Tell No Tales

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Thriller, Western

Ross Denyer

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Straight from prison, a train robber, mercenary, and Korean cowboy meet in the desert to claim a buried fortune. A snag in their plan fuels simmering racism, igniting a chain reaction of paranoia, violence, and ill-drawn conclusions.

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Mission Statement

Westerns persist because of timeless themes and constant re-invention ("Unforgiven", "Westworld", "Godless"). Our story blends familiar tropes with a less-explored history: the first Korean-Americans and the discrimination they faced.

The Story

Any actor will tell you that “making it” in LA is a full-time exercise in patience, persistence, and desire. It may not be the Wild West, but it can feel harsh and desolate in its own way.


From Left to Right: Henny Guerra, Ross Denyer, Joe Chambrello


The most artistically challenging and satisfying projets I've worked on have been the ones where I've taken the reins, created a story, and surrounded myself with a passionate team to make it all come to life. That's exactly what I want to do with Tell No Tales. Plus, I've always wanted to make a Western.


Some of my favorite films growing up were Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns. It wasn't until I was older that I learned they were filmed without sound and dubbed entirely, featured international cast and crew, and completely reinvented a genre as old as cinema.


Above: Sergio Leone's 1968 masterpiece, "Once Upon A Time in the West."

Tell No Tales can't compete with that epic scope, but it is inspired by it. Our 10-minute Western thriller follows three outlaws as they venture into the desert to claim their last heist.  But there's more than money buried beneath the surface, and as the plot unravels, their excursion rapidly devolves into suspicion, racism, and inevitable violence.


The Western persists because it constantly reexamines itself, and the past it portrays. In 2018, HBO and Netflix continue to break new ground with acclaimed shows like Westworld and Godless.  Our story explores a lesser known side of the West, with the first influx of Korean immigrants. In 1882, a decade after a large Asian workforce helped complete the First Transcontinental Railroad, The Chinese Exclusion Act banned Chinese laborers from entering the country, while the Korea Treaty of 1882 established mutual friendship with the comparatively tiny country of Korea. Our story considers the "What if?" scenario of a Korean Cowboy hacking it on the American Frontier.


Above: A Chinese "Vaquero" (Cowboy), 1916


Filming is slated to begin in the 4th week of July 2018, and in the weeks leading up to that, I hope you’ll support us through our Facebook page and Crowdfund, because this project takes a village and we can’t do it alone.


Thank you!


Ross Denyer



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Costs $600

Goes toward hats, boots, shirts, pants, dusters, belts, and other period accoutrement.

Gun Prop Rentals

Costs $310

Covers dummy and live-fire replicas of vintage Western firearms, plus blanks.

Hair & Makeup

Costs $350

Help us look good (and bad...and ugly!) Goes toward paying our Hair & Makeup Artist.

Production Sound

Costs $1,000

Audio is just as important as picture! We need a talented sound mixer and boom op, plus rentals.


Costs $450

We need a lighting designer to help us "shape the light", using equipment and flags.

On-set Photographer

Costs $264

Taking photos, offering valuable publicity and BTS for festivals and fans like you!


Costs $450

A stipend for our hard-working actors! If we can raise more than $8,000, we can pay them more.

Production Assistant

Costs $264

Pays a production assistant to help keep things running smoothly on set.


Costs $300

Covers rentals for things like the chest, locks, keys, vintage money, and other Western doodads.

Assistant Camera (AC)

Costs $450

The AC is the Cinematographer's close ally, helping set up camera shots, switch out lenses, etc.

Our Tree!

Costs $172

A very important part of our story, we'll need to rent one of these guys!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Cinematographer & Camera Equipment

Costs $1,500

Funds go toward our cinematographer, camera, lenses, and other rental equipment.

Location Permits & Insurance

Costs $1,000

Funds go towards location filming permits and liability insurance.

Armorer & Production Safety

Costs $650

Using firearms, even with just blanks, requires a professional armorer be present on set.

