Six Nights

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Robert Brogden

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This film is about a dishwasher named Diego who works at a restaurant called the Alameda Grill. When a salad chef doesn't show up for work, Diego is given a chance to step up and take his place for a busy Friday dinner service. He quickly realizes he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

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Mission Statement

Our story depicts the difficulty of working class populations to balance work and home lives, as often the need to provide for oneself or one's children can come at a high personal cost. The cast and crew of this film are also wonderfully ranging in age, class, race, gender, and sexuality.

The Story

Kelley and I have been working together for over two years. On over a dozen short films, we’ve served roles as directors, producers, assistant directors, writers, and editors. Six Nights is our final thesis film at Colorado Film School, and we look forward to challenging ourselves in new and exciting ways with this project.


The story is personal to both of us as Diego’s struggle mirrors some of our own difficulties with work/life balance as well as personal and professional anxieties.



I’ve spent the better part of the last semester working and polishing the script into something I think is really special, and we are well on our way in pre-production. 



We are both very excited about this project and we look forward to your support!


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Prop Food

Costs $800

We will need multiple prop food items in order to pull off a busy kitchen on a Friday night.


Costs $300

We need very specific uniforms to bring the staff at the Alameda Grill to life.

Location Fees

Costs $400

"The Alameda Grill" location is on the house, but we still have other locations to rent out.

Cast Transpo & Fees

Costs $1,200

Some talent will need to be flown in, lodged, and require certain union rates.


Costs $800

We gotta feed our cast and crew and we gotta feed 'em right!

Everything Else!

Costs $500

We're fortunate to get most of our equipment from our school, but some things we have to rent.

About This Team

Our team is made up of passionate filmmakers looking to challenge themselves in their craft.


In addition to Robert and Kelley, our film will be photographed by our Director of Photography, Dylan Krause. We have an excellent assistant directing team headed up by Chase Iacofano and Ryan Douglass, as well as a first-rate Grip/Electric department led by JP Montoulieu and Gokul Rajan. Our wonderful Production Designer, Emmy Platt, will oversee all props and sets on the film, including the significant undertaking of managing all of our prop food.

Current Team