvement is key and should be utilized in strengthening each and every frame.

Alberto D'Fonseca - 1st AD

Alberto D'Fonseca is originally from Brazil, where he attended the Fine Arts program at the Universidade Catholica de Petropolis. He moved to New York City to finish his studies in a two year conservatory filmmaking program with full scholarship. He has worked in many film productions, TV shows, and Theatre as Assistant Director, Costume Designer, and Production Assistant. He has recently moved back to New York City after spending three in Los Angeles working as an Editor and Production Assistant in different TV productions. 

Diane Chen - 2nd AD

Diane Chen is a NYC based multidisciplinary filmmaker and theater artist, and co-founder of Multihyphenate Productions (MHP). As director, writer, and actor, her short films have screened at Sundance, Toronto International Film Festival, Garden State Film Festival; her award-winning webseries HERE WE WAIT has been featured on USA Today and, and has been making its international festival circuit this year. 

Current Team