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Sexual violence is an unfortunate hot topic, and I know many people avoid upsetting stories and statistics. I know also that some people don't quite "get" the issue at hand, or see how it exists. The answer? Comedy. Show this serious issue in a digestible way, and perpetuate change through comedy.

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Mission Statement

We have a strongly female cast, various ethnicities, and our crew is 50/50. For a project of this nature, I thought it was especially important to ensure that women were empowered in front of and behind camera, and joined by a small team of respectful and talented men.

The Story


WE REACHED OUR GOAL! Thank you SO MUCH for your incredible love, support, contributions, and share of mouth-ing! This would not have been possible without your awesomeness.


We decided to create some stretch goals that we will track below:


There are plenty of statistics showing the unbelievable amount of sexual violence that women endure. There are videos, blogs, message boards, social media posts, hashtags everywhere with women coming together to share their stories, and how they have healed, if they have healed. For many people, these appear to be too intense to watch. Too common of an occurence to believe that it's actually happening to everyone who is speaking out about it. Too generalized of an issue to actually be assault. Worse than that, some people flat out believe that these women are crying wolf. But it is happening everywhere, to many of the women in your lives.


So how do we get people to pay attention to the issue of sexual harassment and assult? How do we get information across in a digestible and attention-grabbing way? How do we easily inform people of all ages, races, and genders who may not be in to the heart-wrenching stories and the important statistics, all in one swoop?


With comedy.



"The Care & Keeping Of Your Woman" is a satirical short to be shot on super 8 film that addresses sexual harassment and assault, set in the style of a 1950's dog training video. This film has one blatant message: This is what is happening, and it is not tolerable. It discusses some of the most common forms of sexual violence against women, and does so with that infamous retro educational vibe. 


Aimed at the people who haven't heard, or don't understand, or don't believe, or ignore statistics, or can't bear to watch the upsetting videos and read the unfortunate news reports, or who are coping with issues and want just one more way to be heard, or are actually doing it themselves, "The Care & Keeping Of Your Woman" is a short, important, and simple message for everyone, disguised by comedy.




Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

1950's Office, Bathroom, and Bedroom

Costs $252

We need to fund the 1950's office, bathroom, and bedroom that are necessary for the film.

1950's Props/Set Decor

Costs $162

We need period appropriate telephones, office supplies, and home decor.

Lunch and Crafty

Costs $95

We want to provide a healthy meal, healthy snacks, water, and coffee for our team.

Two Super8 Cameras

Costs $270

We will be shooting with an A camera and a B camera to ensure that we get all necessary footage.

Goodwill (Wardrobe) Hunting

Costs $60

The actresses have all of their own wardrobe, but we need to build 4 outfits for the actor.

Super8 Film Cartridges

Costs $160

Each roll of Super8 footage costs $40. We need two for shooting, and two for test film.

Film Development

Costs $256

Development of test footage and official shoot footage.

Film Digitization And Assembly

Costs $145

The film assets are being digitized and assembled by a separate team.

Production Insurance

Costs $300

This covers our production insurance.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team


Croix Provence // Writer & Director // IMDb

Pardon the third person point-of-view. *Ahem* Croix co-founded Bitty Entertainment production company in 2013, operating as a director, producer, and writer. She has produced multiple award-winning projects, and has directed her first batch that are now competing in festivals. Beyond that, multiple foreign film commissions are currently reaching out to her with interest in her feature scripts. 


Amber Steele // Director Of Photography // IMDb

Amber showcases tremendous skill in cinematography, as evident by her work in Shooting Clerks and Engine. Working nonstop since her arrival to Los Angeles, she continues to hone her skills not only as a DP and camera operator, but also as a skilled editor and a strong contender in grip and electrical.


Vincent Albo // Production Designer // IMDb

Working most notably as the production designer for Sharknado, 40 Days And Nights, and Mega Shark VS. Mecha Shark, Vincent Albo owns his own production design and art company, AlboDesignsTeam. Through the years, Vincent Albo has worn many hats in the art department, giving him a thorough knowledge of the workings both on and off the set. 


