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Marty Lang

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STAY WITH ME is a drama about mental illness, and how vital advocates are to those who suffer from it. We think the film will inspire discussion about mental illness, assist current and future advocates, create community, and help people in dealing with life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Mission Statement

STAY WITH ME passes the Bechdel Test, and has primarily female characters. Our producers include a non-binary man, Asian-American woman and trans man. Our DP and editor are both female, & our DP and Production Designer are Latinx. Our below-the-line crew also had 5 Asian-American & 7 Latinx members.

The Story


Hello! First off, thank you for even considering supporting a crowdfunding campaign in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope that you, and your family and friends, are safe and healthy right now, and that you're thinking of your mental health. These are unusually stressful times - we hope you're taking time for yourself when you need to. We're glad you've taken some time to learn more about us.


We're a group of filmmakers from California and Arkansas, working to finish a feature film that was shot in summer 2019. The film's called STAY WITH ME, and it's being made by these two:



The tall, bald one is Marty Lang, the director, producer and co-writer. The other one, giving the thumbs up, is Leaf Maiman, producer and co-writer. They met as screenwriting students at California State University, Northridge (actually, Leaf was Marty's intern in the school's script library) and they came up with an idea for a movie that would help explore grief, and the struggle of helping someone you're close to, who has a mental illness. Marty and Leaf worked on the script for about a year, and once they were happy with it, they started bringing other filmmakers together to help make it.



Who's on the team?


The camerawoman is Natalia Moscoso, and she's a genius. Marty and Leaf had heard amazing things about her when she was at CSUN, so they contacted her, and she decided to come on board. And that suave looking dude with the glasses? That's Jermey Pair, our first assistant director. Marty and Leaf knew him from CSUN, too, and he jumped on board to help us run an efficient shoot. (You should know that Jermey is also an incredible rapper; check out Just trust us. You're welcome.)



They also found two incredible actresses to play best friends Katie and Maya. Lara Fox (in the red shirt), and Addison Turner (with the red hair) went to the acting school at Chapman University, where Marty used to work, and they came on board after meeting with Marty and Leaf. Marty also mined Chapman for another vital crew member, producer Sarah de Leon (who's on the computer below, next to Addison):




Marty and Leaf also found another Chapman acting graduate to play Gavin, Katie's new boyfriend, an actor and musician named James Neal, who Marty is working with in the picture below. (He's another musical virtuoso. Check out, and prepare to be sonically blown away.)




What's the campaign for?


We're running this campaign to raise money for the post-production of the film. That includes:

Picture Editing

Sound Editing/Mixing


Visual Effects

Color Correction

LLC fees and taxes


Electronic Press Kit


We also have a team of students at the University of Central Arkansas to help us, too. Why is that? Because Marty is a film professor there, and he's teaching the first-ever semester-long media crowdfunding class ever at a U.S. university.


Like, ever. It's never been done before.


Marty's students will be running all the logistical elements of the campaign, and they'll be learning all about how to build an audience, and how to manage a campaign. (And they won't be responsible for raising a dime of what we're asking for. That's all on Marty, Adam and the filmmaking team.) The class will get a taste of what it's like to run a campaign, without the pressure of having to reach any financial goals. 


Marty's brought some heavy hitters in the world of independent film into this class. Emily Best, the CEO of Seed&Spark, hosted a Creative Sustainability Summit at UCA on March 1 (along with writer/director Jeff Nichols and actor/filmmaker Mark Duplass!), and she stopped by to talk with his class the next day. Stage 32 CEO RB Botto also wrote a book about crowdsourcing for indie film - and that's the book they're using for the course. 


Would you join us?


Marty, Leaf and the STAY WITH ME team are trying to get a film out into the world that stresses the importance of mental health advocacy, and they're working with film students from three colleges in two states to get it done. Would you like to become a part of it? Join our team! And feel the love. :) 

(Right. That's Matt. Our executive producer.)


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Picture Editing

Costs $3,000

We're working with an amazing editor. She needs to be compensated for her incredible talents!

Sound Editing

Costs $5,000

Every film needs a clean sound edit and mix. Audiences can forgive bad picture, but not bad sound!

Color Correction

Costs $500

When picture edit is finished, we need to adjust the color to help tell the story of the movie.

EPK/Photo & Video

Costs $1,000

Marketing our film requires professional photo and video content. This will pay for those elements.

LLC fees and taxes

Costs $2,000

Creating a company for your movie isn't cheap. This will pay for the fees and taxes required for it.


Costs $1,000

If a distributor wants SWM, they need M&E tracks, subtitles and other items. This will create them.

Visual Effects

Costs $500

Fixing small mistakes requires a visual effects artist. This amount will pay for that work.


Costs $1,000

We have an incredible composer, and we want to compensate him for the important role he has with us!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team


This is our team. They're the best. They're all going to be professional filmmakers (if they're not already - and a bunch of them are). 


We're beyond lucky to have worked with them.


We've also got a class of crowdfunding students at the University of Central Arkansas, and many of them are working on a campaign for the first time with us. They're listed as "Campaign Support." Say hello to them - many of them will be crowdfunding themselves once the class is done!

Current Team