Stetson Tenz: Remote Therapist

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Comedy, Experimental

Michael DiBiasio

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It's a f*cked time. Let's f*ck back with something weird! Let's also pay some creatives whose income has suffered in recent months :-)

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Mission Statement

The Cast and Crew of Stetson Tenz includes citizens of multiple ages, races, genders and sexualities! God might also appear in the film at some point.

The Story

Stetson Tenz is a (thoughtful) experiment.

** Goal 1** Create something, due to and matched to this difficult time of social distancing.

** Goal 2 ** Get some cash to creatives and freelancers who could use some income right now.

The film will be 100% remote, shot via screenrecordings and supplementary footage recorded by the performers themselves. There's a story and scenes but no script.

The Film is a Comedy. The Team is No Joke.

Stetson Tenz is the creation of Michael DiBiasio-Ornelas (aka Michael DiBiasio), in collaboration with Co-Director Bradley True (Stetson Tenz), Producer Kristina Teschner and Consulting Producer Sean Mannion. The cast is an ensemble of wickedly talented actors and comedians.

By format, it combines elements of Michael's Award-Winning expertimental short film, BENCH, which is also an improvised ensemble comedy, and Michael's feature film The Videoblogs, which utilizes fourth-wall storytelling for about 30% of its runtime.

For all of the above reasons, we believe this can not only be a successful remote film -- but a successful and funny film for any time.

We Have Three Budgets. The Fourth is The Best.

In these challenging times, we don't want anyone to contribute funds they don't have. So the budget for this film is modest. That being said, the more we can raise (even at these comparitively low numbers) the more we can pay performers. If you can throw in, throw in, and together we'll all throw down.

Varied Budgets for Confusing Economic Times

  1. MIN: This would be 80% of the public budget you see ($2,700). This will allow us to pay each collaborator $75 per role, per day. 

  2. MID: If we hit our actual goal ($3,500), we can pay each collaborator $100 per role, per day.

  3. IDEAL: Should we meet our goal, we'd then stretch towards a budget of $4,500. With this, we can pay each collaborator $125 per role per day. This last number is a more standard rate for normal times.

  4. SUPAH: Any amount over $4,500 would be considered a Supah Budget for this project. We'd use this money, as possible, to add collaborators. Such as musicians, graphic artists, etc.

Two More Important Things (We Are Inevitable)

First -- by the time this campaign ends, Stetson Tenz will have been shot or mostly shot. It is happening. Unlike Thanos (who proved ultimately evitable) -- Stetson will prevail.

Michael is guaranteeing the minimum payments to performers. When we succeed, he will be reimbursed up to the amount fronted to the production, with the remaning funds delivered as planned to the production team and post-production team.

Second, as noted above -- this is about getting back to basics of filmmaking at an uncertain time, but also about keeping the medium alive in any time. The point of a film is to be shared by its audience. For this reason, Stetson Tenz will be released for free, when complete.



Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.


Costs $1,600

Without actors, the screen would look VERY empty. And Stetson Tenz would have no one to analyze.


Costs $400

Not only is Bradley playing Stetson Tenz, he's Directing/Recording each scene. Let's pay the man!


Costs $600

Without a Producer, Stetson Tenz would be...lost! Thankfully, we have Kristina and Sean.


Costs $500

As an improvisational movie, having an Editor is SO important.

Sound Editor

Costs $500

Sound Editing a Remote Movie is going to take a specialist.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Michael DiBiasio-Ornelas (Writer, Co-Director)

Michael DiBiasio-Ornelas is an award-winning Writer/Director from Brooklyn, NY. He is currently sheltered at home with his wife, pup, and his awesome newborn daughter. Michael's other films include features The Sleepless, The Videoblogs, and recent shorts Bench (Best Writer, Long Shorts, Alternative Film Festival) and Naked (New Filmmakers NY).


Bradley True (Co-Director, 'Stetson')

Bradley True is a New York director/actor/writer/ songwriter. He wore a lot of hats in his crazily timely feature film released 4/12/2020 on YouTube ( Destined to be a cult classic, it’s the first—and last—election-year-horror- satire-end-of-the-world-sci- fi-rock-musical! He also wrote and recorded 12 bad-ass rock tunes for it. So there's that.


Kristina Teschner (Producer)

Kristina Teschner is a filmmaker and owner of kids on rocks productions, a queer production company that strategizes and produces content ranging from grassroots organizations and political campaigns to brands to music videos and live concerts.  Her absolute jam is working within the intersection of storytelling and policy impact.  /


Sean Mannion (Consulting Producer)

Sean Mannion is an award-winning writer/director/producer based in Brooklyn, NY. He is sheltering with his wife and cats and numerous personality failings. His feature film Meme is available on multiple popular platforms ( and his company 4MileCircus is sharing content (features, shorts, and even a novel!) weekly on their Patreon (

Current Team