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A clever climate educator and an excitable puppet explore the world of climate science and the power of community. Informative, inspiring, and emotional, Suzie Hicks the Climate Chick is a series for kids to achieve climate literacy and empower a new generation of climate solutionists.

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Mission Statement

Climate change is happening right now, and children are struggling to find quality information about what is going on, how to manage their growing eco-emotions, and learn what they can do to help. Yet only 1% of kids' content mentions climate change at all. We are here to change that!

The Story

Today’s digital kids are learning more about the world than any previous generation. They know our world is out of balance and are confused about how we got here and, most importantly, how they can help.

Yes, kids want to learn more!


That's where we come in. We’ve created a playful and funny edutainment series to help kids understand, express, and process what they see and hear about climate change and how it impacts our world, while empowering them to be a part of the solution.


Some of the most beloved series in the history of children's media have had a trusted adult at the center of the series, like Mr. Rogers and Bill Nye. These characters have allowed kids’ media to tackle the big, tough topics.

Right now, a lot of families and educators don't know what to say about climate, and they need a relatable and trusted resource to turn to.

Kids need a contemporary who has the compassion, knowledge, and playfulness to engage them around a topic that will define their future. Meet SUZIE HICKS THE CLIMATE CHICK, a passionate educator tying science inquiry with emotions and music therapy.

Our series caters to learners, big and small, fostering intergenerational conversations about one of the biggest challenges of our time.

Imagine if Bill Nye and Zoë hosted a series that explored climate science and climate emotions - that is what we have created! 

Sprout represents kids growing up in a climate-changed world. She's curious and enthusiastic but also feels all the BIG feelings kids have about climate change.

Sprout and Suzie go on fun and silly adventures together to learn how to love the earth while also loving themselves.


The show begins with Suzie introducing a climate science topic to Sprout. Together, they meet and celebrate climate champions working to solve that specific challenge.

Along the way, we explore how Sprout feels about all that she is learning, using caring words to help her share her BIG emotions while empowering her to take climate action.

Each episode ends with Suzie and Sprout singing a song about climate solutions that makes them both feel better. We want our viewers to feel informed, inspired, and empowered to take what they learned from the show and become a part of a climate-positive future.


A foundational element of our series is Social Emotional Learning (SEL) through music. We are collaborating with the insanely talented multi-hyphen musician and educator Andy Leon-Ramos to develop original songs to help kids navigate their BIG feelings.

LISTEN to our first song, LIFT TOGETHER, from the pilot episode.


Throughout the development of the series, we have met some of the most inspiring people who are passionate about implementing climate solutions in their neighborhoods, communities, and cities.

We can't wait to share their stories with you.


Climate change will disproportionately affect young people in their lifetimes, and yet there are no educational media intervention points for children to learn and become empowered to create change.

According to a study done by Cartoon Network in 2021, 90% of kids are concerned about climate change, and even after that discovery, in 2023, only 1% of children's TV even mentions it at all.


Since its festival premiere in January 2023, the pilot episode has been seen by thousands of people all over the world in classrooms, adult learning centers, public television stations, museums, and summer camps.


We are excited to share that the pilot has been screened in 11 global film festivals, won honorable mentions at two, and won the Visionary Film Award at the Portland Ecofilm Festival.

It has also been featured in an NPR story about communicating climate change to kids!


"Directing an ecological film festival means I watch a lot of ecological films. They can range from horribly depressing to amazingly uplifting. So far, Suzie Hicks The Climate Chick is the only one that's made me cry tears of joy." -Rozzell Medina

"What this show does for kids -- visiting with people who are taking climate action in their community -- doesn't even exist for adults, so I'm personally so eager to go on this journey with Suzie and Sprout. It's so motivating to see people taking action and creating positive change. I love that everyone is so informed, not just about the science, but about the mental and emotional weight of this subject, as well as the centrality of justice.

Also, this might be the first kids' show with a "people over profit" sign! At last! " - Gerald Contiagco

"I love the educational documentary Suzie Hicks the Climate Chick and its message about climate change. It has humor, facts, and stories from many different people. I like that the content consists of multiple people’s stories about how climate change is affecting them. It really puts into perspective how everyone must do their part to reduce the impacts that arise from climate change. I give Suzie Hicks the Climate Chick 5 out of 5 stars. This is exactly the type of film that KIDS FIRST! loves!" -Kid's First Film Festival

"Young people growing up today NEED support with big feelings around climate change, solutions, and positive futures. I remember watching the pilot and tearing up because of how valuable I knew it would be for kids struggling with confusing climate information and perspectives today." -Bee Guzman-Elliot

"Lift Together is going to be the song that gets me through these days of awful eco-anxiety" -Raysa França

"Kids being aware of the climate situation and knowing that there’s still hope is going to be so crucial to adapting to a climate-changed world. Can’t wait to be able to show my nephew this show" - Peyton Clevenger


Suzie Hicks - Wee, that's me! Making this show has been a dream come true. My journey in climate advocacy started with feeling really lonely and overwhelmed. I thought no one was doing anything about it and all hope was lost. But, the more I plugged in and looked around me, the more incredible people I saw finding solutions and making the world a better place.

In a media landscape that mostly highlights the big scary aspects of climate change, I want to create space for the beautiful and joyful moments of togetherness present in the climate movement. Kids of all ages (and I really mean all ages, I do work with 80+ year-olds) want to hear that they're not alone and that there is reason to believe in (and create!) a positive future. I know I did.

