Simulating Religious Violence

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Jenn Lindsay

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What happens when you mix religion with simulation? SRV will take you on a journey that will show you exactly how the coded world can help solve complex problems in our social world. Do you want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes?

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Mission Statement

Part of our mission at So Fare Films is to promote diversity, equity and inclusion through innovative visual storytelling that broadens perspectives. This is also the mission of this documentary film: to view religious violence in a different light and find an unconventional solution.

The Story

A documentary film about how computer simulation can reveal solutions to worldwide humanitarian crises.

Called to action by the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing terrorist attack and increasing catastrophes linked to religious extremism in North America and Europe, an international crew of computer scientists and religion scholars develop cutting-edge technology to prevent these disasters. 

The team travels from the USA, to Norway, to refugee camps in Greece to understand and simulate connections between religious extremism and the refugee crisis. They use powerful simulation technologies to develop tactics for predicting and preventing religious radicalization and violence.

Gaining a new perspective using technology

Religious extremism is way more complicated than the sensationalistic and simplified way it is portrayed in news media reports and everyday conversations. 

How can we see the problem more clearly? How can we begin to alleviate the confusion and division caused by bad information and misplaced blame?

This documentary is born out of frustration with reductive, politicized approaches to humanitarian crises. Simulating Religious Violence is here to turn the tables and cast new light on this crisis, by identifying the causes of religious violence and devising longterm solutions. Computer simulation helps us take a bird’s eye view on society and see complex social problems more clearly. 

Supporting Simulating Religious Violence is a way to fight back and demonstrate to people that there are better ways to talk about and respond to complex social problems. Ways that don't perpetuate stereotypes and cruel generalizations—where we decide to be active listeners rather than passive viewers. 

The documentary tells a hopeful, but realistic story of an innovative technological response to monumental problems. It is a story about a group of very bright people doing their best—and harnessing all their resources and talent—to make a positive change in the world.


Simulating Religious Violence is currently in post-production. The film awaits sound editing and color correction; then we will submit it to documentary film festivals and seek distribution for television broadcast or streaming platforms. Every stage is costly!

Who Is Behind the Camera?

Jenn Lindsay, Ph.D., award-winning filmmaker and professor of Sociology and Communications, is the Producer-Director of the film. Simulating Religious Violence continues her professional work of confronting the challenges of religious and social diversity.

Executive Producer Wesley Wildman is the Founding Director of the Center for Mind and Culture and a philosopher of religion and is deeply committed to multidisciplinary research and training.

Composer Xurxo Romaní spent his college years at the University of Santiago. He is also a Consultant Dermatologist, Researcher and Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has played instruments since his teens, starting with the Galician bagpipes, mandolin, guitar and the hurdy gurdy.

Who Is Behind the Code?

LeRon, an atheist philosopher of religion, who spends his time thinking about abstract theories. He often gets frustrated with his work being stuck in the ivory tower. He wants to take scholarly work into the real world and make a difference. 

Ross is a hardcore computer scientist who specializes in handling "big data," or massive amounts of data that can be mined for useful information. 

Justin is a religious studies scholar and a computer modeling expert who is programming a way to predict religious violence. 

Saikou is a computer simulation expert who spent years computer modeling war games, simulation of traffic patterns, emergency evacuation schemes and flight simulators. 

Help us reach GREEN LIGHT and begin to break barriers! By reaching our goal we plan to retell the story and change perspectives, but its a lot more fun if we do it together!

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I support @sofarefilms with their new documentary feature film #simulatingreligiousviolence #sofarefilms, check them out! 

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A profound thank you from the So Fare Films team and the SRV team. We simply cannot make it without your help and we are extremely grateful for any and all contributions. This journey has been a long one indeed but we met so many amazing people along the way and we are grateful to be able to tell their story. We hope to be sharing it with you very soon!  


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About This Team

About So Fare Films

A production company founded and run by independent filmmakers

Producer-Director Jenn Lindsay began making Simulating Religious Violence (SRV) long before she co-founded So Fare Films (SFF) with some fellow filmmakers. Being a one-person band is beyond challenging when it comes to filmmaking. The fim and the production company started taking shape and momentum when Jenn recruited a small team of assistant editors to realize the fim, and then the vision for So Fare Films emerged. 


Our small team and dream have grown a ton since then! We are several steps closer to launching SFF, and SRV is an instrumental aspect of our mission, which is to diversify the film industry and broaden perspectives. SRV is a film that shares a perspective on religious extremism and humanitarian problems that is not common on mainstream media or politics. We hope SRV expands your mind about the nature of religious violence and enlightens you about more inclusive and more effective solutions to social problems.

Meet The Crew  


Dr. Jenn Lindsay is an award-winning social scientist, documentary filmmaker, and musician whose work explores social diversity and transformation. She is a professor of sociology and communications at John Cabot University in Rome and the Co-Founding Producing Director of So Fare Films. She earned her Ph.D. from Boston University in the social science of religion, and her book Pluralismo Vivo, an ethnography of interreligious dialogue in Rome, was published in 2021. 


Xurxo Romaní was born in Coruña in 1966, and spent his college years at the University of Santiago. He is also a Consultant Dermatologist, Researcher and Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Since his teens he has played the Galician bagpipes, mandolin, guitar and the hurdy gurdy, and he also studied medieval musical notation, Gregorian chant, and particularly medieval dance music. 



Andrea Monzani is a freelance graphic specialist, filmmaker and photographer.


Danielle Roberts is a young aspiring filmmaker with experience spanning pre-production, film production, and post-production, such as scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, directing, motion graphics and animation, and video editing.


Em Cegielski majored in Communications with an emphasis in Digital Media Art at John Cabot University, in Rome, Italy. She is an avid storyteller, a seasoned photographer, a published writer, and a budding filmmaker, with a special focus in post-production and editing.

Current Team