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LGBTQ, Experimental

Becca Park

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Take a tender journey inside the desert of the mind, as B meditates on heartache, depression & identity as a queer Asian woman. It's taken years for this story to come into fruition, & now it's ready to cross the finish line. Support this dream (literally) by helping us with post-production!

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Mission Statement

I never saw myself on screen as a queer Asian woman, so it felt essential to tell this story on my own terms. As a minority filmmaker, it was imperative for me to have a women-dominated & queer-inclusive crew with POC representation.

The Story


As a young kid, I grew up in an affluent, white suburb where playing soccer on Saturdays was cooler than attending Korean School; I wanted to fit in. As a young teen, I came into my sexuality while experiencing heartbreak for the first time; I wanted to be accepted. As a young woman, I pursued romantic connections with those not ready to commit based on my gender; I wanted to be seen


And so this story has been simmering in my heart for over a decade.


At the end of 2017, I began having wildly visceral dreams that would eventually become the skeletal groundwork of Speak Easy, B. Stunning visuals danced across my eyelids and emotional wells I had kept repressed would overflow when I awoke. This string of dreams conveyed a sense of urgency, and within a few days, the script of poetic vignettes was written; within a few weeks, I had my primary crew locked in. Here we are, a few months later, manifesting this surreal little indie film about self-discovery.



(me at age 3; storyboard inspired by a dream I had; portrait from set)



I am so humbled by this film's journey because of the kickass folks that have dedicated their skills, equipment, knowledge, creativity and love through every stage of pre-production, production, and as we venture into post-production. All of the crew and supporters involved so far have embraced this self-funded film as a collective passion project. That collaborative energy has made Speak Easy, B something more powerful than I could have ever imagined.


Now I turn to y'all to be a part of this experience with us as we make the big push to lock in final picture by this summer 2018 (estimated runtime: 25-30 minutes). Here are all the categories we need your integral support in: 


SOUND DESIGN: The majority of this film has a very meditative, wandering tone. We're looking to create a beautiful sonic landscape that reflects all the nuanced desert ambiance and emotions.


SCORING: From the get-go, we wanted this film to have its own original melodies. We're looking to compose a unique score with a fusion of strings, piano, simple percussion, and some Western folk vibes. 


SOUND MIXING: We're looking to strike the perfect, delicate balance between our sounds. Sound mixing crafts how audiences will experience these sounds  together with the unfolding action. 


COLOR GRADING: We shot on insanely cinematic anamphoric lenses on a truly epic RED camera. Let's bring out the vibrant colors of our shots.


MARKETING: We hope to submit this film into upcoming festivals starting in a few months and throughout this year and next. 


- B




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Costs $3,000

Much of this film has no dialogue, so sound design and mixing is critical to establish tone.


Costs $2,000

We need a professional colorist to bring out the most vibrant looks of our stunning locations.


Costs $3,000

Composer to create original score that reflects the mood of the desert & the emotions.


Costs $1,000

Looking to submit this film to festivals around the country during summer of 2018 into 2019.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

BECCA PARK // Writer + Director

Becca Park is a director and producer based in Los Angeles, who is always searching for authentic ways to share untold stories. Originally from Boston, she went to New York University where she organically found her way to film at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study; there, she centered her concentration at the intersection of mental health, personal narrative, the arts, and the power of creative expression. She has been a full-time producer for major companies like Bain & Company and Disney, and is currently a Creative Producer for Branded Content at BuzzFeed. Outside of her day job and at her core, she remains committed to creating collaborative spaces and projects for minority artists and womyn. She's a big fan of bodies of water, dance-offs, hearty laughs, groundedness, and tender hugs. 


Fun Fact: Years ago, Becca started writing this script as a one-take, real-time, full-length feature with only two characters engaging in one long conversation. Speak Easy, B has since grown to be the complete opposite of all that. Also, every single person involved in this powerhouse crew and cast has related to or been drawn to Speak Easy, B in a way that can only be described as cosmic magic. 


