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Comedy, Thriller

Peter Mackie

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One part gangster movie and another part dark screwball comedy, Sergey's Fortune boldly clashes the old world of cinema with the modern aesthetic of YouTube as nothing before it has. Starring Yorgos Karamihos (Ben Hur, Genius), with Jami Alix, Nick Mutuma, and YouTube superstars The DGAF Bros.

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Mission Statement

"Yo, just cuz we're two white boys from suburbia doesn't mean we don't care about the rest of the world. With cast members from Greece, Russia, and Kenya, and crew from Brazil, Sweden, Belarus, and Mexico, this film is as woke as the two of us after a case of Red Bull." -DGAF

The Story

Sergey's Fortune is a one-of-a-kind short film that defies both genre and expectations. Guided by the visionary hand of director Peter Mackie, this film boasts an irreverent original script and knockout performances from accomplished actors Yorgos Karamihos (The DurrellsBen HurGenius) and Ravil Isyanov (DefianceThe AmericansTransformers: Dark of the Moon). It also features an unforgettable appearance by newcomers Anthony Howes and Hudson Long, who play the "D.G.A.F. Bros," a pair of outlandish YouTube stars who are as funny as they are arrogant.

One part gangster movie and another part dark screwball comedy, Sergey's Fortune boldly clashes the old world of cinema with the modern aesthetic of YouTube as nothing before it has. It is completely self-funded and produced by the cast and crew involved; each of them tirelessly committed to making an enjoyable, professional, and enduring work of art.


Where We're At

Filming for Sergey's Fortune has already been completed and we are currently in the process of Post-Production. This lengthy, technical process entails sound editing, sound mixing, color grading, compositing, music licensing, and recording an original score.

These processes are not cheap, but they will help ensure that the look and sound of Sergey's Fortune are up to professional Hollywood standards.

Here is a breakdown of where the money will be going...



Post Post

Once the film is done, we're going to get it out to festivals nationwide and worldwide. That means exposure for everyone involved with the project and potential connections and future collaborations with those we meet along the way. It also means the film might be playing in your neck of the woods, so you can give yourself a big pat on the back and take a picture of your name in the credits when it's playing on the big screen.


How You Can Help

First and foremost, we simply need funding. Filmmaking is expensive; quality filmmaking even more so. A contribution of any size can be made by clicking the links on the right.

If you can't afford a monetary contribution, please take the small step of SHARING this page on Facebook, Instagram, or whichever social media platform you prefer. Never underestimate the value of simply getting the word out, a couple of clicks by you could potentially generate thousands for us and make all the difference!



Director's Statement

Like Sergey says in the movie, we did everything by the book. We assembled a professional cast and crew to mount this production. We filmed on the best camera in the world - the Arri Alexa - the same camera used in four of the five Best Cinematography nominees this year. We shot with vintage lenses to give the movie a more "classic" look. We filmed overnight in an actual Russian grocery store, then shot for four grueling days in the hot California desert. There were over 100 shots in the entire movie which meant we had to plan smartly and hustle, hustle, hustle. This was not an easy shoot, but it was easily the most rewarding I've been a part of. I can't wait to share the final cut with you!



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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Original Score by Vincent Oppido

Costs $4,000

Sergey's Fortune has an old school cinematic look that needs an old school orchestral score.

Music Sync License

Costs $2,500

We REALLY want to license a song by M.I.A. for one of the D.G.A.F. montages.


Costs $2,000

Digitally adding muzzle flash, blood effects, clouds, enhancing stunts, erasing mistakes.

Sound Design & Mixing

Costs $3,500

Sergey's Fortune already looks great, but it still needs a lot of help to SOUND great.

Color Grading

Costs $2,000

Our hookups at Technicolor are going to make sure Sergey's Fortune sparkles on the big screen.

Film Festival Submission Fees

Costs $1,000

We want to get this movie into festivals and screened in cities across the world!

