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"Swipe Left to Live" is a SAG Feature Length "R-Rated" horror film in the vein of the original "Halloween" and also "It Follows." Our goal is to make a horror film that is absolutely unrelenting and terrifying.

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Mission Statement

The project has three primary female leads, two female producers, and a female Director of Photography. The project will also employ veterans, and is directed by the son of an immigrant boilermaker.

The Story

The story of "Swipe" takes place entirely on Halloween night and it spans across our three female leads as their stories intertwine and overlap. In modern society we are bound to our smartphones. We ask our modern oracles for just about everything from directions to the best pizza shop locally to medical advice. We are influenced everyday through our phones.

Our phones tell us what to think, how to think, and when to think, and generally do our thinking for us. But what would happen if our phones started demanding more lethal and unpleasant things from us?  Would we comply?

The premise for "Swipe Left To Live" is simple. Victims see a screen pop up on their smartphone. They are prompted to swipe left to live, or swipe right to die. Those that swipe left are given a choice: Kill someone that is chosen randomly from one of their social networks and be rewarded, and live, or swipe right and die a quick, and painless death.

Trick is, the details aren't given on the splash screen: and everyone swipes left. There is no choice -not- to play. Those that refuse to play face dire consequences, both for themselves, and someone else very close and dear to them. Victims are literally given a "Sophie's Choice."

The choice is simply: Your Death, or More Death.


At first the premise may seem similar to recent movies such as "Nerve," or even "Saw."  However, shortly after "Swipe" begins it takes things in a totally unexpected way.  What shakes things up, and separates "Swipe" from previous similar films, are the mysterious villains of the film: "The Facetakers" and the Entity that controls them, and the game.


(Facetaker Prime)

Concept art by: Eugene Golovanchuk

The film in tone is a mix of the original John Carpenter "Halloween" and the more recent "It Follows."  "Swipe" is a smaller, more personal film, like "Halloween," but it has an utterly unrelenting pace as well as a wicked sense of dark humor. But make no mistake it will be an utterly horrifying and terrifying film. The film will not rely on cheap jump scares, and there are many, many twists in the story that will keep the audience at the edge of their seats to the very end.


The Stars!

(So Far!)

Linnea Gregg is a New York-based actress. Linnea has starred in genre films such as "The Night They Knocked, "Anne Dark," and "The God Inside My Ear."

Jessica Harthcock is a Mississippi-based actress who has starred in, "Enders Game," "Demons," and "The Livingston Gardner."

Dan Michael is an accomplished character actor who has starred in many films such as, "Cornbread Cosa Nostra," "It Knows," and "A Walk in the Woods."

Jason Stanly is a Baton Rouge based actor who has appeared in feature films such as "The Monkey's Paw" and "2 Guns."


Prolific and versatile character actor Character Actor Marco St. John has appeared in countless films and television series over the years, but is best remembered for "Thelma and Louise," "Friday the 13th Part V," Charlize Theron's "Monster," and the serial killer in Clint Eastwood's "Tightrope."

(Concept Art by Eugene Golovanchuk)

Facetaker Mask

Concept art by: Eugene Golovanchuk


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Good Food

Costs $2,500

Good Food is paramount to a Good production.

Location and sets

Costs $2,000

Location and set builds.

Sound Design and Mix

Costs $2,000

Sound is at least 50% the picture and we want to spend as much money as we can on good sound design.

Camera Package

Costs $3,500

Looking for RED or ARRI or SONY camera package.

Costume Design

Costs $2,000

Costume design can make a movie. Our villains are going to be simple, yet elegant.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team


Stacie Watts-Hudson is a Co-Producer on the film as well as the script supervisor. Stacie has worked on numerous feature films and whose talents lie in organization and research. Stacie's strong, yet empathetic nature often leads her to be the rock of any production.

Lydia King-Rayner is Co-Producer, as well as the Production designer on the film. Lydia has worked on many short and feature films and has helped out a great number of filmmakers over the years with her near-endless talents.

Catherine Leatherwood is a Mississippi born, Atlanta-based filmmaker and Director of Photography. Cat was trained on real film and also still experiments with both real film and still film photography. Cat has worked on some big productions, such as Bruce Willis' "Precious Cargo," and Jean Claude Van Damme's "Kill 'Em All." "Swipe Left to Live" will be Cat's first feature film as DP and we're happy to have her.

Emma Badon is a very talented Special Effects Makeup artist who has worked on the feature film "The God Inside my Ear," as well as the upcoming, "The Gaze of Flame."


Frank Kapaun is an Ex-Army Ranger Medic who performed countless air jumps into the most war-torn places on Earth in service of our country. In the film industry, Frank has worked just about every position there is on major productions. Frank is our Production Manager on "Swipe," and we can't think of a better person to lead the film.

Steven Kennedy is a New Orleans-based musician and composer. Steven is also a high school music teacher. Steve's talents know no bounds. He has a dual masters degree in music theory and guitar performance, and is a talented composer who's jingles have appeared in many commercials and TV programs. Steven just completed the score for the Sci-Fi film "Tinker" starring "Leathal Weapon's" Clayne Crawford.

Eugene Golovanchuk joins the team as concept and VFX artist. Eugene is based out of the Ukraine and he has an extensive background in creating concepts and 3D assets for AAA games, movies, digital ads, and album cover artworks. 

Neil is a New Orleans born, Misssissippi-based filmmaker who is a jack of all trades, but concentrates on writing, editing, and directing. Neil's favorite genres are Horror, Science Fiction, and Comedy, and all his works generally inject a little bit dark humor into the story.

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