Waltz of the Angels

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Davide Tomei

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What happens when you defy a deeply held belief, and to what end are the consequences of such an uncertain path? In this grim comedy, young Gabby must decide whether to stand defiant for who she is, or succumb to pressures decades in the making. Either way, the consequences will be dire...

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Mission Statement

Matching an empowering female lead on-camera, we intend to hire an inclusive crew from all beliefs and ethnic backgrounds, respecting equal talents across the board. All beliefs are created equal, and with "The Devil's Advocate" we wish to argue everyone is entitled to their own set of values.

The Story

The Devil’s Advocate contributes to the growing market of socially conscious content. In a world where The Righteous Gemstones, Hot Fuzz, and more have gained traction as entertainment for the masses, The Devil’s Advocate is right in that wheelhouse.  We now live in a world where it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate satire from reality, so there is no better time than the present for such a project...


...that is unless Davis is back on his bullsh*t again, in which case we’ll just shut down the whole operation. 


Why Now?

In a world where morally questionable behavior continually approaches a line of wrongdoing, only for that line to be extended further and further with each malfeasance, it’s become clear that an intervention is an absolute necessity. 


This story serves to do just that, hold a mirror to establishments big and small, be they government-operated, tax-exempt, or just plain strange, forcing us to take a critical look at their existence. We wish to argue that just because an establishment exists doesn’t mean it operates outside the realm of imperfection. This critique then begs the question: what does a person receive for accepting -- be it tacitly or explicitly -- a belief as a whole? Especially ones that are often used to justify immoral and unethical behavior. 


Utilizing such a framework grants a massive opportunity for the film to strike like a blunt intstrument across multiple streaming platforms and social media sites alike as a means of being the critical intervention our society so desperately needs. 


Most importantly, as filmmakers we're ready to take the next career step in our creative journey. Pre-production for this film and holding a successful campaign here on Seed  & Spark will literally bring this film from an idea to a reality -- a theology to religion. Our previous venture, a feature length film now on Amazon, proved itself fruitful, so now we're prepared to prove ourselves once again. This film is indicative of the type of content that we wish to make moving forward, content equally entertaining as it is thematically constructive, so we intend on this experience proving to be just that.


The Devil’s Advocate follows a crusading, maniacal Preacher Pete and his gunslinging British assistant, Terry, as they hunt down modern-day archangels, unaware that they’re about to meet their biggest foe yet: a sixteen year-old girl named Gabby.


As an audience, we join the fun just as the situation between the sanctimonious Preacher Pete and his Disciples is coming to a head with Gabby. Bullets flying, goons-a-dying, times-a-trying -- we encounter it all. Unaware of anyone's true intention, it's hard to say who -- if anyone -- is on the 'good' side, or if they're all equally 'bad'. Either way, it's going to take some convincing, and a whole-lotta-violence, to get matters resolved...


With stakes this high, the cracked desert floor will be shaking beneath them as we are plunged directly into the stirringly mad world of The Devil’s Advocate.


Our Cast:



We are absolutely pleased to announce that we have officially cast our lead actress for the role of Gabby in "The Devil's Advocate!" Please help us in welcoming Lisette Alexis to our team!


Not only is she an unbelievably talented actress, she also brings a plethora of experience and charisma to such a layered role. Performing as Gabby, we truthfully believe she will bring a whole new meaning to the character, and we could not be more excited to work with her in bringing this character to life! Check her out on Instagram and give her a follow!


Our cast is in line to be an indelible attribute to our film, and it starts with the ever so talented Jason Dolley


Original text below:


Born and raised in LA, Jason has been acting since before he could drive. Our producer, Davis, can't even drive -- and he just celebrated his 24th birthday -- so it's safe to say that Jason may actually be more qualified than Davis to do... literally anything. 



Audiences will have seen Jason across television shows like Disney's Good Luck Charlie and American Housewife, but they've never seen him like this before. As a gunslingin', bad-mouthin' British assistant to the charismatic and menacing Preacher Pete, viewers will get to enjoy a side of Jason that few have truly been able to see!


In our teaser, it’s just tweedle-dee and tweedle-Davis bumbling around as they do, and it's clear that we're obviously not actors.


At all.


So to save everyone from our "acting abilities" -- or lack there-of -- we’re on the prowl for talent across the board to put on screen for this film. We have more huge casting announcements that we're thrilled to share with you very, very soon, so stay tuned to our updates and see who else will be making an appearance in The Devil's Advocate

Our Crew:

Jam-packed with industry experience, decades of knowledge and professionalism will join us on this fun-filled journey. Above the line crewmembers have held positions on esteemed projects. Multiple Netflix television shows and dozens of big-budget commercials -- as well as the new Marilyn Monroe film Blonde -- round out the team we have in place at the launch of our campaign.


