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Jackie Logsted

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Growing up, my friendships with other women bore the most profound connections and most painful breakups of my youth. With 'someone somewhere' we want to speak to the complex nature of female friendship, and increase representation in front of and behind the camera. FINAL $ W/ VERBAL PLEDGES: $7,335

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Mission Statement

SOMEONE SOMEWHERE is written, directed, & produced by women. We are committed to hiring a diverse team of creatives both in front of & behind the camera.

The Story


We cannot thank you enough for your support and generous contributions. We are SO excited to send you your perks and give you the ultimate gift of SOMEONE SOMEWHERE!!

BUT if you feel like you missed out on contributing or you just can't get enough, don't worry! We are implementing a...

STRETCH GOAL of $7,000

We believe that with the remaining time in our campaign, we can raise the funds to bring this film to life in the best way possible. We have the initial funds to cover the basics of production (thanks to your generosity so far!!). By doubling our budget, we will be able to improve camera equipment, pay our cast and crew what they're worth, lock down the best location for our film, and raise funds for post-production (sound mixing, festival fees, etc).

And if you can't contribute - give us a follow! Seed&Spark offers rewards to projects for hitting follower milestones of 250, 500, and 1000, so your follow is a substantial contribution!

Thank you so much for the continued support. We are so excited for this journey and so happy to have so many of you already along for the ride.

The Story

someone somewhere follows two estranged friends: the thoughtful, introspective Margo, and the brash, outgoing Joie. When Joie unexpectedly shows up at Margo's college apartment, Margo begins to realize she needs to act on what she's put off for a long time: confronting her friend and dissolving the relationship. What once was something warm and powerful has become unhealthy for both of them, and yet there is still a lot of love between the two, a strong bond that will remain even once they've parted. The film will not focus on blame, grudges, or fault. Rather, it will focus on the profound meaning a relationship can have even when it no longer serves us.

© 2019 A24

It is challenging to find films that focus on the relationships between women. The most profound relationships of my life have been friendships with other women, and no romantic breakup I've had has ever hurt as much as a platonic one. Amidst all the bro-mantic comedies and male-centric dramas, I have rarely stumbled across films that explicitly explored female friendship, and the intense bond that can emerge from it. Rare, profound, specific: this is the energy I will capture with this film, the un-represented and un-told stories of our youth.

© 2016 A24

The film will have visual cues inspired by Euphoria, Moonlight, Vivre Sa Vie, and Dare Me. The color palette will consist of vibrant, lively, warm colors within Margo's apartment, and darker, more desolate shades in brief, pivotal scenes in the bathroom and on the roof of the building. A fantasy sequence at the midpoint of the film will move like a dream, transcendent music permeating the scene while Margo imagines what could have been.

© 2019 Film 44

In my previous film, Crashers, the friendship between college women was also explored. After writing and directing a short about a group of girls who are only friends out of convenience, parting ways after one of them starts to *ahem* murder classmates to curb her anxiety, I decided I wanted to go deeper and follow characters who had a more meaningful relationship, and challenge myself with something more serious.

Why Now?

In the Oscar's 92 year history, only 5 women have ever been nominated for Best Director, and only 1 has won. In 2018, only 4.5% of the top 100 highest-grossing films of the year were from female directors. However, in 2019, that number jumped to 10.6% with the release of 'Little Women', 'Booksmart', and 'The Farewell', as well as public pressure in the wake of the MeToo Movement and the formation of Time's Up. 

Kathryn Bigelow winning Best Director for 'The Hurt Locker' in 2010

We've all had a year at home to reflect on what matters most to us, who we want to be, and the stories we want to tell. Every significant period of my life has been shaped by my friendships with other women, and this year has left me with a strong vision of how I want that story to be told. If there has been any time in film history indicative of an uprising in women's stories in front of and behind the camera, the time is now.

Our main goal is tell an authentic story that makes people feel seen and heard. Join us on this incredible journey, and together we'll make something fantastic.

COVID Plan & What Happens After Crowdfunding

COVID put this project on hold for several months, but we used the extra time to make a plan to keep everyone in our cast and crew safe. We will be filming in April on a closed set with a skeleton crew - only essential members. This includes director, cinematographer, gaffer, and sound. We will require a negative COVID test from all members on the day of the shoot, and everyone will remain in quarantine between the time we take the test and coming to set. Part of our budget is going toward sanitation products, and one member of the crew will be responsible for COVID compliance.

After crowdfunding ends on March 16th, we will purchase sanitation materials, costumes, secure our location, and book hotel reservations. The remainder of the funds will go toward paying the cast and crew for their hard work. A financial breakdown can be seen below.


The money we're raising will go to transportation fees, equipment, art direction, and food for the cast and crew. There will also be an amount for contingency. Below is a visual breakdown of the costs. Any extra funds raised will go toward film festival submissions, so please feel free to contribute even after we've reached our goal!


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Props, Set Design and Costumes

Costs $170

We need clothes for our two actors, set pieces to make the space our own, and a few props.

Transportation & Hotels

Costs $450

We need to provide transportation and two nights a the hotel on location for our actors and DP.

Contingency & Sanitation

Costs $580

We need a contingency fund to cover unforeseen costs, and a sanitation fund for COVID protection.


Costs $500

We need to pay our actors for two days of production.

Crew & Equipment

Costs $1,800

We need to pay our crew for two days of production, as well as equipment (cameras, sound, lighting).

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Director/Writer/Producer - Jackie Logsted

Jackie Logsted is a junior studying Film in conjunction with American Studies to learn about the history and power of media in our nation. As an East Coast native, she has been previously employed at NBCUniversal Entertainment, ViacomCBS, Recess Studios, Penguin Random House, and interned directly with WGA-winning and Emmy-nominated screenwriter, Meredith Post. She has worked on and off numerous student and professional sets as a 2nd Assistant Director, P.A., Director and Writer, and was the first recipient of the Donald Moffat Scholarship for Excellence in Filmmaking from her college. She is passionate about writing and directing character-based dramas with female narrators that distort our take on reality and challenge stereotyped relationships onscreen, doing so previously in three short films she saw to completion. 

Editor - Emma Latham

Emma Latham is a junior at Dickinson College who studies Film alongside Art History and Italian. Emma has always had a passion for storytelling whether that be through writing or filmmaking, and now more than ever she continues to push herself to work on short films, music videos, video essays, documentaries, and scripted narratives, mainly as an editor. She has six years of production experience, including working as a co-director with her professor for a documentary that was screened at a gala, interning as a live-video streaming coordinator at NBC Sports Group, and creating various films through school and in her free time.

Assistant Camera/Gaffer - Charlotte Glancey

Charlotte Glancey is a Junior at Dickinson College studying Film, Anthropology, and History. She has a strong passion for film and is eager to learn and absorb new truths and perspectives. Charlotte has worked on a number of short films in various roles including Director, Writer, and Cinematographer. She is currently a video editor for a local non-profit that supports individuals on their journey to health and wellness. Charlotte is passionate about authentic storytelling and developing meaningful work through her film journey. 

Director of Photography - Zachary Grullon

Zachary Grullon is a freelance cinematographer based in New York City. After graduating from NYU Tisch School of the Arts with some student films under his belt, he began shooting music videos and commercials for a living. He loves to work in commercial and narrative photography. His last Seed & Spark campaign, Call the Sandman, was fully funded and produced last year.

Current Team