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After a bad deal made by his best friend, a Kung Fu fan boy must fight the neighborhood gang in hopes to impress his crush and survive the night.

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Mission Statement

Blue Lion Pictures' mission is to create films that inspire and entertain audiences in hopes to give back to the films that inspired us.

The Story

The Story

Night lights, cheap ramen, romance, heartbreak, dancing, Kung Fu fighting, frail egos and a friendly wager. Sounds like an ideal Friday night... right? 'Takeout' is about two best friends that are down on their luck (& cash) who decide to try to turn things around by striking up a conversation with two women they see leaving a nearby bar. But before these wannabe casanovas can seal the deal, one of the girl's Yakuza boyfriend shows up with his friends. This may not have been the excitement the duo had in mind.

Written by Ryan McCrory, this Kung Fu Action/Comedy is Blue Lion Pictures' 7th short film under the indie production company. Full cast and crew will be announced throughout our campaign.

'Takeout' in Tiny Tokyo

Our story takes place in a fictional part of Los Angeles called 'Tiny Tokyo'. Tiny Tokyo is actually a set inside of the CinePacks Studios North Hollywood location. Here's a link to their website: https://www.cinepacks.studio/tiny-tokyo. This film set is at the top of the list because it's the main reason we decided to do a crowdfunding campaign. Up until now, all of our short films were self produced with help from a few other filmmaker friends, utilizing locations that we could get for free or relatively low cost.

Being able to film inside of a controlled studio like this benefits us in 3 main ways:

  1. Complete Control - lighting & sound quality are crucial to making a film. Being isolated indoors helps us manage all of those key elements.
  2. Schedule - we won't have to work around a real bar/restaurant's business hours or have to film overnight to have our story take place after dark.
  3. Production Value - your set is a character in your story. To transport the audience into our fictional world we need a detailed and realistic set.

Now how much does something like this cost?

...Brace yourself...


(according to peerspace.com)

This is for 3 eight-hour days with a crew larger than 15 people and includes their 10% discount, cleaning, and processing fees. Filming in Hollywood isn't cheap. However, having something like this at our disposal would take our film from low budget indie to professional quality product. Jamie Foxx even shot a music video here!

Why should you help?

"Films can change lives. Whether you seek inspiration or escapism, the things we consume help shape who we are as people. For this reason art is important and human. 'Takeout' is my invitation for anyone who has ever wanted to be a part of a movie or just wants to help create something to put a smile on the faces of others. When you watch the finished short and see your name in the credits, you can feel proud and know you created that. Without each and every person working on this, it wouldn't happen. To quote a common saying among directors, 'There are no small roles'. All of you have something special and unique that you bring to the table for this. Even just sharing our page (which is free) moves us that much closer to our goal and it was thanks to you. So join me on this journey to make something bigger than our individual selves and see how far we can go."

-Ryan McCrory

Budget Breakdown

Let's talk numbers. Our goal is to raise $13,000. Of the $13,000 we only need to raise 80% or $10,400 to be green lit and keep the contributions we've received. We put together a chart to show what your contributions will be going towards.

This is our most ambitious project so far and we will have more expenses on top of the $13,000 to complete the film. After we achieve our goal we would still like to encourage you to contribute! If we exceed our goal that money will help cover gear rentals, props, miscellaneous shoot expenses, and allow us to invest more into our great cast and crew during a time in which work is limited.

Meet your new best friends - Ricky & Nash

Ricky & Nash are the main main protagonists of our buddy cop comedy. Played by actors Ryan McCrory (Ricky) and Nick Darnell (Nash), these two have as much history as the characters they play. Ryan & Nick attended Bethel University in McKenzie, TN and met each other in the Renaissance Theatre program. Both performers dreams began in this small town as they acted together in several plays throughout their college career. Fast forward 6 years and they're now pursuing careers in Film & Television in Los Angeles, CA!