Ryan Sheehy // 1st Assistant Camera // IMDb

Ryan Sheehy is an LA-based film director & producer specializing in music videos and narrative shorts. He's worked with various production companies in LA, NYC, Boston, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, and Arizona. He currently owns/operates an independent production company,, with his brother. 


Tatiana Paris // Wardrobe Designer // IMDb

Always bringing energy and exuberance on camera, Tatiana is running the show behind camera for our production! With an eye for fashion and the knowledge of period-appropriate clothing, she will be crafting our film's 1950's wardrobe selection.


Mike DeMille // Producer // IMDb

Mike is a music and film producer, and founder of DeMille Productions, based in the North Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Mike works to promote increased equality in the industry and actively advocates for women in film.


Flee // Poster & Shirt Artist // Tumblr

Flee is a visual and performance artist who has been creating art her entire life. She is formally trained in the arts in a collegiate setting, and is hired regularly for commissions. When she's not drawing, performing, or engaging in other facets of artistic awesomeness, you can find her entertaining rowdy nerds at comic conventions with her group Flee Drinks And Does Stuff! 


* * * * * * * * * * * * 

* * * * * * * * * * * * 


Phil LaMarr // Narrator // IMDb

Phil is best known as one of the original cast members of MADtv and as Marvin in Pulp Fiction. He is also widely known for voicing Samurai Jack, Green Lantern, Hermes Conrad (Futurama), Ollie Williams (Family Guy), Wilt (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends), an so many more beloved characters!


Anthony Gros // "Good Guy Greg" // IMDb

A well-rounded actor and skilled stuntman, Anthony is a shoe-in for the role of our lead male. With a huge smile, comedic chops, and a sensitive understanding of the content at hand, he is prepared to take on the role of "Good Guy Greg", our satire's trainee. Anthony is known for his work on Heart Of Numbani, The Chicken Party, and Get the Girl.


Croix Provence // "Learning Lisa" // IMDb

Once again, pardon the third person POV. *Hem hem*  Croix is an award-winning actress who has been enchanted with the art of storytelling since age eight. She has been seen as a lead in multiple national and international commercials, starring in over thirty indie films and new media projects, and all over the Fringe circuit in everything from rap musicals to nationally touring shows. She recently won Best Performance for her role in "Burp". 


Rebecca Galarza // "Social Sarah" // IMDb

Rebecca grew up in Orlando, FL where she was honored with several performance awards including the IAPPA Brass Ring Award for "best female performer in the world," and premiered in musicals, legit theatre, and opened shows at the major amusement parks. Film credits include working with the Wayans Bros., and an indie film, King's Gambit, in the starring role. She appeared on the Latin version of The Voice, La Voz Kids, and premiered in the Universal Studios press opening for Harry Potter Attraction with ECA, in a lead singing role.


Brigitte Weigl // "Chatty Charlotte" // Twitter

Brigitte is a talented young actress who hit the ground running upon her arrival in Los Angeles. She can currently be seen as a regular on Dante Basco's Twitch show "Let's Watch Avatar!".


Joanna Fang // "Gossipy Gale" // IMDb

Joanna Fang is known for her work on Against the Grain, Between the Sand and the Sky, and Dressed Up, Dressed Down Music Video.


Tatiana Paris // "Talkative Tammy" // IMDb

Tatiana Paris started her early career at 2 years of age, performing in her family's national touring theater show. Tatiana has landed over 30 leading and supporting roles in a few short years in both local, regional and national features including A Quiet Farewell, Rock of Ages, and The Acquisition. She soon not only honed her skills as an actress but also evolved into a professional and consummate writer, director and producer, co-founding her own independent production company in 2013. 


Alycia Conrad // "Whispering Wendy" // IMDb

Alycia Conrad is a talented and vivacious actress, known for Runner and Remnants.

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