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Marielle Woods

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A fun action short about a young woman in the midst of a personal crisis. When our quirky heroine gets dumped on by the real world, it takes her some time - & an awesome fight sequence - to realize that maybe she's meant for more... Created as part of the AFI Directing Workshop for Women

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Mission Statement

This story is about finding your place in life, even if it's not what you - or the world - expected. I'm a female filmmaker who loves action & SPIN is being made as part of AFI's Directing Workshop for Women, which is committed to increasing the number of female directors working in film & TV!

The Story

Thanks for your SPIN-terest in supporting the film!

About The Movie

SPIN is a story about a young woman fighting (literally and figuratively) to find her place in a seemingly male-dominated world. The story centers around Callie - an eternally optimistic color guard captain who gets slapped in the face by life when she graduates college. Her big plans to be a marketing executive get torn apart, and she takes a job as a sign spinner to make ends meet. 

Many of us feel the frustration of untapped potential, of not living up to our own expectations. What’s harder is to admit that maybe there’s a part of us that holds ourselves back. SPIN explores these emotions, with a hint of hyperbolic hilarity and some badass action. Ultimately, Callie has to learn that maybe there’s another path for her - and maybe that path is being a vigilante for justice.

What's more fun than the possibilities of tying the color guard world and sign spinning to female empowerment through Kill Bill-like fight sequences? And did we mention the score is going to be marching band music?

The Heroine

Our Heroine, Callie, is a woman in the midst of a personal crisis. Her rosy post-graduation glow and once bubbly optimism has deflated, her soul crushed by the mundanity and harsh reality of life in the real world. 


In college, Callie thrived as a member of the color guard. She loved the team dynamics and rose to a leadership position. She wore her school colors with pride. She twirled her flags and flipped her rifles with vim and vigor!

Callie always imagined that the “real world” is where people like her were supposed to shine! While Callie wants nothing more than to live up to her own expectations, she must first have to learn that it may mean finding an unexpected way to tap into all her potential.


The Action

Juxtaposing the bright and quirky settings, the action in SPIN will be fast and furious. We'll train Callie not just in how to flip a flag, but also how to kick ass with a bo staff, spear…and spinner sign. 

S**t's about to get real in a Kill Bill kind of way!

The Style

This film is all about color. The palette will be emblematic of Callie’s self discovery, and true to color guard style they will be bright and brazen. Callie’s “real world” may start out more naturalistic and bland, but as the story progresses, so does the world around us - using both in situ elements like props and wardrobe, and a finessed color grade. Much like Callie, this film learns to march to the beat of its own drum.

Why We Need YOUR  Support!

Imagine that this is like a wedding registry. But instead of cutlery and linens, you're buying walkie talkies, film permits, and time in the edit room.


Your generous (tax-deductible) contributions will go towards the following:

  • RENTING GEAR - Cameras, and lighting, and audio, oh my!
  • LOCATIONS - We'll be shooting on location in Los Angeles, and we'll need permits! #payingtheman 
  • PROPS AND WARDROBE - This film is going to be a visual feast so everything on screen has to be just the right color, size, and kind. 
  • FOOD - We're starving artists. And a lot of the awesome people working on this film will be working for free. Please help us feed them. 
  • POST-PRODUCTION - Once it's in the can, we'll turn all that awesome footage into a sweet little movie. Editing, coloring, sound design - all those Oscar categories you may not fully understand (and which we're happy to explain to you.) 


We are already building a stellar team to make this film come to life, and we want you to be a part of it too! So make a pledge, and join the SPIN team!

The director and her French horn. #bandkid4lyfe

The Program

The AFI Directing Workshop for Women is a prestigious training program in narrative filmmaking. I am one of eight directors chosen for this cohort. The program provides unparalleled resources and support, but they require us to raise our own funds to take the script to screen, which is why we need your support!

Notable AFI alumni include: Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman, Monster), Rachel Morrison (Black Panther, Mudbound), Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream), David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive), Wally Pfister (The Dark Knight, Inception), Janusz Kaminski (Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan)



AFI is a 510(c)(3) organization, so your donation can be 

to the extent of the law (donors should consult with a tax preparer regarding donation eligibility). 


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.


Costs $2,500

Editing and sound design and coloring, oh my! We'll take what we've shot and make it even better!


Costs $1,500

From color guard supplies to sign spinning, our props list is super colorful and super specific!


Costs $1,000

Take it from 2 year old me, wardrobe is IMPORTANT.


Costs $1,500

Imagine Star Wars w/o Carrie Fisher... or Pitch Perfect w/o Rebel Wilson? It just doesn't work!

Location, location, location!

Costs $2,500

Shooting on location in LA means permits! Now, permit me to ask you for a donation!


Costs $5,000

No Marielle Woods film is complete without some action - help us make it RAD!


Costs $4,000

It adds 10 pounds. It also adds lenses, a body, and other stuff that costs money.


Costs $2,000

Lots of the awesome people working on this film will be working for free. Please help us feed them.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team


Originally from New Jersey, Marielle Woods is an award-winning filmmaker who thrives in the high-stakes world of action storytelling. After receiving her BA in Visual Studies from Harvard University in 2008, she moved west and has been working as an LA-based director and producer ever since. She got her start in docudrama television, directing and producing shows for networks including Discovery, History, A&E and Animal Planet. She cut her teeth filming gunfights, avalanches and animal attacks, traveling around the globe in pursuit of good stories. Now, she lives every week like it's Shark Week. In the last few years, Woods has moved into the scripted world and has helmed award-winning branded content as well as internationally recognized short-format narrative pieces. She flipped a car in the jungles of Puerto Rico for her short, MI CORAZON, and recreated war-torn Iraq on a soundstage in Culver City for her most recent film, DO NO HARM. She spent much of the last three years working with some of the best stunt coordinators and second unit directors in the business, on films including JOHN WICK 2, BABY DRIVER and BRIGHT. Woods likes to push buttons and boundaries, telling stories that make audiences think — with a few explosions or car chases along the way.



Once again, Marielle is working with the amazing team at ReKon Productions!



At its core, ReKon Productions shares stories and embodies the spirit of storytellers. ReKon embraces the many forms story can take and the collaborative journey of creating and crafting stories.

ReKon Productions is an established production company providing production services, equipment and studio rentals for an array of media projects. The company focuses on matching knowledge, skill, and personality, together with creativity, to produce highly successful projects. ReKon Productions has been cultivating a superior production reputation in the greater Los Angeles area since 2009, and most recently, has moved their Facilities and Boutique Studio to Culver City. 

ReKon Productions had its first theatrical release with the award-winning feature film A Leading Man. Additionally, the company won its first Emmy in Entertainment Programming for an episode of KCET’s Artbound, Invisible Cities and a Golden Eagle Cine Award for work on the PSA The Other Note. ReKon continues to find success searching for collaborators who share the love of crafting great stories.



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