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Two kids, wake to find their dad missing and all exits and windows in their home have vanished. Trapped and afraid, the two decide to just wait for the “grown ups” to come help. After a while, the kids begin to hear someone else in the house. A voice in the dark. It sounds like a child. Its not.

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Mission Statement

Our crew has a wide diversity of ages, ethnicities, sexualities, and other identities. This applies to the audience as well. Horror is and will continue to be the most democratic form of cinema. Skinamarink will continue the tradition of horror being the voice of the fringe instead of the elite.

The Story

Following a bizarre accident, a six year old and her four-year-old brother wake up the
following morning to discover that all of the doors and windows inside of their house have
vanished. All of the phones are dead. Compounding the uncanny and frightening situation,
the children’s father (and sole custodial parent) is nowhere to be found.

What unfolds is a nightmarish descent into the supernatural and macabre. Things begin to
change and move inside the house for no apparent reason. Lights turn off by themselves.
Objects either disappear or float in mid-air towards the ceiling. As events unfold and become
more and more strange, disturbing and violent, so too does the children’s behaviour. The
children soon discover that there is some…thing with them in the house.

The feature length film Skinamarink, is based on a short film from 2020. A link is below.

Heck Short Film (2020)

The style of this film will be unique. Hyper realistic in most ways and also hyper minimalist. I
believe this approach both heightens the emotional impact and has the added benefit of
telling a big and compelling story with a micro budget.

In this film, the atmosphere does the heavy lifting, more so than the performances or
dialogue. Instead of long, elaborate sequences of people reacting to the horror unfolding
around them, we instead see unnerving and brooding shots of the house, with the sounds of
the characters voices and actions just within earshot. Almost as if we are spying on a story
we should not be privy to.

This visual motif of hearing the actors actions and dialogue off screen
while showing mundane things such as the walls and setting, gives the viewer a sense
of candidness and uncomfortable realism. It has an eerie, uncanny, and emotionally
compelling effect.

This film is not in any way a traditional horror film. The style and mood of it is more akin to a
quiet family drama. No chase scenes, no running from the killer/monster, no over the top or
cartoonish gore (there is strong violence, but it is only heard and implied, never seen), no
musical score and no creaking doors. Instead, this film uses atmosphere, absence, and
“liminal” spaces to get under the skin of the viewer.

I am asking for your support, to help me produce and direct a feature-length minimalist horror film that is an emotional and confronting story seen through the eyes of two small children. The estimated runtime will be 110 minutes.

Your support will help me bring a very personal story to the screen, something I've been planning for over five years. I have previously only made short films, amassing a modest cult following on YouTube, and this film is the next natural step. My last horror short was a twenty-eight minute proof of
concept for this film. Your support will help me solidify my vision as it was originally intended.

In the event that COVID is still with us in Canada at the time of filming, we have a a comprehensive COVID safe stratagey we will utilize throughout production. All safety protocols including (but not limited to) hand washing, sanitizing, masking and social distancing will be followed.

This will be pursuant to the laws and guidelines of the province (Alberta, Canada) that Skinamarink is being filmed in.

For more information on the COVID guidlines we will be following, please visit the link below.



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