JUN SHIMIZU // Director

Jun Shimizu is a Japanese-American writer and director based in Los Angeles. Born in New York and raised on the border between France/Switzerland, Jun spent his formative years as a filmmaker attending New York University’s Film Production program, then moving on to documenting monks in a Buddhist temple in South Japan for kicks while moonlighting as a freelance videographer and producer for UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage project. He has directed six short films, three music videos, and two short documentaries under his production company Memorylines, which specializes in bringing to life personal, elusive and dreamlike visual narratives. His new horror short EYECATCHER is currently making festival rounds. Jun also loves green tea-- his favorite is the Kirkland brand from Costco. The first film he ever remembers watching was Spielberg's Duel at an outdoor Lake Geneva screening when he was way too young.


Fun Fact: On set, someone thought Jun and Becca were a romantic item due to a misunderstanding-- when asked who Becca was in relation to him, Jun had answered "my life partner." Becca and Jun met in a seminar during their freshman year of college. They friend-crushed hard on each other, but never spoke as they sat on opposite sides of the classroom. On the last week of the seminar, they were serendipitously put together for a group project. One week later, they applied to be roommates. This brotherly dynamic duo hasn't looked back since. 


JESS MARONEY // Producer

Jess Maroney is a Los Angeles based creative and producer, drawn to creating projects with impact. On set, she's known to be a versatile asset in getting everything done by wearing many hats. She graduated from Boston University majoring in Film and Television, with a minor in advertising.  Her  credits in producing range from award-winning features and HollyWeb selected series. Creatively, she's inspired by environmental sustainability and connecting people through shared passions. With a good story, this doer makes magic happen with her infectious energy for life and the arts. 


Fun Fact: Jess was the first person Becca showed the script to. Jess' reaction was, "Let's fucking make this." Her unwavering belief in this film from the very beginning gave this project the forward momentum it needed to succeed. Not only did she produce this film, she also served as Assistant Director and Caterer. Jess can tear up any dance floor and is known for boogeying down on Motown Mondays. MONDAYS. 


DANNY ROSENBERG //Cinematographer

Danny Rosenberg is a Los Angeles based writer & director focused on developing visual languages that explore the physical and psychological boundaries that we hold within ourselves and our communities. With an instinctual approach towards visual storytelling, Danny grounds himself in the belief that collaboration cultivates authenticity. Gaining a deeper interest in interdisciplinary art-making, Danny created Flexsus Studios, a by-artists-for-artists production company creating imaginative and progressive films and music videos. His work has reached diverse audiences in numerous festivals and galleries around the world. Danny is currently in development of his own science fiction anthology television series.


Fun Fact: Danny is pretty much always smiling. He's a happy boy. Danny notoriously only didn't smile during the filming of one scene because steadicams are nerve-wracking and sweat-inducing. Also, while having a film production meeting at his house, a bee flew inside and stung him. He still has a(n emotional) scar from the incident. Heal Easy, D. 




Production Designer: Arianne Alizio 

Art Assistant: Toni-Marie Gallardo

Assistant Camera: Liz Ehlers

Gaffer: Haneul Kim

Grip: Christina Cropper

DIT / BTS Videographer: Jake Frankenfield

Catering: No Mess Jess 



Sound Mixer: Scott Marshall
Set Photographer / Production Assistant: Tessa Shimizu

Production Assisant: Isela Vasquez
Driver #1: Troy Dangerfield

Driver #2: Elliott Sanborn 

Drone Operator: Chase Carnahan



Sound Mixer: Destiny Farrant 

Steadicam Operator: Alex Flannery

Swing: Liana Alexander
Make-Up Artist: Spenser Field
Choreographer: Keri Bunkers 
Production Assistant: Alyssa Clayton 


CAST //  

Woman: Hannah Shantz

Halmoni: Mae Hi

Spirit Boy: Reyn Doi 

Current Team