STORAGE: A Short Horror Film

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Kelly Krause

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STORAGE is a short psychological horror film that traverses loss through one man's isolated evening in a rundown storage room. It is an exploration of how we mourn our loved ones and the struggle to escape the all-consuming nature of our grief, no matter how desperately we may want to move on.

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Mission Statement

As women filmmakers—and horror filmmakers especially!—we can struggle to access opportunities, often relying on others’ permission to even create in the first place. STORAGE wants to show what can happen when we stop waiting and create together, whatever we want, however we want, at any age.

The Story


STORAGE was born out of a desire and a need to support women-led projects in the horror and broader genre spaces, especially from women “of a certain age” who are often further excluded from opportunities. As filmmaker Kelly Krause connected with other women creators, she discovered that she wasn’t alone, with many frustrated by the lack of accessibility for women in both the horror and film industries.

Leveraging the resources and community around her, Kelly pulled from her family’s personal ordeal with the long-term trauma of loss to develop STORAGE, her first horror film.



STORAGE will be filmed without dialogue, allowing for an intimate, sensory experience via our protagonist: the crisp yet soft touch of a linen blouse, the flicker of a fluorescent lamp, the mournful whir of an ancient elevator, the unidentifiable, ominous scratching at a boarded-up door. Suspense and dread will be realized through a holistic sound composition that will capture the naturally occurring ambient noise of our filming location: a 110-year-old basement.



The global pandemic has meant setbacks and new economic obstacles for women, including women in the film and horror industries—the number of women filmmakers decreased by 25% between 2020 and 2021. STORAGE is our response to those challenges, addressing industry parity and transforming how we as a whole think about women filmmakers and genre.



We are a women-led team spread across the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Vancouver, bringing a collective experience of some 180 feature films, shorts, and TV series, including Spider-Man: No Way Home, Loki, Ninjago, The Hunger Games, Grimm, 18 ½, and Shudder Exclusive Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror. Our skills and knowledge span directing, producing, cinematography, and post-production, including film editing and visual effects. We’re creatives, but we understand the business end of the industry and the time, resources, and logistics necessary to produce a film.

We’re also joined by Berkeley Sound Artists (BSA), whose incredible portfolio of work includes Marvel’s Runaways and Brea Grant’s 12 Hour Shift.



STORAGE presents a unique opportunity for all of us to celebrate our talents and leverage each other’s strengths. Our goal is to create a compelling project that fuels our passion for horror and our shared mission to generate more opportunities for women behind the camera.



Our script is polished, our location is secured, and most of our crew is locked, but now we need to pay them for their hard work and expertise. Financing is always the most difficult part of the filmmaking process, especially for women and BIPOC filmmakers. With funding, we will:

  • Pay our crew a living wage;
  • Hire our remaining crew, including a woman sound mixer to support women sound engineers, who make up less than 5% of the people creating the sounds and music in our media;
  • Cover post-production, including editing, color, visual effects, closed captions, and audio post;
  • Cover film festival submission fees and other marketing costs to ensure that we reach as wide an audience as possible; and
  • Cover those little incidentals that make a big impact, incl. insurance, food, transportation, PPE etc.




Filming for STORAGE will commence in June, with post-production wrapping in September 2022 to meet film festival deadlines, though the project will remain confidential until it is publicly available.


Our campaign backers will have access to exclusive perks, including an early screening provided via a private link in Fall 2022 … Just in time for Spooky Season!

Following our page and sharing our campaign is another great way for you to join us in this adventure and grows our reach and traction. We’ll make it easy for you! Here is a post and image that you can share via social media—just copy and paste the text and save/download the image:

STORAGE is a short psychological #horror film from @KellyLynnKrause, featuring a talented, experienced team of women behind the camera. Wanna support women-led horror? Visit STORAGE's @seedandspark campaign to learn how you can join this haunting project!




Filmmaking is admittedly a risky business, and there are gambles and challenges that can arise over the course of any production. Our collective experience and the work we’ve already accomplished, however, means we are confident in meeting backers’ expectations. While unforeseen delays are still possible, we will keep backers fully updated regarding our progress.

As with any creative endeavor, things are subject to change and STORAGE is no exception. We have accurately portrayed our project as it stands at this time. By making a pledge, you acknowledge that elements of STORAGE, including but not limited to cast, crew and content, are subject to change, and that the final product may differ from what is presented while our crowdfunding campaign remains active. However, backers will be kept updated on any changes to the project.


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Costs $3,800

To hire and pay our production crew a living wage--there won't be a film without their hard work.

Post-production Sound

Costs $2,500

To ensure we have quality sound for our film.

Post-production Picture

Costs $2,000

To get a polished final cut of the film, including editing and VFX.

Festivals & Marketing

Costs $2,100

To reach as wide an audience as possible.


Costs $2,100

To cover those little things with big impact, incl. insurance, food, transportation, PPE etc.

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