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Mental illness has taken over many families and lives across the world. In the African American community alone it has affected numerous generations. This tv series would bring an awareness to a misunderstood illness. We can't continue to ignore what we don't know. STiGMA is here to educate.

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Mission Statement

This project covers everyone, even though the main focus is on African Americans, everyone can relate to a character. Mental illness doesn't care about gender, race, age, or ethnicity.

The Story

STiGMA the TV series is about a Senator up for reelection, but faces his biggest challenge when he is diagnosed with a metal illness. Mental illness has struck the African American community hard and continues to prey on people that don't know where to turn for help. Our hope is to shine a light on a problem that many in our community don't want to talk about. 


Stigma - a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person. All mental illnesses aren't detrimental to society, but once people know that you suffer it's a stigma on your name. In the series we hope to educate and inform people that we can help each other, even if that means getting information to the correct people that are trained for mental illness patients. 


Our characters offer a wide range of life issues dealing with depression, ptsd, schizophrenia and more. They even touch on domestic abuse which can lead to a severe mental illness. When creating the short film for this series we were able to see how far we can stretch this issue and shed light to it. 


At the end of the day there is always hope. Hope is the light that motivates everyone to get help for their situation, so give STiGMA a chance to educate.


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About This Team

I've assembled an amazing team, that has a passion and love for project STiGMA. They all have come from strong film and theater backgrounds, and they all have taken on the roles of bringing this project to life. Each and every team member has stated how important of a topic like mental health in the African American is one that needs representation.

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