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Katia Belas

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The "Declaration of Independence" says:"...all men are created equal, that they are endowed ...with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." This film support diversity representation, equality & human kindness in an empowering & funny love story.

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Mission Statement

Hearing people don't always know everything and they most certainly make many mistakes and prejudgments toward deaf people. This film will show and teach many different approaches and preconceptions that are wrong making both deaf and hearing, realize what being Deaf in a hearing world really is.

The Story

Stretch GOAL: $10,000



When Annie falls in love, at the first sight, with AJ at a local cafe, she wasn't expecting the whole new culture and adventure that would come with it. Annie finds out soon enough that AJ is a very acttractive gentleman that happens to be...Deaf.


As all relationships  are based on communication, Annie and AJ go through many trials and obstacles while trying to understand each other in different languages and ways of communication. Not counting also with their own, long time friends and roommates, Hank and Emma, who don't approve of their relationship.


Their worst probation still comes when Emma asks her boyfriend Oscar, to help Kurt, her friend who has a crush on Annie, to get his chance with her.


With the roommate and friends evil plan to separate the deaf guy from the hearing girl, Annie and AJ have to find what will take to overcome their cultural, (dis)ability and language differences. 


Cast:                                Crew:
Miles Barbee              Director/Producer: Katia Belas
Reb Johnson               D.P.: Nick Kovalenko
Eddie Buck                   Prod Design: Maisie Cafeo
Lydia Hooker               Editor: Kalen Gaston-Smith
Chris Law                      Hair: Joseph Freda
Paul Kennedy Jr         Make-Up:Cynthia Pantages-Loera
Yayel Campos              Sound Design: Aldo Ardana          
Grace Li                           Music Supervisor: Kevin King
Erin Webbs                    ASL Specialist: Julie Mason

More cast and crew updates on our page on Internet Movie Database (IMDb): 




What is the money for?

We have shot 1/2 the film, we need to finish it. The funds raised will support the 2nd part of the shoot. Including but not limiting: 

Personnel / Labor Fees

Producer, Director, Editor, Make-Up Artist, Hair Stylist, Sound Boom Operator, Director of Photography, Assistant Camera, Gaffer, Grip, Electrician, Production Designer, Costume Designer, Composer, Sound Designer, Colorist, Assistant Director, Line Producer, Script Supervisor, Production Assistant, Driver, Title Designer, Graphic Designer, Accountant, Legal Adviser, Marketing Specialist, Sales Agent, Talent Mangers/Agents..and let's never forget our talented Actors.


Equipment Rentals and Art department:

Extra camera, lighting, gels, expendables (gaffer tape, gels, light bulbs), sand bags, reflectors, shades, monitor, cables, sound recorder, microphones, props, wardrobe, location rental, location decorations, cleaning supplies.



Craft Services, Catering Services, Cleaning Services, Mailing services, Payroll Services, Marketing Services, Distribution Services.


Other expenses:

Food, drinks, festival submission fees, screening room fees, editing room fees, sound designing/test room fees, festival online fees ( that is a company that holds films for big festival, nothing to do with internet or website), website domain fees, marketing products (posters, post cards, etc).


Although our campaign seems very small, we plan on having other campaigns, parties and whatever we can do to raise the necessary funds. This is just the beginning. Any extra funds raised over the campaign's goal will be much appreciated to accomplish the total goal mentioned above. IF we reach the total goal mentioned above, ALL the extra funds will NOT be just profit for the producer, but will be applied toward the second film "Talk to the Hands 2 - Deaf and Loud families", in the script treatment right now.


Why we want to make this film?

To show the Deaf culture in a different view. As a comedy, we want to attract the hearing audience to the beauty of Deaf culture, showing the best part of it, but not hiding the worst parts either. This film is to show authenticity at its best, but in a light and funny way to approach those who would not understand or have any interest otherwise. The hearing community doesn't always know everything and they most certainly make many mistakes and prejudgements toward the deaf community. This film will show that in a funny way, will teach many different approaches and preconceptions that are wrong making people, both deaf and hearing, to realize what being Deaf in a hearing world really is.


Also, today, more than ever, we need to show what a diversified community can do if they just support each other and accept each other just as the way they are. Language is NOT a reason why people cannot understand and respect each other. This film is an experiment to show to everyone that anyone can do anything if they just have conviction of their goals and open their minds to the beauty of diversity in life.


See what the actors have to say about the film and the experience of bridging two worlds.





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Canon 5D Mark III

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We started to shoot with 4 cameras, we need the same camera to keep the visual consistency

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About This Team



Miles Barbee debuted in broadway with Spring Awakening on 21015-2016. His journey to Broadway was unexpected, he grew up with no interest in theatre until 2012 when he was involved with ASLFIlms and his life changed after 3 people encouraged him to audition for Spring Awakening. Miles appeared on the Freeform TV show "Switched at Birth", as Kevin. He was also flung around as Ildefonso in the In/visible Theatre's "A Man Without Words". Miles is currently playing the lead role at Chance Theatre production of "Tribes". Today he is in production as the lead actor of the biography feature film about Dummy Hoy, the frist deaf baseball player.



Rebecca Johnson is a California native, but considers Idaho her true home. She grew up in a small town called Sandpoint and participated in theater whenever the Missoula Children's Theater company would roll into town. She moved to Los Angeles in 2015 after spending three years abroad in New Zealand making wine. Rebecca is trained in comedy improv and considers herself a comedian and hopes that someday you will too. She started training in improv in 2012.