Suzie Domnick - My full bio is on the TEAMS tab, but I wanted to take this moment to share why I want to produce this series with Suzie beyond the fun fact that we have become affectionately dubbed Suzie Squared.

I’m a mother with two daughters who talk about the effects of climate change all the time. They discuss how it is already impacting their lives and how they fear what will come if we don’t change our ways. My girls are older, a teenager and a college student, so they understand most of the causes and are constantly seeking to explore solutions.

I couldn’t imagine if my girls were younger; I honestly don’t know how I could explain to a child the shifts in our climate that are having a devastating global impact.

We all need Suzie Hicks in our lives.

I am making this show with Suzie for all the children who are struggling to understand all that they see in the world: burning rainforests, flooding cities, and melting ice caps. This show is my love letter to Mother Earth, my attempt to share knowledge, drive change, and highlight solutions.


As you know, Seed & Spark requires that we hit 80% of our target goal to receive ANY funding! So we really need YOU for this series to become a reality. Here's a woodsy chart explaining exactly where your hard-earned dollars will be put to use.

We thank you in advance for your contributions to our campaign. As a bonus, we have some sweet incentives to the right that you should definitely check out.


Educators and families need accessible (and free!) content to learn about these topics. Our plan is to release the series on YouTube; therefore, we will need sponsors to fund the balance of episodes in the first season, a second season, and so forth.

If your mission or your company has initiatives to support the climate literacy of future generations in a fun and playful way, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


The foundation of successful crowdfunding campaigns is driven by the excitement of our community. Join our band of climate solutionists and follow our journey!

Here are some of the links to our work:

Instagram TikTok Website

Please share this campaign with your friends, family, and colleagues; opening more hearts to the joy of our series helps expand the SUZIE HICKS THE CLIMATE CHICK community.


The show is currently in pre-production to become a first-of-its-kind series for kids and families about climate solutions. We've written two new songs, and are organizing locations and interviewees as we speak.

With your support, we will fund the production of the first 2 episodes of the series. We will shoot the episodes at the beginning of 2024 and take them into post-production with the goal of releasing the series in the summer of 2024.

We want everyone to be able to watch this important series, so our plan is to make this series available for free on YouTube for every child, parent, family, friend, and educator to watch and become inspired to create change in their community!

Together, we can equip future generations with climate literacy and have lots of fun along the way. 

Nothing is too heavy if we lift together!


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Help us keep our team hydrated and fed; food is fuel!

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Help us pay the talented team members who edit the footage, mix the audio, and add VFX and animations to craft our ground-breaking series!


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Help us pay the talented Andy Leon-Ramos for her sweet, original songs in the series.

Talent (Above the Line)

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We don’t have a series without our talent! Help us pay the director, writer, producer and cast for all their time and dedication.


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It takes a village! Help us pay our crew, who are so committed to bringing our vision to life.

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A production takes a lot of planning, scheduling, and coordinating. Help us pay all the behind-the-scenes folks working so diligently.


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As Suzie says, we are hitting the road, so please help us pay for our travel and lodging while on the road.

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All that is required for us to set up and run an ethical and legal production in California.


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Help us bring Sprout to life with our incredibly talented puppeteers.

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About This Team

Suzie Hicks | Creator - Suzie is an award-winning filmmaker, author, and environmental educator. In her work, she navigates the intersections between entertainment, education, environmental justice, and community activism. As a seasoned public media professional, she has investigated climate communication for children's media through academic theses, children’s books, and television series. Suzie received her master's in Climate and Society as a member of the inaugural class of the Climate School at Columbia University.

Suzie Domnick - Producer - Suzie Domnick is a dynamic and well-respected entertainment veteran who has held executive leadership positions at Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. and most recently led Global Franchise Development at Netflix. She has been a key player in launching some of today's most globally successful entertainment franchises, including Harry Potter, Stranger Things, Star Trek, and Super Girl.

In 2020 Suzie launched her production and intellectual property development company, Very Big World Entertainment, to focus on family co-viewing content development, especially for the underserved demographic of girls 10-15 years old, which she identified as a content void while at Netflix. 

Bailey Galvin-Scott | Cinematographer - Bailey's passion is telling stories of impactful humans around the world. Whether it be a major disruption or a light touch, our effect on the people and environment around us is what interests him the most. Bailey began his career in Boston, working on narrative film sets around the city. He now splits his time between NYC and LA and works as a commercial and documentary filmmaker as well as a licensed drone operator.

Andy Leon | Music - A little about me: I’m an early childhood educator and musician. I live in Los Angeles, but I was born in Mexico and moved around quite a bit growing up, instilling a love for language, music, people, and beginnings. I firmly believe in the importance of play and joy in learning. I have seen how nurturing curiosity, using storytelling, and letting questions take the lead can create stronger connections and powerful waves of learning. I also believe that academic education can and should hold hands with empathy, compassion, and a willingness to imagine.

Morgan Dameron is an award-winning writer, director, and producer based in Los Angeles. Her debut feature film, Different Flowers, starring Emmy-Award-Winner Shelley Long, won Best Feature Film at the Kansas City Film Festival International, was acquired by Showtime, and is now streaming worldwide. She has developed feature projects with Paul Feig’s Powderkeg, Olive Bridge Entertainment, and Very Big World Entertainment. Recently, she was named a “Rising Director” by the Alliance of Women Directors. She is an alumni of Ryan Murphy’s HALF Initiative and a recipient of a prestigious Producer’s Caucus grant. She is a professor of producing and screenwriting at the New York Film Academy. Dameron holds a BA in Film and Television Production from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, where she received a Trustee Scholarship and graduated Summa Cum Laude.

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