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An American art student locked down in Paris during the pandemic pursues a risky connection with an older Frenchman she meets on Tinder. // Apps and the pandemic have changed dating forever, but we are still the same love-hungry animals, easily blinded by desire. This film explores the new dynamic.

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Mission Statement

We are International film students, collaborating across borders and cultural differences to develop as artists and make work that seeks to unearth the taboo, challenge societal expectations, comfort the lonely, and unite us all in exploration of life and film.

The Story


T'es Belle

*Production & Post scheduled for June 2022 with ESRA Paris International*

Rose is a lonely student in a foreign country, looking for love in a lockdown.

Will she find her dream romance or will her desperation lead to danger?




What lengths can someone go to for the validation, romance, and comfort of another?

   During the first Covid-19 lockdown, I, like many others found myself experiencing a level of desire for human contact unlike ever before. As a foreigner locked down in a city where I knew no one, and with bars, gyms, libraries, etc. closed, my main source of human contact were dates with people I met online. Illegal dates, because I would leave the permitted one-kilometer radius to meet them (at the height of the lockdown, Paris forbid journeys outside of a one-kilometer radius). Dangerous dates, because there were no public spaces for our first meeting. And dates where I found myself vulnerable, being in a foreign culture and in a second language. These experiences inspired the idea for my film, T’es Belle. 


^ A bridge in Paris, at night ^


    T’es Belle is about an isolated and lonely person attempting to find love in a period of utter desperation. She will compromise her own safety and suppress her gut feeling when a thread of hope is extended to her - hope for the dream idea of romance that she believes will save her. Her story is timely - made potent by the context of the first lockdown and the existence of dating apps - but it is timeless as well. It is so deeply ingrained in us, be it socially or biologically, to pursue bonding with another human, sometimes we do so at the cost of ourselves. I make this film for every person who has ever felt like the main character; pathetic & lonely enough to self-abandon and to insist on believing in something that is so obviously a lie. I am also just curious as to why we act so irrationally when lonely and looking for love, and I want to reflect upon it in this film. 


**These drawings are from Elizaveta Vinogradova, in our Art Department. The main character of this story is also an artist and draws the love that she desires**.



  The main character of this film is a dreamer, and her imagination is in overdrive during the withering solitude and boredom of the lockdown. The film thus will have a whimsical mood, with some dialogues and lighting being from her POV - dreamy, romantic, poetic. It will have comedic moments, as she awkwardly stumbles into the culture of French dating. It will have a dark tone as well, when she is in the throes of her despair and when the stark pain of reality hits. 



^ The main character is enchanted by francophone culture and the romance of Paris, even as it is warped, tense, and empty in the lockdown.



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Catering for Production

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We need to provide food for 13 people in the 2 days we shoot.


Costs $150

We will need to transport equipment and personal to and from the set.

Actor Payment

Costs $300

We will provide actors with a stipend to show our gratitude for their effort and their talent.

Wardrobe and Makeup

Costs $70

We will need to dress our actors as their characters to help them preform and to add to the world.

Set Design

Costs $80

We will need to decorate the environment around our characters to create the most believable world.

Props and Utility

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Our characters must interact with a multitude of props that will add to the overall world.

Festival Costs

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When we finish the short we would like to send it to different film festivals around the world.


Costs $70

Expenses that may or may not come up during the shooting.

About This Team

We are International students at ESRA Paris. We come from all over the world - Chile, Latvia, Norway, India, and Egypt, just to name a few - and range in ages from 17 to 30. We all have a variety of backgrounds - some just finished high school, some are coming from a film school in another country, and some have been working, some have been traveling. We all share a passion for filmmaking and a hunger to learn, collaborate, and make the best project possible. 

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