Braden Barton works as a set lighting technician via I.A.T.S.E 728, and has worked in Los Angeles for over five years. Carefully curating light and aiding cinematographers in shaping it is his bread and butter, but his true love is directing and writing. Recently named a finalist in the SoCreate "So, Write Your Bills Away" sweepstakes, an official selection from the Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest, and involvement in a handful of other festivals, Braden wrote The Devil's Advocate to be a pure representation of his style, ingenuity, and creative muster. Being on set with the cast and crew, and bringing the film to life one take at a time is what he loves, and he can't wait to bring audiences along for one wild ride through the desert. 


Davide Tomei has worked in production on numerous television and streaming programs, and has covered a wide variety of shows. Scripted multi-camera, reality docu-series, Facebook live-streams -- you name it, he's worked on it. Davide loves the work of a producer, as scheduling, budgeting, and coordinating crew logistics deliver much joy to him. This will be another test and reaffirmation of his skills, involving renting vehicles, working with unions, and more that he's venturing into. Davide is thrilled to bring Braden's vision to life, and be the logistical "yin" to Braden's creative "yang." 


Additionally, we've received hundreds of applications that we're currently sorting through to round out an all-star team from stem to stern. The industry experience at our disposal will be key in bringing this story to life efficiently and professionally, and -- as our inclusion statement puts forth -- plan to respect equal talents and bring a diverse and inclusive crew on board. Inclusion raises people up together, and in turn that will only make our film that much better. 


Most paramount, we need to hire a killer 1st AD to reign Braden in. He's a mad man.


Deserts and bullets and squibs, oh my! This film has some incredible production values that we're looking to achieve. From a vintage 1981 Cadillac Hearse to the most outrageously fancy tea set smack-dab in the middle of the desert, this film calls for a distinct look that will bleed off of the screen. 





The production value is massively important to set the scale for this film. Everything from blank-firing guns to a dazzling array of picture cars -- and an absolutely killer tea set -- help create a look that's both modern and timeless, making The Devil's Advocate a breathtaking visual experience for audiences. The 1981 Cadillac Hearse -- the "Preachermobile," as we've affectionately deemed it -- is such a fiendish vehicle for his character, providing layers of irony left and right. 


With all of these moving parts, we'll need a stunt coordinator, assistant directors, and a fully-outfitted wardrobe department to get our 9-person cast through the works in the morning. Puns are absolutely intended here.

How You Can Help:

Financial contributions and sharing across our digital network is what will make The Devil’s Advocate possible. If you are able to contribute financially, be sure to look at all of our perks to your right! There’s tons of good stuff, from social media shoutouts, to tea sets, and so much more that you can see to the right!


If at this time you’re unable to financially contribute to our campaign: we totally get it! Sharing our campaign and branching this video out to the masses is just as good. Through our icons above, you’ll find Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & IMDb pages to follow along with as our production moves forward. Spreading positivity and encouragement would help us immensely, but it is also just good practice for the entire indie filmmaking community. If you're on social media and are able to help us broaden awareness of our project it would prove incredibly useful, so help spread the love!


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Our Cast of Characters!

Costs $9,100

Joining Jason will be more fabulous thespians who we can't wait to bring onto the film!

The Motley Crew

Costs $6,500

It takes one hell of a crew to slug it out in the desert, and we need your help to pay them right!

Production Design

Costs $2,080

Timeless, bleak, modern, and beautiful. You won't forget the look of The Devil's Advocate!

Hair & Makeup

Costs $820

With everyone dressed to the nines, it's time to make these blood splatters perfect tens.


Costs $1,300

Ensuring that everyone is covered in the worst case scenario. Safety is super!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Visual Effects Artist

Costs $500

To bring the world forward, visual effects will be critical both on set and in post-production!

Sound Designer

Costs $500

Sound is critical to every film's success, and we intend to make this film sound insanely great!

Vehicles? More like WHEEE-icles!

Costs $2,600

Preachers travel in style. Renting a hearse for our maniacal clergyman adds huge production value!

Location Station

Costs $2,600

For that perfect location. The sprawling, expansive, cracked-earth desert is within our reach!

About This Team

For our (Braden & Davide's) senior thesis, we produced a feature that we self-distributed on Amazon, titled Unconditional. What began as a student venture soon became a steady source of viewership and a revenue-generating product! Accepted to a handful of film festivals worldwide, Unconditional is a testament to the skills we had at the time. 


With The Devil’s Advocate, we’re looking to prove that skillset once more -- and we promise that we’re better at making films than we are acting in them! Our team is ready to take what we’ve learned in these arenas and deploy that knowledge to create an irresistibly liberating, terrifying, and raucous ride.

Current Team