Such is Life

Florham Park, New Jersey | Series

Drama, Family

Zach Shinske

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Devin, Erika, and Brandon are three siblings who each receive a folder of information that challenges everything they thought they knew about themselves and their family. What will the Reynolds do to stick together?

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Mission Statement

We find that the most truthful stories come from a collective of diverse lifestyles and experiences. With a dominantly female production team and a cast and crew that spans the globe, we are committed to telling this story through the lens of many different types of people.

The Story

A story about adoption, family and identity.

Such Is Life follows three adopted multicultural siblings who are each given a folder containing information that sends them on a journey of rediscovery. 

Our story follows Devin, Erika and Brandon seeing life through the eyes of flawed and multilayered people whose unique perspective is influenced by their adoption. 




Our cast and crew spans the GLOBE. Our actors, writers, producers and crew are from countries such as the Dominican Republic, Philippines, Panama, and the United States, to name a few. We believe diversity is the face of the future. We find the most truthful stories come from a collective of diverse life experiences and backgrounds. We believe representation on media can change lives.




Representation is more than race, sexual identity and gender. The way the adoptee community’s story has been told has been romanticized, and not truthful to what our creator Zach Shinske was experiencing in real time. No two adoption stories are the same, yet in the media it seems that we are only exposed to the extremely happy or sad examples. There are SO many more layers than that. With our show, we strive to paint a full picture. We include the perspectives of adoptees, adoptive parents and the biological parents. 








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Cast and Crew

Costs $15,000

Our show would be nothing without are incredibly talented cast and crew.


Costs $3,000

We want to continue to give our audience a cinematic experience!

Post Production

Costs $1,500

This includes video and sound editing, scoring, and any other coloring or sound design needs.

Administrative Tasks

Costs $3,000

This includes insurance and legal fees, which are incredibly important aspects of production.


Costs $1,200

Our goal is to submit our series to festivals once we have 3 episodes complete.


Costs $1,300

Transporting equipment, cast, and crew can become quite the expense.

About This Team

Our Team!

Somewhere along our careers, we were given the amazing advice to be creative and bold. We think it's important to be well versed in many aspects of production. Being able to set our own standards and produce work that we are proud of is a true privilege. 




Production Team:

Zach Shinske

Joanna Pinto

Alyssa Watson

Marie Dinolan

Stacey McHugh

Monica Gronchi

Maria Smith

Catherine Hogan



Director: Tony Germinario

Writers: Zach Shinske, Monica Gronchi, and Joanna Pinto

Director of Photography: Steven Carmona

1st AD: Holly Furman

1st AC: James Cernero and Rachel Gwozdz

Grip/Gaffer: Stephen Ohocinski

Sound Mixer: Mikey Ruggiero and Jonathan Lau

Boom Operator: Mikey Ruggiero and Maximillian Arias

Music Supervisor: Ron Jordan

Composer: Shehdaat Husain

Sound Editor: Alex Elsammak

Hair and Makeup: Dena Olivieri

Wardrobe: Amanda Carmona

Production Assistants: Christina Wilson and Allison Germinario

Editors: Zach Shinske and Christina Wilson



Devin Reynolds: Samuél Gomez

Erika Reynolds: Marie Dinolan

Brandon Reynolds: Zach Shinske

Meredith Hill: Cherie Mendez

Sandy Reynolds: Lizzy Plimpton

Carl Reynolds: Ron Austin Jr.

Young Devin: Aidan Munroe



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Current Team