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“Soar,” explores the evolving bond between two sisters: both are phenomenal dancers, and one is a quadruple amputee from a childhood illness. Their art helps them define themselves, together and separately, and helps us redefine our idea of what is possible.

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The Story

This project has already given me new insight into the power of perception to change the way a person approaches his or her challenges. More than once, I've had my concept of what's possible shattered, and each time my respect and affection for these two young women grows. At first I was moved by their courage, but now I feel driven to produce a documentary that lives up to their example.

There are so many stereotypes that hold people back from truly knowing each other, and thanks to this film many of my preconceived notions are slipping away. I feel as if a veil has been lifted and I am finally seeing people for who they truly are, not what I expect them to be. It is my hope that our documentary will have a similar impact on the people who see it.

What I have learned overall, and what I hope to take forward into the future, is the importance of giving voice to those individuals who have something life-altering to share. The challenge is to do so in a way that doesn’t over sensationalize or distort the true meaning of the person’s experience. In the end, this film will represent a partnership with Kiera and Uriah, a collaborative and symbiotic effort that advances each of us on our journeys while producing art that can connect deeply with its audience.


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Theater House Staff

Costs $760

We need to pay a house manager and other staff to prepare the theater and greet the audience.

Theater Stage Hands

Costs $3,200

The union Stage Hands have set hours and are charging us 20% more because we are filming.

Newmark Theater rental

Costs $1,250

The Newmark is the best theater for dance in Portland and was the only one available!

Stage Lighting Design & Operation

Costs $900

We need to set lights, run a dress rehearsal and then a show. Good lighting is key to a great show.

Stage Manager

Costs $500

We're bringing together 4 different dance groups and have half a day to get it right. We need a pro!

Ticket handling

Costs $600

Setting up and running ticket sales is challenging. 30 days of sales at $20 a day almost covers it.

Assistant Director

Costs $500

Another set of eyes on stage and on the audience is crucial, plus making sure it all runs smoothly.

Steadicam Operator

Costs $250

Steadicam coverage of the dress rehearsal is critical to having beautiful footage to edit with.

Camera Opearator + camera rental

Costs $500

We need a 3rd camera to cover the show from out front, while I'm backstage with the dancers.

The Chair

Costs $250

We broke the chair that Kiera & Uriah use into 5 sections so that more of you can help us buy it.

Choreography royalties for Soar duet

Costs $2,000

The duet Soar was the inspiration for this film and is used to promote all our efforts.

Soar music licensing

Costs $900

Josh Kramer's Beginnings is the music for the duet. This is the cost of using it for our film.

Sustenance pay for Uriah & Kiera

Costs $3,960

Kiera & Uriah had to put their lives on hold to make time for rehearsals, classes, and interviews.

Web design

Costs $1,260

Web design requires a lot of fixing, and revisiting, and undoing, and redoing. Chris did a great job

Graphic Design - Logo

Costs $2,040

Coming up with a logo and then transposing that image into a variety of formats costs money!

Marketing Materials - Posters

Costs $250

Posters let people know about our show. We need a lot to become visible to our audience.


Costs $350

Postcards are great for helping people remember the details about our show and the film.

Promotion and Advertising

Costs $840

Getting our project out to as many people as possible requires support. This is what it cost so far.

Press Release

Costs $240

It takes fresh eyes to read through all our descriptions and come up with a new way of seeing it.

Liability and Equipment Insurance

Costs $2,860

Before I can film anyone, I have to be insured. This is the weekly cost for 1 year of coverage.


Costs $720

We needed experienced editors to produce our trailer and pitch videos.

About This Team

Director / Producer / Editor – Susan Hess Logeais incorporates her experience as a dancer, actress and photographer into her choices as camera operator, interviewer, and editor. Her experience in producing a feature film during an 18-day shoot with a cast and crew of 35 has given her the skills needed to organize all aspects of the documentary.

Co-Producer – Kiera Brinkley is driven to be of service to others. Either by her example or through service, she dedicates her life to giving back. Through dance she breaks down barriers and encourages people to see behind her differences.

Co-Producer – Uriah Boyd displays similar courage in her willingness to reveal the benefits and challenges of helping someone with altered abilities adapt. Inquisitive and thoughtful, she brings a reflective quality to the production.

Co-Producer / Choreographer – A gifted choreographer, Melissa St Clair brings her experience as co-director of Jefferson Dancers 2 to the production.  She had the insight to invite Susan to film a rehearsal of the duet SOAR from which this project was born.

Assistant Producer - Robert Parish is an accomplished filmmaker, documentarian, and radio broadcaster that has offered to help our effort through radio broadcasts and day of show assistance. He will share his connections with the public broadcasting community and other distrubution outlets as the project moves toward post production.

Editor / Camera Operator - Liam Gillies is a filmmaker in his own right and learned how to cut trailers while working as an intern at the Ashland International Film Festival. His experience working on Hollywood film crews and in post-production makes him a valuable resource for assisting with the benefit concert and final editing tasks.

Dance Concert Participants –

• Concert Sponsor - The Portland Ballet, Artistic Director Nancy Davis, Managing Director Jim Lane.

• Concert Sponsor - Polaris Dance Theater, Artistic Director & Founder Robert Guitron.

• Jefferson Dancers, Artistic Director Steve Gonzales.

• Kemba Shannon Dance, Artistic Director Kemba Shannon.

Women Make Movies has also accepted our project for fiscal sponsorship and we have received a home video distribution commitment from Film Rise.

Current Team