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"Sister President" is a depiction of Black Girl Magic at the helm of The United States of America, and an antidote to the powerlessness that so many people feel right now. It is an expression of love for culture and country, and an admonishment to meet opportunity head-on, however imperfectly.

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Mission Statement

This comedic series was WRITTEN & PRODUCED BY a Black American woman, STARS two Black American women of presidential age in positions of power, and was directed by a Black American man. A variety of races, cultures, ethnicities, and creeds are represented BEHIND the camera as well.

The Story

SISTER PRESIDENT is a comedy about two sisters 

who find themselves in a complex, unexpected situation

with supremely undesirable consequences for failure.

In other words...

Their response to the unspoken question “Am I my sister’s keeper?”

is a resounding “YAAAAS, QUEEN!!”

From Showrunner, Nicole J. Butler:
In 2017, I didn't like what I saw happening to my country, nor to the US political system.  I, along with other people, expressed feelings of powerlessness. Then I remembered that the pen is, indeed, mightier than the sword. As an artist I have the ability AND responsibility to create work that spotlights what I see around me. As a citizen, I have the right to do so.
Soooo... I’ve written a whole season that I think you’ll love and shot the first episode as a proof of concept.  I am putting wonderfully-skilled colleagues to work in front of AND behind the camera… and I will be paying them, because I believe it’s important to pay people whose work we value so that they can afford to LIVE and continue to create.



Nicole J. Butler & Michelle N. Carter

play sisters "Shona & Kitara Washington" respectively.  


Shona Washington (played by Nicole J. Butler) is a low-key creative-type who is happiest when her calendar is filled with an alternating combo of empty days and creative pursuits. Externally-imposed structure exacerbates her anxiety issues, so she thrives on having complete control of her own life... which is NOT the current state of affairs. Her fashion sense is more "comfort" than it is "Chanel". Quietly astute with an unquiet mind, she needs a little extra time to process things, but always comes out ahead.









Kitara Washington (played by Michelle N. Carter) is “boughetto” at it's finest. Hood, but not ratchetly so. Her intelligence is often underestimated but she can think circles around the vast majority most people in the time that it takes them to blink.  Fast-talking problem-solver… if only her mouth could get her OUT of trouble as quickly as it gets her into it! Well-dressed in the latest "it" brands and she never pays full-price for anything because she’s about her coin.






Yup, YOU!




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I am asking you, personally, to partner with me in order to get this project done and out into the world. If you'll contribute what you can financially and spread the word, you have my word that I will endeavor to give you a show that will make you laugh, make you think, and hopefully - make you feel empowered. Because you are. Right now, this is in your hands. Thank you so much!


If only this were possible...


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Skilled Technical Crew

Costs $6,300

Video clarity, good lighting, & crisp audio are the most important components to this process.

Production Insurance

Costs $3,600

SAG-AFTRA requires Gen. Liability & Workers Comp insurance in case of injury or property damage.


Costs $3,000

SAG-AFTRA minimum is $125/day per performer + pension & health payments.

Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe

Costs $1,500

Essential components of creating believable characters onscreen.

On-Set Meals

Costs $1,200

This will feed our cast & crew healthy meals on shoot days for the entire season.

Crowdfunding Fees

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Marketing & Festivals

Costs $150

We would like "Sister President" to have a successful first season and grow into successive seasons!


Costs $150

Covers "little" things that add up quickly: script copies, gaffers tape, batteries, memory cards...

About This Team

Actress/Writer/Producer, Nicole J. Butler, is a Chicago-native Hawkeye

who has appeared in- or voiced- well over 100 television shows and commercials,

in addition to performing in live theatre. She has written, produced, and directed

for stage and screen. Nicole has also been a SAG Foundation guest speaker, and

a writer for actors’ trade publication, Backstage.  One of her most-loved projects

to-date is the role of "Cheryl" in State Farm's viral "She Shed" commercial.


Through it all, for Nicole, one goal has been paramount:

“ tell the stories of those whose voices otherwise go unheard.”





Actress, Michelle N. Carter, is a Richmond, VA native and graduate of

Virginia Commonwealth University where she earned a B.F.A in acting.

For the past 19 years, she and her husband have called Los Angeles home

where she has worked on several tv shows and national commercials including

Grey’s Anatomy, Grimm, Mom, The Librarians, Toyota, Southwest and Chick-Fil-A.


In her free time, you’ll find her cheering on the Atlanta Braves and VCU Rams

with their 3-year-old daughter or volunteering

with different organizations around town.





 Actor/ Director, Elgin Burnette, is a military brat and University of Iowa alumnus.

He committed his life to the arts at an early age, acting on stage and screen,

as well as behind the scenes in television production.  


“Sister President” is his directorial sequel. 









 Popular YouTuber, MzBrazell (whose government name is "Cheryl Ford"),

makes her acting debut in "Sister President"! 


She brings her ever-present down to earth personality

and is as enjoyable in this project

as she is to her 30,000 subscribers on her channel.

Current Team