One of the hardest things when you start your acting career is showing people what you can do. You may have a resume full of dozens of theatre credits from your home in Tennessee but people don't just want to read about what you've done, they want to SEE it. This is why it's important to have high quality reel footage to send to agents and casting directors. 'Takeout' isn't just an important story to us, it's our way of proclaiming boldly that we are here and should not be overlooked. Thank you for supporting our dreams and joining us at the beginning of our journey.

Inspiration & Style

'Takeout' is an action/comedy short film with heavy influence from the Jackie Chan 'Rush Hour' films. The idea came about while watching Michael Jackson's 'You Rock My World' music video with Chris Tucker (if you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth a watch) and thinking it felt like it was part of the 'Rush Hour' universe. So the thought then was, what if we combined the concept of that short film/music video, took out the dancing, inserted fight scenes, and gave it our own creative spin? Something that paid tribute to those performers we love but with our own Blue Lion Pictures flavor. Thus, 'Takeout' was born.

Earlier this year Ryan & Gedaly, our director, attended the first ever Jackie Chan Stunt Camp in Beijing, China run by members of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team. During the camp they were taught the fundamentals of camera ready martial arts and stunt work by the masters that worked on films like Rush Hour, Police Story, and many others. We plan to utilize the training they received there to push Takeout to a higher level than any other action short Blue Lion Pictures has done so far.

Ways to help

  • Make a Pledge & Become a Part of the Team- having the financial backing to rent a shooting location and pay/feed our cast & crew is the best way to make 'Takeout' happen.
  • Tell Your Friends - sharing our Campaign is another great (& free) way to support 'Takeout'. Feel free to post about us on your social media pages or reach out to anyone you may know who has ever wanted to be a part of a film before.
  • Follow Our Campaign & Social Media Pages - to make you stay up to date on the latest 'Takeout' news you can follow our campaign on Seed&Spark, check our website (www.bluelionpictures.com), or follow one of our social media pages: youtube.com/@BlueLionPictures ; facebook.com/BlueLionPictures ; instagram.com/_bluelionpictures ; twitter.com/bluelionpicture

Thank YOU!

Thank you all for your support and even taking the time to read this far down our page! Making a film is a collaborative undertaking and without every single person's efforts, none of this would be possible. We cannot wait to share this project with you all and bring some laughter into your life!


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Tiny Tokyo Film Set | Cinepacks Studios

Costs $6,850

The main reason we're here. This beast of a location. Having a controlled location will give us easier time shooting 'Takeout'.

Film Crew

Costs $3,000

It's important to us that our camera, lights, and sound departments are properly compensated, especially during this difficult time.

Ensemble Cast

Costs $2,400

Actors bring your story to life and they are essential to any film. All of our cast also doubles as stunt performers for this action/comedy.


Costs $750

Not only do we plan on paying our team but we like them so much we want to feed them too.

About This Team

Executive Producer/Writer/Editor/Actor

Ryan McCrory is an American actor, filmmaker, and martial artist from Memphis, Tennessee. Like most actors, Ryan's first exposure to acting was in his high school theatre program and afterwards he continued on to get a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre from Bethel University. After graduation, Ryan moved over to film/television and began acting in commercials and independent films from Los Angeles to Atlanta. These experiences developed a love for story telling in Ryan that motivated him to take his career into his own hands and he founded Blue Lion Pictures in 2020. His inspirations come from his love for action movies, video games, anime, and martial arts. Outside of film, Ryan trains in Shaolin Kung Fu and has had the privilege to learn from established masters in different styles across the country. He even attended the Jackie Chan Stunt Camp in Beijing, China. Forever a student of life, Ryan strives to grow and learn every day.


Nick Darnell was born in Jackson, Tennessee and began acting in his school theatre program. After graduating from Bethel University, he moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a career in acting, dancing, and voice acting. Nick is know for appearing on Dhar Mann, T-Rex Ranch, and he recently starred in the featured film Cotton Candy Bubble Gum. His TikTok account (@chocolatejimcarrey) also has over 500K followers where you can see him showcase several of his impressions.


