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When cartel wars erupt in the Valley of Juarez, a missionary is placed on a drug lord's hit list. For years he's been building a home for 200 orphans and now he must choose safety or sacrifice. Will he risk everything to rescue orphans hiding in the shadows of the Valley of Death?

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The Story

Deep in the heart of the Valley of Juarez, the once peaceful town has become a bloody war zone. The police are all murdered, families are systematically killed and neighborhoods are burned to the ground. Nearly 100,000 are dead across Mexico and more than 10,000 children are orphaned as the result of the cartel's brutal violence. Many of them have become victims of human trafficking and the lucky ones have fallen to the drug trade.


In the midst of all this chaos, STEVE BREWER and his family have been building a home for 200+ orphans. Each room is equipped with private bathrooms, kids will have their own beds, and the facility is equipped with a state-of the-art security and a commercial grade cafeteria. When complete, it will be the largest orphanage in Latin America and a model organization for the country of Mexico. They will also have international adoption rights to help children find permanent homes. But support has dwindled and after seeing numerous friends in the town of Guadalupe brutally murdered, Steve grows weary. He then finds out HIS name is now on the cartel hit list posted in the once bustling town square.


The one man trying to rescue orphans is now a target of the Mexican sicarios. Disregarding his own safety, Steve goes to work each day, altering his routes in hopes of avoiding the cartel. With little support, and now facing threats, his anger grows and he pushes away the ones who love him most.


Today, construction is 90% complete, but the football field-sized orphanage remains empty. If Steve walks away now, the orphan children will be forced to continue hiding in the shadows of the Valley of Death.


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Music Licensing

Costs $4,000

Music plays a huge role in this film and we've secured some great songs from Sleeping at Last, Tom Russell and other brilliant artists.

Distribution Fees

Costs $1,000

We need this to help us deliver the film to multiple platforms. We want this story to be a catalyst that helps finish the orphanage.

Admin fees

Costs $1,000

Fees, taxes and admin costs are the often forgotten, but necessary evils. We want our accountant to love us!

Post Production Picture

Costs $4,000

In this phase, we are focused on getting more editing assistance, color grade, and locking the final picture.

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About This Team


(Director, Producer, Co-Editor)


Most importantly, I live in El Paso, Texas - the safest city in the United States. If you stand on the roof of my house, you can see Juarez, Mexico, the former murder capital of the world. 100,000 dead just 10 minutes away. Cartel violence has subsided, but the real aftermath is the children left in it’s wake. UNICEF estimates there are over 10,000 orphans in the state of Chihuahua, but that’s conservative. The greater tragedy is that in the Valley of Juarez, there’s a football field-sized home that will house 200+ orphans, yet due to fear and not enough support, it stands EMPTY.

I'm asking you to help me tell this story. Let’s get the children off the streets, safe from predators and human traffickers, and let's bring them home.


(Director of Photography and Co-Editor)

AJ Gonzalez has written, directed and edited numerous short narratives, commercials and mini documentaries for over 5 years. An El Paso native, AJ has seen the effects of the cartel violence firsthand. His creative passion and visual expertise have been a vital contribution to the project. He is also an avid photographer and live production lighting director.


Ivan brings a wealth of knowledge for all things audio. Production sound, foley, ADR and mixing are his specialties. A graduate of Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, Ivan has worked on features, shorts, documentaries and commercials. His experience with the film industry and the Santa Barbara Film Festival brings a profound perspective to this compelling documentary project. 


Ken is a brilliant creative mind. An award winning motion designer, Ken creates visual experiences for live events, concerts and films. Ken brings an asthetic visual style that will truly help this project stand out. He loves all things film and is probably the biggest Dr. Who fanboy in the Southwest.



Grammy-nominated (co-wrote Khalid's American Teen) music producer and composer. And probably the best bass player in Latin America.

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