Travel Costs and Miscellaneous Expenses

Costs $240

Filming in the desert presents challenges. We have to transport cast, crew, equipment, and supplies.

About This Team



Ross Denyer (Writer/Director/Actor) is an LA-based actor and writer. His sci-fi pilot, The Relief, placed as a finalist in ScreenCraft’s Screenwriting Fellowship and Pilot Launch competitions. His TV pilot, What Darkness Brings, was a top-ranked script on THE BLACK LIST and featured in Variety. Ross also directed and co-produced The Verge, which won Best Drama at Atlanta Web Festival and was featured in Backstage magazine. As an actor, he has appeared in The Order: 1886 and numerous short films. He received his BFA in Theatre Arts from Elon University.


Henny Guerra (Actor) was born in NY, to Korean and  Italian-American parents, and is the eldest of 8 children. A relative newcomer to the LA acting scene, Henny has hit the ground running; amassing an impressive resume of short films, commercials, and classes during his first year acting. Ever curious, eager to explore and get his hands dirty, Henny has also found himself working on and appreciating the craft of storytelling as part of the crew behind the camera. Henny and Ross met on set and quickly connected over a shared desire to tell personal and meaningful stories and take the reins of their careers.


Joe Chambrello (Actor) is East Coast born and raised and now an LA-based actor, writer, and producer. Joe has had co-star roles in the hit soap opera Days of Our Lives, the Conan O'Brien show, and a comedy pilot alongside Frankie Muniz. He has starred in several indie features including Asylum's The Fast and the Fierce. He has a typical leading man look, built for the dramatic, but gears towards comedy in his own writing and producing, which includes two comedy web-series that have been very well received. He's described as having Superman looks with a Phil Dunphy personality.


Carroll Brown (Assistant Director) is an award-winning screenwriter, producer and director who also occasionally holds microphones, points lights, organizes shot lists and anything else that needs to be done because he just freakin’ loves making movies.  His short film Control is currently playing the festival circuit, and he recently wrote the screenplay for the next film from a major Hollywood star that he’s not allowed to tell you about yet.



Joe McDonough (Cinematographer) is an Atlanta-native now living in Los Angeles. With eight years experience in the film and television industry, he uses cinematography to enhance character-driven experiences in the narrative world of features and branded commercials. 




Martín Seidlitz (Assistant Camera) Born in Ecuador and raised in Chile, Martín moved to the U.S. to pursue filmmaking in 2010. Since then he has graduated college with honors, worked as a prep tech at a rental house and is now a full time freelance camera assistant and operator. 




Cem Dursun (Sound Mixer) is a sound mixer and sound editor with 6+ years of experience working on film and tv projects. He was the sound editor for hit Turkish TV series "Filinta", worked as a production sound mixer for Web content creators like Now This, Mitú. He has Bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Audio Engineering.




Alexx Robles (Gaffer) is from Temecula, California and lives in LA. He's the gaffer for this shoot, but also a freelance 1st Assistant Camera and works at a camera rental house in Santa Monica called Stray Angel Films, so he's no stranger to the camera side. Anything to get on set and be part of a team. He can't wait to get started with this cast and crew!




Raquel dos Reis (Hair & Makeup Artist) is a Brazilian award winning-makeup artist. She moved to Los Angeles in 2014 to pursue her dreams. Over the years, Raquel has been fortunate enough to accrue experience in many genres of makeup artistry.  Her resumé includes work on music videos, commercials, web series, feature length films, photoshoots and fashion shows.






Zachary Lucia (Composer) hums ditties in LA traffic then tries to remember the good ones hours later. After working on projects such as OutlanderBlack SailsHappy Death Day and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, he's claiming his voice with short films like Color and webseries The Verge. Wife, food and cats keep sanity afloat - and video games. Zack's been fortunate to collaborate with Ross since 2012 (six years! used both hands to double check). He's a proud Berklee alum (the mathematical skills are entirely his own) of the Film Scoring program.




Current Team