About This Team

Our Crew

Peter Mackie is an award-winning film director and photographer based in Los Angeles. He has made several short films that have been well-received at various festivals, including LA Shorts Fest, HollyShorts, Catalina Film Festival, Athens Int'l Film Festival, and Cine Gear Expo. His films have been featured on Film Shortage, Ain't It Cool News, and Reel-13 Shorts (PBS-NYC). You can check out his work at:

A longtime barista/coffee shop manager from Middleton, Wisconsin, Nick Vitale takes pride in his identity as a "working class artist." Years of scribbling whatever nonsense popped into his head during his breaks and off-hours, he has written a number of short and full-length screenplays, short stories, and one unpublished novel. Nick revels in dark comedy and absurd potentialities, and his writing often seeks to both satirize and celebrate the lunacy of the human condition. He has been collaborating with longtime friend Peter Mackie since the two of them co-edited their high school newspaper. "Sergey's Fortune" will be the first of his scripts to appear on the big screen.

Kseniya Yorsh is a Belarusian film producer who lives and works in Los Angeles. She has produced 4 features and 15 short films that received distribution in the US, UK, Spain, France, Norway, Germany, and Japan. Seizing opportunities and bringing people and their unique talents and skill sets together to create strong pieces of content that both inspire the audience and transpire into revenue for investors is her passion and her forte.

Originally from the south of Brazil, Ernesto Pletsch has been directing photography in Los Angeles since 2014. After receiving his MFA in cinematography, he's been fortunate to collaborate on stories that took him from California to Colombia, Brazil, and most lately India. Throughout this course, Ernesto has lensed two feature length films, twelve shorts, three TV pilots — including an award for Best Cinematography 2017 at HBO iTVFest for ‘Served’ — a couple of commercials and music videos.

Dorothea Paschalidou is a Los Angeles based producer with an MFA from USC's acclaimed Peter Stark Producing Program. Born and raised in Athens, Greece, and having obtained a BA in film in London, Dorothea has production experience in all 3 countries. She recently completed working as the talent producer on Lionsgate's series, Swedish Dicks, starring Keanu Reeves and Peter Stormare. Prior to that, she was the head of development at Hyperion Media, a financing and production company. She has also worked for producer Bob Shaye, and right before that, she served as the executive assistant to the Chairman & CEO of 20th Century Fox. In 2014 she produced her first feature film, Worlds Apart, starring J.K. Simmons.

Vincent Oppido is a Los Angeles based composer who has written numerous scores for independent and short films that have screened at the Hollywood Film Festival, Madrid Film Festival, and Athens Int'l Film Festival, to name a few. His concert music has been played by the US Army Band, American Festival Pops Orchestra, and various other professional ensembles. Vincent has written music for broadway legend Brian Stokes Mitchell, former conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Leonard Slatkin, and the current alma mater of George Mason University. Most recently, he scored the feature film Watch The Sky and wrote additional music for the comedy series Adam Ruins Everything on truTV. Listen to his music on SoundCloud.


Our Cast

Hudson Long (Kris Dunhoffer) is an actor from Durant, Oklahoma. He started acting on the stage at the age of five in the Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival. Shortly after graduating high school, Hudson moved out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the film & television industry. He is represented by Gina Stoj Management.

Anthony Howes (Kyle Dunhoffer), born and raised in Southwest Florida, moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career as an actor at 19 years old. Growing up believing that it was very unrealistic, he continued to pursue studies in Environmental Science, and studied for only a single year before packing his bags and moving out West to Southern California. During his first couple of years he took most of his time studying as an actor, working full time, catered to sets and starred in quite a few short films.

Jami Alix (Kelsey) is a fashion/lifestyle blogger and content creator originally from Chicago, IL. Sergey's Fortune marks her screen acting debut.

Nicholas Munene Mutuma (Kasey) is a working actor / producer from Nairobi, Kenya. He's currently based in Los Angeles studying Acting for Camera at UCLA. He hopes to use film as a medium to bridge the gap between Africa and the US.

James A. Henry (Kulinski) is an actor, writer, singer, and songwriter who believes tranquility at home unleashes the creative spirit in work. He'll bleed for you, but some lessons he refuses to learn.

Jack Mackie (Rinat) is a graduate of the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater Actor Training Program. Primarily a player of Shakespeare, Jack has worked with the Hudson Valley and Nebraska Shakespeare Festivals. He most recently acted in Cinetone's production of Panofsky's Complaint.

Current Team