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In the Summer of 2006, after inviting her boyfriend to “come over” while her dad is out of town, Catholic-Raised Willa prepares to “do it” with the help of her equally inexperienced bff Riley.

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Mission Statement

Sunday Service is Coming-of-Age film created by diverse, Latinx, queer and women filmmakers telling the story set in the mid 2000’s of a young Venezuelan teenager dealing with Catholic guilt during her sexual awakening -- something that often goes unspoken.

The Story

How Did This Come About?

"In the beginning of 2021, I found myself in a weird spot. While waiting for my work permit for the first time since I stepped in the US back in 2014, I had more time than ever before. Since I was not allowed to work, I had the opportunity to put things in perspective. I had moved 5,000 miles away from home to tell stories and alongside my producing partner, Rocco Shapiro, we had explored many universes. Worlds filled with girls, love, milkshakes, monsters and a cat cafe. But after this tweet and receiving and reading more than 300 scripts, I realize there was one thing I was missing: home. 



Strange how a story about a 15-year old girl losing her virginity made me feel homesick. Especially since I didn’t have a sexual awakening of my own until my late teenage years, but then it clicked. That wasn’t the part that felt relatable to my own life, it was the Catholic Guilt."

- Dany Flores, Producer of Sunday Service


"We immediately knew we found something special. Our Puerto-Rican writer Uriel Rodriguez was not only able to write a beautiful story, but was also one of the funniest scripts we have ever read. 

This team of individuals tied by the common thread of growing-up in the Catholic Church felt passionite enough to tell this story: Our Venezuelan director, Inés Michelena, was finishing her festival run for her short film, Angie. Our Mexican-Ecuadorian DP, Sean Valdivieso, had been working on expanding his production company, No Usual. And our Production Designer, Hannah Meachin, started her own Atlanta-based, woman-ownened production company, Major Art Department. Each came on board for their own reasons, but all unequivocally lit up once we uttered the phrase, “Catholic-Guilt-Comedy”. So just like that, we had a team! But the story is not quite finished.

We still need you!"

- Rocco Shapiro, Producer of Sunday Service


What Is Sunday Service About Anyway?

Our film is set in mid 2000s when Tumblr was born, Troy Bolton & Nick Jonas had stolen our hearts, Baby by Justin Bieber was top of the charts and teenage girls everywhere wore silly bands. One of them was Willa, our 15-year old Latina raised Catholic by her single dad. Willa is dealing with uncomfortable feelings awoken by her boyfriend Chase -- who she describes as “if Jesus had a hotter cousin who was more worried about tending to his body than the sick.” 

Willa invites him to come over to her house while her dad is heading out of town and it quickly turns from a casual date to a situation where she might "do it". IT, it!

Willa’s inexperience and catholic guilt quickly becomes a good reason to cancel on Chase, but luckily her bff Riley is here to help her prepare for the night of her dreams. 

Sunday Service is a story of growing up, challenging beliefs and being a young woman by creating your own path without letting it be dictated by tradition. There are also dick jokes lol. 

This story is hilarious, charming, heartfelt and will make you nostalgic about your own teenage years, regardless of them being filled by Catholic guilt or not. 

Willa’s story is one that speaks to our younger selfs. It portrays sex in a positive light, as well as gives a voice to young latinx people who don’t get to tell their stories as often as they should. 

Under the production of Rocco Shapiro and Dany Flores we are confident that we will bring you a beautiful and funny film... filled with sex jokes. 


Our ask of $8,700 will cover nearly all the film production costs for the shoot itself including all of the COVID safety plans and protocalls we have put in place to keep our cast and crew safe.

If we raise $8,701+, we’ll be able to help cover more festival distribution costs, so we can get the film out into the world and in front of a wider audience. 

If we raise $9,000+, we’ll be able to handle all of our post-production costs to make the film even prettier.

When you contribute to our campaign you are supporting a film that: 

  • Increases representation of complex female voices in film
  • Offers more inclusion in above the line positions (behind the camera)
  • Is funny.


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We are so excited to share this film with you!


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Cash Pledge

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Costs $2,000

Everything from cutting the film together, to perfecting color and finalizing music and audio mix.

Props & Wardrobe

Costs $1,500

Creating sets & characters that feel authentic to this world.


Costs $900

From the casting director to SAG unions, this is where our characters come to life.

Set Safety

Costs $950

This will go to making sure our crew is taken care of and SAG COVID guidelines are met.

Set Operations

Costs $1,600

Catering and crafty snacks for our cast and crew!


Costs $900

We need to pay locations so they let us shoot in their beautiful places <3

Makeup and Hairdressing

Costs $450

To make the actors look pretty.

General Expense

Costs $400

Unexpected expenditures . All remaining after production will go to festival submissions!

About This Team

"We are forever thankful for our crew and cannot wait to make this film with some of our closest friends and colleagues. If I could briefly share a bit of scripture to keep us all motivated, let us all turn to Luke 4:6 and read together, 'May the force be with us. Always.'"

- Rocco Shapiro, Producer of Sunday Service


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