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In a world out of time, an exiled handmaiden (Naomi McDougall Jones) escapes imprisonment and must survive long enough to free her people from the tyranny of a mad prince.

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Mission Statement

Dos Goats Films is passionate about genre films that center on women's stories. We believe this diversity should extend behind the camera as well. Our first feature is a testament to this philosophy; ARMSTRONG is a ReFrame Stamp recipient. SUFFER continues this promise by employing 80% women.

The Story

Step into a world where light and harmony have been extinguished by the cruel sorcery and despotic rule of the Scarlet Prince.

Where the aged Queen Emmeline is too weak to summon the magic needed to protect her people, and they have paid the price.

Where our heroine, Ida, is forming a small but determined rebellion to fight back against the Prince and his mad quest to brutally silence those that speak out against him.

This is the world of SUFFER.


Although this film is firmly in the fantasy genre, SUFFER also offers a Western twist to the typical European-inspired aesthetic.

This twist was initially inspired by our epic location. Lord of the Rings has New Zealand, Star Wars has Tunisia, and we have Idaho!

To capitalize on the beauty of the Pioneer Mountains, we shot in gorgeous anamorphic widescreen, just like classic Westerns like High Noon, The Gunfighter and Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

The rough hewn production design of the film also contributes to its frontier-feeling. From hand-sewn banners to the Fester Knight's helmet, almost everything you see on screen is old-school, hand-crafted. Even Ida’s noblewoman look takes inspiration from the prairie, with mutton chop sleeves, leather corset and embroidered gold trim.

Our locations and production design are epic now we need a score to match! Your contributions will help us hire a composer who understands this Medieval/Western mashup and brings the concept to a whole new level.

At it's heart, SUFFER is a survival story that takes the fight against oppression very seriously. Our original inspiration for this script was the Suffragette Movement. Who better to study when exploring the lengths one will go to have their voice heard?

In America, the Suffragettes began to rally for the right to vote in the early 1900s. They were jailed, staged hunger strikes and even carried out a bombing campaign. After decades of "civil disobedience" the 19th Amendant was finally signed in 1920.

Fighting to be heard is a central theme in our film and sound design can quite literally represent this struggle. Contributions to this campaign will help us hire a talented sound designer who can help make Ida's journey to finding her voice a powerful and visceral experience.


Shooting this adventure movie was in-and-of-itself an adventure! Our small crew of six lived together on a campground in a remote part of Idaho for four weeks. We climbed mountains and traversed rivers. Now it's time to turn that blood, sweat and stunning footage into a powerful film.

That’s where YOU come in! When you contribute to this campaign, you will become a part of our merry band of filmmakers and reap the following benefits:

In the world of SUFFER, to show your commitment to the Queen and gratitude to the light, we use the following gesture:

Make a sunburst with your first hand and put to your forehead, palm out. 

Then raise your other fist to the first palm.


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Visual Effects

Costs $3,500

Nick will be doing the majority of VFX himself but we have some bigger shots he will need help with.


Costs $3,500

An amazing score will help create the emotional interior of the character since she can't speak.

Sound Designer

Costs $3,500

Since there is no dialogue in the film, creating a lush soundscape is essential for the story.


Costs $2,000

Creating an eye-catching trailer and poster will help us entice buyers at festivals and markets.

Pick Up Shoots

Costs $2,500

We will need to travel back to Idaho in the summer to get some last remaining shots.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

In the summer of 2021, these six filmmakers set out on an epic adventure. We lived together on a campground in a remote part of Idaho for four weeks to make a movie and potentially change the production paradigm by creating a truly collaborative atmosphere.


With your help, we can expand this talented group! Our crowdfunding campaign will be used to galvanize the post process and support visual effects and sound design. Thank you!

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