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Jordan Mann

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When impulsive Callen agrees to donate her eggs to her perfect big sis, she thinks she’s gaining the world—free rent, sick apartment, and cash in hand. But in her new life nothing is her own, not even her body. The Big Ask looks at the rules of consent when you’re renting out your body for a cause.

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Mission Statement

11% of women struggle with infertility. There's so much fear mongering regarding unplanned pregnancy, when women are finally ready to get pregnant and they can't, they're completely blindsided. Women need a shameless space to speak, laugh, and share their experiences. You are not alone.

The Story

**The Big Ask has received fiscal sponsorship from FilmLab. We have 501C3 status and all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.**


In 2013 I donated my eggs to my sister Lauren. It was a drastically different experience than I expected. I had no idea the physical strain she and I would undergo, the financial burden Lauren and my brother-in-law Colin would undertake, the emotional extremes hormone therapy would pitch me into, or the bizarre questions that would come up.


Who's the mom? Are you gonna tell the kid? Wait...isn't that incest?!




My sister has done 7 IVF transfers with 10 embryos. 1 took, and we are incredibly grateful for the rambunctious mess of a monopoly-obsessed child we got, but that doesn’t lessen the pain of the other 9 losses. They are her children, and she has mourned the loss of each.



In 2016, I donated again. Between the two extractions I started writing a fictionalized narrative inspired by my sister’s and my shared experience with egg donation and fertility treatments. 3 years later, that narrative has turned into a short film!



The story is a dark comedy, kind of about what my sister’s and my experience could have looked like if we were the most extreme version of ourselves. Lauren and Jordan on crack—not really on crack, cause that’s not a good look when you’re trying to get pregnant, but you know what I mean, LARGER THAN LIFE.


I truly believe that if we can laugh about this, we can talk about it, and maybe women will feel a little less weird and a little more supported knowing there are battallions of women that have experienced the same thing. 



The two sisters in the film, Callen and Amber love each other, but aren't necessarily on the same page when it comes to what is expected of each. If Callen is your devil-may-care free-spirit, Amber is your regimented soldier—everything planned, orderly, and done in the most efficient precise manner. They're oil and water, Pollock and KonMari, Tequila and tea. 


Amber desperately wants a child, and Callen has agreed to donate, but can't live in the strict structure Amber imposes. When Amber tries to harness the wind, Callen turns into a tornado. Can they both get what they want?





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About This Team

We have a kick-ass predominantly female crew working to make The Big Ask happen.


Jaki Bradley (Director): Jaki is a Brooklyn-based director of new plays and films. She has been a member of the Civilians R&D Group, an Artist-in-Residence at Ars Nova, a Drama League Artist-in-Residence, a member of the Soho Rep Writer/Director Lab, Williamstown Directing Corps, Lincoln Center Director’s Lab, and U.S. Fulbright Scholar.  Her first feature film, an thriller set on Fire Island, is currently in post-production with Emblematic Pictures.


Aaron Dean Eisenberg (Executive Producer): Aaron is a Director, Writer, Producer, & Actor.  Currently, he is a regular on the HBO's The Deuce. He has executive produced several short films and music videos, and consulted on multiple features.  Most recent producer credits include, “If You Really Love Nothing” by Interpol starring Kristin Stewart and Finn Wittrock, Sharon Van Etten’s “Seventeen”, and Korey Jackson’s “Sole Variations”, as well as Pellea[s], most recently on view at The Whitney Museum.  As the founder of FilmLab, he has helped to launch and incubate over 50 independent film projects since inception


Jordan Mann (Writer/Producer/Actor): Jordan Mann is a Brooklyn-based, Nashville-born writer/actor. She is currently touring with Shakespeare and Company playing Hamlet across the Northeast. Her work has been featured on the Upright Citizens Brigade Mainstage in LA and written up in the Huffington Post. She recently graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art with her Masters in Acting.


Miranda Kahn (Producer): Miranda has produced for Quincy Jones, Interpol, Sharon Van Etten, Audi, Warner Bros. Records, Atlantic Records & more. She worked in narrative television for HBO & NETFLIX on shows such as GIRLS and IT’S BRUNO! She has managed award-winning projects for Sundance Film Festival & Tribeca Film Festival, and her music videos have been featured in Rolling Stone magazine, Pitchfork, & more. Outside of work, Miranda plays the bass, supports local musicians, and runs a charity BrooklynSOUP. 


Alexa Wolf (Director of Photography): Alexa is a NYC based Director of Photography with a sophisticated visual sense built on a deep knowledge of cinematic history and an eye for finding beauty in the moment. With years of experience her creative visual storytelling is backed by a comprehensive knowledge of modern cameras and lighting techniques. Her recent projects include Candace a narrative short which won a Best Picture award in the Emerging Filmmakers Showcase at Cannes Film Festival '18, What She Said a new feature length dramedy, and commercial work for clients such as Zeiss, LOFT, Mozilla, & Sanofi Pasteur. 


Erica Hart (Casting Director): Erica has been casting for over 10 years on many high profile projects. She has cast projects that have screened at SXSW and Cannes and are streaming on Netflix and Amazon. She has cast commercials for high end brands such as Maybelline, Gillette, and Crunch to name a few. Currently, Erica is the Casting Associate for a new cable show and a new show on a streaming network that will both premiere in 2019. She graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied film and television and was previously the Casting Coordinator of Casting for a Primetime Network in NY casting series regulars for numerous pilots and currently running series.





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