Eddie Buck, a Pennsylvania native, caught the acting bug at age 7. He starred his first lead role of 'Jack' in "Jack and the Beanstalk" at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. He went college to continue his involvement in numerous plays until graduating from Bloomsburg University, in Pennsylvania with a BA in Theater Arts. Over the years, Buck made his professional theater debut as 'Tuc' in The Growing Stage's production of "Mother Hicks" and Deaf West’s "Cyrano". His most recent appearances are in several independent films that include "First Crime Out," "Gala and Godfrey," short films: "Awkward Silence," "Loud and Clear," "The Last Words," "The Gang" and a webseries titled "Hear Me Out". He made his first TV debut in, "I Killed My BFF." He currently lives in Los Angeles and for four years, has been working as a Character Performer at Disneyland.



Lydia grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee as #6 in a family of 9 kids (no, they weren't Catholic). From a very young age she was obsessed with film and would often binge watch the classics (1930s films being her favorite). Fast forward to the summer before senior year of college. She and her friends went on a road trip to Los Angeles and it clicked that she didn't have to get a tedious 9 to 5 job as an accountant. After graduating, she moved out to Los Angeles and has been acting ever since!



Entertainment has been my light in a decade of darkness. I lost my father at the age of 14 and my mother at the age of 19. Losing the two pillars of my life and being left completely alone was a gut wrenching beginning to my journey. Growing up all that got me through those dark days was professional wrestling. Entertainment took me from one reality and placed me firmly in an alternate one. I am now a working professional wrestler and actor traveling from the Palm Springs area out to Los Angeles. Dreams do come true. And the one thing that matters the most is never giving up. I live a life that I dreamed of having.



I grew up traveling the world. My primary modes of expression being aggressive abstract non-dimensional wall sketching, scream singing, and recording newscasts and movies on the family video camera. After finishing high school I set out to follow my childhood dream of becoming a navy seal. Completing the grueling training to become a United Stated Deep Sea Diver is one of my proudest accomplishments. That being said, nearly five years of service was enough in my book, so I set out to follow my next dream of getting educated. Having zero direction coupled with a debilitating fear of public speaking, I decided to start with speech and theater classes in order to overcome this mental obstacle. Four semesters later I was completely in love with theater history and performance. My fears still existed but I could see myself developing. After completing college with a Mechanical Engineering degree in Texas, and with heartstrings at full tug, I found a job in Los Angeles so that I could support my pursuit of a career as an artist, as an actor.




Katia Belas graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from Federal University of Rio De Janeiro Brazil. While in Brazil, she was invited to assist the producer of Brazilian Singer Elaine Guedes for her concert at the Municipal Theatre of Niteroi, RJ as well as the producer of Ricky Martin's concert on Feb. 2nd, 1997, in Rio De Janeiro.  She came to America to improve her skills in film producing by taking a certificated program of courses in Film and TV at UCLA Extension, which has led her to Internships in TV and Film productions such as Crush (2000) from USA Network, Jane Bond (2001), a short film from Trillion Entertainment (Raleigh Studios). ​Katia's experience has also afforded her the opportunity to work in the production offices of Lynda Obst (Lynda Obst Productions), based out of Paramount Pictures, and in the personal office of Executive Producer Dan Halsted (Halsted Pictures). More work and IMDb credits: ​​


​Director of Photography
Visually artistic kid, who ran away from Ukraine, turned to be a filmmaker in Los Angeles, CA. Visual literacy and high creative standards keep him guarded from the crowd. Desire to shape and tell someone stories, due to overcompensation of not having a story himself (its all in his head). Hungry couch-huger, was born in country that got shattered and wiped of the planet earth like a plague, only to be remembered and fantasized in modern liberal population. Trust in himself, desire to explore, and recklessness of ideas are some characteristics that he posses. Still lurking in the shadows and living a dream of becoming “The Ultimate Author of Visual Image”





Ever since he began writing at the age of 10 in the basement of his parent's home, Glenn has been winning awards. Glenn wrote a short story in high school about talking houses that earned him first place where he won a pocket dictionary. Later he wrote a conspiracy novel about a secret formula hidden inside of Rubik's cube. The novel went nowhere but only whetted Glenn's appetite to write more. At Gallaudet, Glenn churned out countless short stories of horror and science fiction for the University newspaper, "The Buff and Blue." He went on to win the Mac Dougall Creative writing competition and the Lillian Gourley Rakon Creative Writing Awards. Taking a stab at screenwriting while in college, his first script, "Wrath of the Dragon," was a finalist at the 1988 Nissan Focus Screenplay competition sponsored by Columbia Pictures. His screenplay, "The Alien Diaries" was a finalist during Amazon's monthly screenwriting competition. He has also collaborated as a scrip editor on ASL Film's award-winning movie "Gerald."


​Production Designer
Maisie Cafeo grew up in a small desert town near Las Vegas, Nevada before moving to Long Beach, California to attend film school at California State University, Long Beach. In June 2017, she graduated from the Film and Electronic Arts Narrative Production Program with a BA in Directing and Producing. Though she is interested in all aspects of filmmaking and storytelling, Maisie is a production designer at heart, because of her passion for art forms of all mediums and the interesting way they can interact. Inspired by her synesthesia (a neurological phenomenon that associates multiple senses together, such as sound and color), Maisie is drawn to the visual arts, design, representing the abstract, and loves how all artistic elements come together in film by way of production design. Maisie currently lives in Los Angeles and works as a freelance Production Designer on shorts and small features.


Current Team