She Had It Coming

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Comedy, Mystery

Anna Keizer

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Vivian Dean is dead. She was killed at a baby shower... Went down a flight of stairs. And now she is hellbent on finding out who did it. The short has been shot, but we need YOUR help to bring it to life. Support post-production on She Had It Coming today--thank you!

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Mission Statement

Inclusion is fundamental to this project. Both in front of and behind the camera, we are collaborating with professionals who proudly represent many ethnic backgrounds. We also are telling a female-driven story with 50% of all crew positions filled by women and have on board a 64-year-old director!

The Story

She Had It Coming is a supernatural dark comedy that centers on a young woman, Vivian Dean, who's brash, selfish... and dead.



She was killed at a baby shower...



Went down a flight of stairs.



Now, for one, she's furious that she's dead, and two, she’s singularly focused on finding out which of those women pushed her down those steps.



She gets a little help from her afterlife guide, Ethan, who died ten years earlier when they were in high school together.



They do some supernatural sleuthing and stalking to figure out which of Vivians’s enemies might be innocent or guilty, but to no avail. So they force Rhonda, the woman at whose house Vivian died, to hold a séance so that they can finally get to the bottom of what happened to her.



It's at this séance that all of Vivian's many mortal enemies are gathered so she can get answers, but when their secrets are revealed, the truth might be more than she can handle. 


Find out what led to Vivian's premature demise by lending your support to She Had It Coming!


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Costs $1,000

As they say, the picture is made in the edit.

Sound Design

Costs $800

Because we want it to sound as good as it looks!

Original Score

Costs $800

Music matters! Just ask John Williams.

Visual Effects

Costs $1,000

We're not gonna fix it in post. We're gonna create it!

Digital Coloring

Costs $500

To work out those pesky color issues.


Costs $500

We want everyone to know the awesome people who devoted their time and talent!


Costs $2,000

Because we want to share She Had It Coming with the world--and it's a pretty big place.

Festival Submissions

Costs $2,000

Getting the short on the big screen is the goal so that one day the feature version can, too!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Though our partnership is less than a year old, I can't imagine this short coming to life with anyone else. It was little more than seven months ago when Skylar--a phenomenal actor and fantastic producer--approached me about doing the film. At that point, it lived only on paper, but she believed in it from the moment she read the script--and our professional bond was cemented from then on...


Skylar was introduced to me through Kurt, who actually read for Ethan earlier in the year at Breakthrough Reading Series. That evening was truly serendipitous, as meeting our eventual co-lead and fellow producer that night was the first of many creative kismet moments that have led us all the way to now.


During these last several months, we've encountered oh so many hills and valleys. But through it all, we have never wavered in our determination to get this story to the screen. We're already on our way but need YOUR help to see it through. 




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