Gedaly Guberek is a director, actor, and writer whose projects have been shown at film festivals worldwide. His latest short film premiered at the prestigious LA Shorts International Film Festival, and won best short at IndyPopCon Film Festival. With a passion for action and comedy, his work includes the martial arts comedy “Burgled” and the sword-fighting adventure, “The Flower of Battle”. Gedaly is a co-founder of Working.Actor, the premier business academy & coaching community for actors. He also produces educational resources for indie filmmakers. 

Director of Photography

Adam Goral is an award-winning Director of Photography living in Los Angeles, renowned for his intrepid cinematography and relentless kung fu. His latest feature film CODE OF HONOR is currently in post-production and he will debut a short film FISH IN A BARREL at the Orlando Film Festival in October 2023. His past dramatic films have won numerous cinematography awards and have been distributed worldwide to audiences who rave about them. Adam has shot commercials for brands such as Calvin Klein, Coca-Cola, and Bridgestone Tires. His work spans multiple genres and he relishes the opportunity to explore diversity on and off screen. Earning an MFA in Cinematography from USC has sharpened his eye for composition, lighting technique, and most importantly, character driven storytelling. Adam is a member of the I.C.G. Local 600 and brings a wealth of experience, perspectives, and an impeccably skilled crew to each project he undertakes. 

Actor/Fight Choreographer

Kevin Le works as an action actor and stunt coordinator in Los Angeles. CA. He has formal training in Karate, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Wushu and boxing. After working in film and becoming a filmmaker, he started specializing in creating action sequences combining fast paced action and breathtaking stunts. Kevin has worked with Lionsgate and several videogame live action teams.

Music Composer

Justin Toland is a Memphis based Songwriter and Composer. He's written and composed songs that have been featured on Netflix, in studio and indie feature films as well as commercials. He has toured and recorded 6 albums over the last decade with his band Dirty Streets. Justin composed the score for 3 other Blue Lion Pictures films (Shaolin Blues, Fist of Fortune, & Bloodline).


Jaynelle Mae Lardizabal is an actor and composer. Her acting credits include: Killer Couples (Oxygen Network), A Mother’s Intuition (TV One), and Bloodline (Dir. Brandon Russell). When she’s not acting, she’s composing classical scores and electronic music. In 2022, she moved to Atlanta to pursue a full-time career in film. That same year, she wrote her first short film titled, ‘electrode’, which was nominated for “Best Writer” at the Alternative Film Festival.


Derik Ha, a Memphis native, is an Asian-American actor who has become a notable talent in the Memphis film community. Derik undergoes training in the Meisner technique at The Houde School of Acting. Over the course of his career, Derik has starred in various roles, including “Andrew” a mentally ill slave to corporate America in Small World. “Quan” the heir to the Chinese Triads in Bloodline. Also, “Jerry” a cult’s prized experiment in A Moment in Time. Derik Ha is currently represented by Colors Agency. Derik's passion for acting began when he was casted to act in a short film by a childhood friend. He was completely enamored by the art of acting and began reading books on the subject, constantly reading scripts, and doing anything to further immerse himself in the craft. Derik Ha is an actor with a passion for using his knowledge of the art and interest in Asian representation to inspire and serve as a role model for children who share his background.

Producer/Assistant Director

Brandon Russell was born in Memphis, TN to an artistic family. At 5, he started in Shotokan Karate and competed all around the country and was recognized as a National Champion. After earning his 2nd degree black belt, he began playing drums, and with multiple bands got to open up for acts such as ZZ Top, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, and Blues Traveler. He directed and wrote his first short film in 2018. Since then, he has gone on to direct 4 more short films, 2 slated to come out in 2023. He prides himself on doing good work on projects, telling stories that people can relate to, and wants to work in the industry full time.

Current Team