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When a stone is skipped, flying through the air, skimming the water and taking off once more, it briefly goes beyond its fate as a dense object. Skippers is an offbeat indie comedy that explores the sacrifice of material comforts in pursuit of such beautiful moments.

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The Story

The story and world of Skippers has been marinating in my mind for over a decade, when I first envisioned a gang film, but instead of a motorcycle or breakdancing gang, it’s a gang of skippers, who are seriously into skipping stones. They face resistance from the local townsfolk, and settle disputes not with physical fights but with skip-offs. Over time, that idea morphed into one man who is new in town and lives for those moments when the stone skims the water and flies through the air, transcending its mere stoneness. He split from his old crew because they were more concerned with money and fame.


The subtext of all this is an exploration of leading a comfortable life with material possessions, versus living for beautiful moments that can’t be captured tangibly. And the question of, is it worth it, to sacrifice material pleasures for something you can’t hold on to? Can you truly hold on to anything in this world? I think these ideas are relatable to most people.


My first feature film, Wedgerino, was an official selection at six festivals in North America, including the Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival in Bay City, Michigan. Bay City is a small, quiet town of about 25,000 located on Lake Huron, and with its charming vibe, engaging architecture and proximity to the water, it’s the perfect location to shoot Skippers.


We have already raised half of the money needed to make the film, and also received numerous in-kind donations to help keep the actual budget down. The money raised here on Seed&Spark will just about complete the shooting budget. 


I like to make films that are fun to watch, with an offbeat outlook, that attract a niche audience and are an enjoyable escape for the viewer. What I found with the short videos I made back in the day, and with Wedgerino, is that when people like it, they really like it. With such a glut of entertainment these days, it’s important to stand out. Offering a unique sensibility, my films do stand out, and I am excited to put another one out into the world. 


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G-Technology G-DRIVE Professional External Hard Drive 4TB (USB 3.0)

Costs $1,120

Four of these drives ($280 each) are needed to store and back up all the footage.


Costs $1,200

For those times when you need to move from one place to another.

Camera & lenses

Costs $1,300

Contribute towards an excellent camera and lenses. (Note: this is not the full cost of the camera package.)

Craft Services

Costs $3,500

Healthy and delicious meals and snacks are one of the keys to a productive cast and crew.


Costs $200

We need to make special sweatshirts for the Skippers crew.

Skipping stones

Costs $180

A few buckets of primo skipping stones to help achieve impressive skips, so I don't have to steal the stones from my parents' yard.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Chris Roberti, “Carver”: Starred opposite Ilana Glazer in the 2013 film How to Follow Strangers; starred in two short films written and directed by Anthony, who is going to edit Skippers (see below); plays Chad on High Maintenance on HBO, and Craig on season 3 of Comedy Central’s Broad City; teacher at the Peoples Improv Theater in New York.


Kenny Zimlinghaus, “Kevin”: Co-hosted Wake Up weekday morning show on Sirius XM, 2007 to 2016; regularly tours across North America as a standup comic; star of Wedgerino; featured in the 2015 film Adventures in Comedy, directed by and starring Tom McCaffrey, with Jim Gaffigan and Janeane Garofalo.


Kate Villanova, “Josie”: Played ‘Sa in Wedgerino; appeared in season 3 of the Hulu series Deadbeat; portrays Cyn in the Off-Broadway play Kept Woman.


Julie Mann, “Tanya”: Played Nicole in Wedgerino; wrote, produced and starred in two seasons of the Web series Self Storage; plays Kateland in the upcoming ABC Family television series Famous in Love; has also been featured on Judging Amy, Numb3rs, Grey’s Anatomy; and you may have spotted her while watching football, in recent commercials for Hulu and Best Buy.


Aaron Wertheimer (that's me), writer, director, producer, “Gerard”: Writer, director and star of Wedgerino, Best Comedy at the 2015 Manhattan Fim Festival and an official selection in six festivals; assistant director on the upcoming feature Avenues; production coordinator for the Viceland TV network, 2015-16; jury member, 2016 Hell’s Half Mile Film Festival.


Steven Schuermans, director of photography: Director of photography on Saturday Night Live Digital Shorts in 2015 and 2016; key grip on Douglas Brown (starring Zoe Bell and Robert Forster) and Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon (directed by Mike Myers); gaffer on Wedgerino.


Anthony Mascorro, editor: Editor on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on TBS; formerly an editor at Vice Media; edited and starred in Wedgerino; also a musician, he is a jack of all trades, master of all.


Many of the cast and crew of Skippers were also involved in my previous film Wedgerino - here's the preview:

Current Team