The Alluring Frontier

Phoenix, Arizona | Film Short

Sci-Fi, Western

Adolpho Navarro

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We strive to create unique stories no matter the genre or challenge. With little to no budget, we've been able to create quality films 10 times the production size but this will be our most ambitious project yet and we need your help funding the locations, props, and costumes.

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Mission Statement

Temptation is all around us so we felt structuring a sci-fi story set in the old west with diverse ages and genders that everyone could relate to, would be a compelling direction to go toward. The experienced actors and crew members come from local theater and improvisational backgrounds.

The Story


A lot of western films focus on a certain age and gender look that we're hoping to steer away from. Not everyone was a saloon working girl or an old grumpy gun slinger. We want a variety of age groups as well as different genders in leads roles telling the story. That's just what we've done! Our lead doesn't fire a weapon and the villian of the film isn't what you expect. We're doing this but also sticking to good old fashioned western fun with a horror and sci-fi theme driving the story. 



The Project

The Alluring Frontier is set in the old west in the small town of Gulch which quickly gets consumed by a dark presence. Characters are soon introduced from different walks of life within the town as the dark force has taken the shape of an unsuspecting individual that is hunting an ancient dagger that one of the men has in his possession meanwhile turning the residents into demonic creatures called "Gulchers". After a large saloon slaughter, the main character teams with the town’s deputy that tries to shine into the sheriff role they need. An unknown stranger hell-bent on revenge is also forced to help them with a crazy prisoner rounding up the group that will try and stop this creature from taking over the town. The characters must try not succumb to the creature’s temptation and find a way to stop it from spreading like wild fire. If the dagger gets into the wrong hands, it will cause the extinction of the human race. They quickly band together with all the weapons they can find and leave it all on the line but they soon find out that the creature is more powerful than they thought.


About The Director

My name is Adolpho Navarro and I'm the director of "The Alluring Frontier". I've been making movies since the age of nine and I always strive to create unique stories no matter the genre or challenge. I independently produce and fund all my projects myself but I wanted to really raise the bar for this project set in the old west.  Whether its films produced specifically for Comicon, Film Festivals, International video contests, or timed filmed challenges. I have received first place recognitions for Best Director (4), Best Overall Film (10), Best Script (3), Best Post Produciton, as well as Audience Awards spanning across different film festivals. My team and I aim to raise the bar for each project we commit to and love to involve new faces and talent from the community. We want to work with passionate creatives like you to help bring our most ambitious project to life!





We are scheduled to shoot for one day in December of 2017 but we would like to have more if enough funds can be raised. Post production will be until February 2018. A private screening will be scheduled before final release to the general public. Every donation helps!


Above and Beyond Goals

We are only asking for a small amount that will actually be needed to fully fund this project but we hope to have some stretch goals in place if we can raise what we need and more. Almost all the players involved from the actors to the crew are contributing at no cost in some aspect to bring this story to life. A lot of the lodging and location costs could allow us to shoot for longer production periods if funded (the actual production costs is about double).   


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Western Town of "Gulch"

Costs $1,000

The entire film takes place in a small western town with a location fee :)

Creating the look

Costs $200

We need a number of costumes, creature makeup, and props to create a believable old western feel.


Costs $500

The base amount will only cover one item - 10-18mm Lens Dual XLR adapter EVO Rage Steady cam rig

Lodging expenses

Costs $300

Travel and lodging for as much of the cast and crew that we can fund.

Film premiere

Costs $150

The best part of showcasing everyone's hard work is on the big screen.

About This Team

Adolpho Navarro is a multi-award winning Director that continues to create various video projects since the age of nine. He has completed around 100 full length/short independent films and videos for academia as a Video Production Manager at the University of Arizona for 12 years. Adolpho wears many hats as a writer, producer, makeup artist, story boarder, and editor. A lot of his unique talents also shine through his eye for visual effects with a very skilled After Effects background.

In 2003 he formed a team called N'Raged Media that consists of a number of various creatives that have their own unique talents to bring to each project.

Adolpho has been recognized in various international film festivals including 1st place in the Epic Movie viral video contest, national TBS network airplay on “Conan”, “Overall 1st Place Best Films” at festivals such as The Almost Famous Film Festival, Phoenix Comicon, IFP Beat The Clock Film Challenges, Phoenix Film Festival, and Jerome One Shot Film Festival. He is also a four time “Best Director” in some of the largest film festivals in the South West. A filmmaker by night but by day Adolpho is the Media Production Manager at the University Of Arizona College Of Medicine – Phoenix where his team has received multiple Telly Awards and a W3 award under his direction.


Current Team