That Summer Night

Mesa, Arizona | Film Short

Comedy, Teen

Lucas Tipton

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This unique film delves into the awestruck, yet awkwardness of falling in love during adolescence, while having two teens go on the run from the authorities. Fast paced and filled with laughter, this universal tale brings us back to the joyous times in our lives where we were young and free.

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Mission Statement

We are a group of diverse filmmakers from Arizona who wish to tell impactful stories that are special to us. Living in such disarray this past year, we wanted to create an escape for our audience so they can sit back, wind down, and remember the special times it meant to be young and in love.

The Story

As a group, we work on a lot of film projects and we noticed that we tend to gravitate toward dramas. Wanting to expand our horizons, we decided to take a crack at a comedy. Lucky for us, a true story fell in our lap, or technically on our twitter feed. As Sean Flannery’s story unfolded with the swipe of our thumbs, each post in the thread kept increasing in humor and suspense. That Summer Night has action, romance, and laughs all bundled into an entertaining short story.

The reason for wanting to adapt That Summer Night into a short film, is the scope of the project. Usually our films are self contained with a limited cast and locations. This script for That Summer Night provided us the opportunity to expand our sets and the amount of cast/crew involved. There are a lot of amazing filmmakers in the Arizona area that we wanted to work with, and this project helped make that dream come true.  


As recent highschool graduates, Sean and Lauren, are hitting it off at a party, their night quickly unravels when the police arrive. Not wanting to be caught like the rest of their classmates, the two venture off into the night, playing the greatest game of hide and seek with the authorities. 

That Summer Night has the potential to be a viral short film that draws straight from a viral source. Sean Flannery’s tweet thread has 124k likes and 56k retweets. He has already accepted our involvement in retelling his story. Many notable films have taken news articles and made entire feature films out of them. That Summer Night will be the first to take a personal story that was an overnight viral success, via social media, and translate it to the short film format.


We have been hard at work in pre-production for the past few months. We are happy to start the fundraising process so we can make sure production runs as smoothly as possible. The funds will help compensate our cast/crew and gather the necessary resources we need for the production. 

This campaign is very important to help us make our budget goals and our team is dedicated to make sure that we reach those goals, no matter what! But just know that every cent will be used accordingly and NOTHING WILL BE WASTED!



This is how the budget will be distributed!



The amazing cast and crew that will be working on this project!


COVID-19 Compliance:

The effects of COVID-19 still affect the world while we try to bring this film into fruition. We are doing everything in our power to keep everyone on our set safe! Not only will we be requiring masks and daily temperature checks, we will also have a registered medical professional on set everyday to eliminate as many risks as possible. 

Thank you!

Once we are done with the post process, our goal is to enter and visit as many film festivals as possible. We believe That Summer Night is a universal story that everyone can relate to, so we have high hopes that it will do well during its festival run. Once finished, we’ll get it distributed online and get it out to as many eyes as we can!

This is a massive journey for many of us, and you spending your time to take a seat and watch our passion be projected onto a screen is so flattering. We promise this will be a great experience for all, and we can’t wait for you to watch the finished product! Thank you for believing in us.




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The best games of hide and seek requires the best hiding spots, a distraction, and an escape route.

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Help set the mood with the perfect lighting and equipment.

Production Design

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Props, makeup, wardrobe, oh my!

Meals/Craft Services

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Keeping our cast and crew healthy and fed is important to us!

Cast and Crew Payment

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Support towards our cast and crew. We can't deliver to you without them!

About This Team

The amazing cast and crew that will be working on this project!


Sean - Samuel Bass

Samuel lives in Phoenix, Arizona and is currently attending Mesa Community College. He is a YoungLife leader for Tempe/ Tukee YoungLife where he spreads the great word of Jesus. He started acting about two years ago and has done many short and student films since. He was in an international commercial/advertisement for LifeTeen about a year ago! In the future he hopes to act in movies and continue to improve his craft.

Lauren - Michelle Correa

Michelle Correa found herself pursuing her passions at an early age. She studied nursing at Arizona State University, graduated last spring, and performed in commercial and film productions during her university studies. Some of her most recent commercial work includes being a spokesperson for Lenovo IdeaPad (2020), featured student spokesperson for ASU Live Well (2020), and brand model for Keeva Organics (2019). Her film work includes lead roles in We Need Art (2019), Do’s and Don’t of Confession (2019), and Locked Inside (2019). In her free time, she loves hiking, trying new “hipster” food places with her family and friends, writing, and baking treats with professional-level confidence enough to make Gordon Ramsey proud.


Writer/Director - Lucas Tipton

Born and raised in Arizona, Lucas Tipton is an award winning writer, director, and producer. In 2018 he received his BA in Film and Media Production at Arizona State University as part of the New American University Scholarship. In 2018, Lucas was awarded the Special Jury Award for Breaking the Celluloid Ceiling and Promoting Gender Equality on Screen at the ASU Spring Film Capstone Screening. His latest award winning short film Idol was chosen as a Screeners’ choice at Sedona Film Festival and was awarded best student short in 2019.

Producer - Nori Matsushita

Nori is completing her final year at Arizona State University working towards a BA in Film and Media Production, a BS in Communication and a minor in Business. She has worked on productions ranging from short films, music videos, features and has co-produced an all female, live comedy show (Funny For A Girl, 2019). When she’s not on set or hanging out with her cats, you can find Nori giving tours as an official ASU campus tour guide.

Director of Photography - Joe Tafoya

Joe is a well experienced Director of Photography with a background in documentary. He uses his experience in nonfiction storytelling to bring narrative writing to life on the screen. An avid skateboarder, Joe spends his free time as a foodie. He claims to have shaken the hand of all Indian restaurant owners in Arizona.

Editor/Producer - Q

Quinlan (Q) Donovan-Schager has worked various roles on over 50 short films, commercials, and music videos. He will use his experience to assemble a crew of Arizona’s best filmmakers, find the perfect locations to tell the story and promote the ideal environment for creative contribution by the cast and crew.

Assistant Director - Jason Bender

Jason is a Filmmaker from Phoenix, AZ who loves to tell stories, and take photos. He is experienced in multiple production positions, but thrives as a Director and Assistant Director. He values the safety and happiness of the cast & crew and cultivates a professional work environment. Jason hopes to write for film and television someday while keeping his passion for photography alive.

Wardrobe/Hair & Make-up - Hanna Watts

Hanna Watts is the head of Hair and Makeup as well as Wardrobe. When she’s not wielding her makeup brushes, you can find her throwing axes or teaching the fourth grade. Hanna hopes to one day work to for Saturday Night Live in their Makeup Department. 

Production Design - Alexis Hamilton

Alexis Hamilton is a production designer, painter, and Axe throwing enthusiast. Her goal in life is to be the lead production designer for Knott's Berry farm. When she's not working on sets she enjoys learning random choreography to dance to.

Current Team