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SPACEBIRTH 2 is a silent, experimental, sci-fi fantasy feature-length movie about a lonely space traveler on a search for meaning in the universe. When all hope is lost, he stumbles upon a connection worth sacrificing for. This self-financed art production with 300+ contributors is 90% complete!

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Mission Statement

THE PEOPLE° is a global community of talented creatives who love to work together. Our mission is to build the network and skills we need to support the causes that matter to us and our future. SPACEBIRTH 2, our first feature film, was born from our shared vision to create psycho-beauty in motion.

The Story



SPACEBIRTH 2 tells the story of a lonely cosmonaut traveling through the galaxy and searching for beauty. Long on his isolated quest, he becomes tired and despondent. After his final hope of reaching something meaningful is lost, his greatest journey begins. Sucked into a surreal adventure beyond understanding, the cosmonaut discovers what he's really been searching for all along.

He makes a connection so strong that when it is threatened, he is forced to let go of everything he once knew and step into a new life. A tale of adventure, sci-fi oddity, love, and donuts, SPACEBIRTH 2 has all the ingredients to capture the imaginations of people all over the world.




In 2018, Marius Jopen, Richard Keith & Audrey Belaud turned their creative brainchild from a phone call into a 3-year-long feature-length movie production. Without any prior experience in the film industry, they built a spaceship out of cardboard, invested €50K by making websites at THE PEOPLE°, and evolved the project into a collaborative venture of 250 volunteers and 50 professional collaborators.

On December 21, 2019, after 2 years of production, the first public screening was held in the prestigious Babylon Kino in Berlin. On this magical evening, 350 guests filled the cinema seats to experience the director's cut of the movie for the first time. And now, it's time to take it to the next level!




Since we wrapped up shooting SPACEBIRTH 2 last year, we haven't been sitting on our lazy asses. Or actually, we have, except we weren't lazy. We've been finishing the movie (like monks behind our computer screens) and we're 90% of the way there! 

A big chunk of post-production is finished, but there are still some enhancements to be made — we have about 10% to go. Our plan is to screen our film at festivals such as FEFFS Strasbourg (FR), Berlinale (DE), Slam Dance (US), and more, but in order to proudly show our movie to the world, we still need to:


Let's face it, in order to make SPACEBIRTH 2 more accessible for audiences of all kinds, the film will be shortened from 1h50m to 1h30m. This will enhance the entertainment value and concentrate all the astonishing content.



After the initial screening, we heard that the silent sci-fi film created an immersive, almost hypnotic-like viewing experience. But, we feel that the current sound design doesn't create the atmosphere that accurately reflects the story...yet. With 5.1 surround sound and professional foley (e.g. water sounds, footsteps, breathing sounds, and more), we can take the experience of the audience to a whole new level — their ears will be glued to the sound system!



Getting major tasks done before the first screening was our main priority. Because of this, we had to make tough decisions regarding which scenes to use on a very tight timeframe. In the end, we created many more stunning visuals that should be included in the final cut, like drone footage shot in the Mojave Desert, a journey through the center of a dead planet, and more. Funding will help us to integrate these scenes into the final movie and make sure we have a really good color grading.




Let's not beat around the bush, carrot cake will only get you so far! In order to accomplish the above-mentioned tasks and get our film on the festival circuit, we need funds.

To support us in the next chapter of our story, give to our crowdfunding campaign. Whether it's free love or an astonishing sum, any amount is highly appreciated. Once our campaign is funded, we will finish SPACEBIRTH 2 (at last!) on May 21, 2021, and YOU (our supporters) will be the first to receive secret access.

In exchange for your support, we offer cool incentives like behind-the-scenes content, limited-edition merchandise, meetings with the creators, and more.




If you are interested in any personalized incentives (a private screening, logo design, creative consultancy), partnerships, or you have a new cause for us to support, please get in touch with us directly. <3 

[email protected]  |



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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Soundtrack Production

Costs $3,500

We need to hire a singer to record vocals and finish the production of the movie soundtrack.

Enhanced Sound

Costs $7,000

We need professional 5.1 surround sound, Foley effects, and sound mixing.

Special Effects

Costs $3,000

We need to enhance and edit the visuals, add color grading, create new space visuals, and more.

Campaign Execution

Costs $1,500

We need to put human resources towards the production of rewards and campaign communications.

About This Team

Co-Director & Co-Producer

As a multi-skilled creative, Marius was looking for an opportunity to put beauty into motion. As all his previous work was focused on graphic design, directing SPACEBIRTH 2 came as a natural next step in his journey. Thanks to his network, the team was able to shoot & produce in four different studios each suited to the needs of a particular production phase. Known for his powerful mindset, Marius made sure that everything was rolling and on time. He is one of the managing partners of THE PEOPLE°.


Co-Director & Prop Designer

As a visionary, Richard seamlessly knew how to envision the world of SPACEBIRTH 2. His fine arts background allowed for the most supersonic props on set. After endlessly collecting free cardboard from bike shops across Berlin, he lived and worked in his own spaceship construction site. After 3 months of blood, sweat, and tears, he transformed his drawings into SPACEBIRTH 2's surrealistic 20-meter-long spaceship.


Co-Producer & Emotional Glue

Audrey, the co-producer of the film, initially joined the team as a PROP BUILDER. Her skills in team management and her natural talent for organization quickly led her to become the project manager and eventually the lead producer on set. Her eye was always on timing, deadlines, and next steps. She was the glue that kept the project together through all the highs and lows. This allowed the magic of the shoot to unfold. She is now one of the managing partners of THE PEOPLE°.


Current Team