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This film describes Amir's future goals in urban development as he tries to regain his memories of a certain place and people. In this desire to belong to others, he discovers the challenge of reconciling his ideas with differing experiences, each seeking its own form of change in the world.

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Mission Statement

People from Pakistan, India and US will work together on The City He Forgets - a story based on the experience of South-Asian immigrants who grow up and seek a future in the states; it's about finding solace in others' company and making a place home, a familiar feeling for all of us on the team.

The Story

Take a photo so you don't forget later; save it in the folder: Summer '19 - ATL/CHI. Meet an old friend after a long time who has a family now. Hear a train and wish someone you loved once is on it. And maybe it is her. You show her what you want the city to look like; she thinks different.

Hi this is Rehab Maqsood. Thank you for reading this!

The City He Forgets is a short film that I have wanted to do for more than a year. It came from an idea for a story about two people meeting again after years and discovering how different they have grown to be. In the film these two people are Amir and Ayesha with opposing worldviews and an ill-fated love for each other. 


This idea of an altered sense of self and the world is related to my feelings about the last decade which at one point felt like an interlude – an idle period caused by health issues – which was introspective for me in a way that our present moment is. What I went through was a bunch of different feelings but I mostly view this time as a break from the past and a switch to new aspirations. The journey thereafter has brought me to this film.

This story is a few days in Amir's life which he spends reconnecting with his old friends; but it is as much about them as it is about him. The through line here is Amir's desire to get them all in one place, for it is only through his people that he knows how a change in the world is possible. But in meeting Ayesha he discovers that his experience of living in the city is just one of many. 

People and places as reincarnations in your life, memories as desires of a future – the reflections here are centered around losing things, regaining them briefly, and then losing them again, a damage to oneself, both mental and physical, incurred in jostling with an unyielding metropolis; the title of the film alludes to this particular struggle of Amir.

"Lightning…then darkness! Lovely fugitive

whose glance has brought me back to life! But where

is life – not this side of eternity?

Elsewhere! Too Far, too late, or never at all!

Of me you know nothing, I nothing of you – you

Whom I might have loved and who knew that too!"

You can get a sense of what this film feels like from the pre-viz that we worked on earlier this year in February. It contains fragments that belong to an earlier version of the project, which was based on impressions that rang true during covid, so I’d like to think that this project has evolved with the emotions of the last few months.

This is how I would describe the soundtrack for the film: The City He Forgets Playlist. Far from anything official, given our modest budget, this is mostly a curation of a desired soundscape for the project and something that I have used while working on it.


If any of this resonates with you, please consider supporting the campaign. The team behind The City He Forgets (Tashina, Marcus and I) would appreciate all kinds of contributions and we hope that the perks included here appeal to you. 


This film was originally planned for an April shoot so this entire campaign and production has been adjusted keeping with the latest COVID-19 developments. 

Presently we are finalizing cast and enlisting the most bare minimum crew for the project. We are prepared to have the entire team tested before shoot to ensure that we can work safely around each other. In addition, masks will be mandated on set in both interior and exterior situations, and we are working with a Certified Covid Compliance Officer to protect our crew.  The film shows people as wearing masks so it's an idea that all of us on board should get easily accustomed to!

Prayers for a safe rest of 2020 for all of us. 



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Cash Pledge

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Costs $500

The loft is the site where our character's lives intersect in the film.

Film Permits

Costs $175

We need to file appropriate permits with the City of Atlanta to shoot our exterior scenes.

Train Station

Costs $1,000

Our film begins and ends at a train station, signifying a rupture between the past and present.

Craft Services

Costs $425

We want to take care of the people helping us make this film and keep them fed during shooting.

About This Team

-Rehab Maqsood

Writer/Director- Rehab is a film student from Lahore, Pakistan, with a background in Political Science and English. Rehab came to US about a year ago to pursue an MFA in FILM. This project is a culmination of everything he has learnt so far about filmmaking and an attempt at developing his interest in themes of space and time. 

Director's Reel can be found at



-Tashina Southard


Tashina Southard is an artist and producer from Florence, Alabama. Tashina brings a wealth of experience from past trades as a chef and creative director. Her passion for producing derives from her love of storytelling and empowering unique voices in film. She aspires to produce content in the horror genre for a variety of platforms. A director in her own right, Tashina has produced a number of independent shorts, as well as a 100-part series entitled “Half Minute Horror”.

Producer's Reel can be found at


-Marcus Kyle

Cinematographer- Marcus Kyle is a diverse film maker focused on cinematography with a passion for directing/writer. Raised in Dallas TX, Bachelor’s in Marketing from Morehouse College. He currently mainly operates on indie shorts and commercials in the ATL area. He’s shot a number of shorts for local film makers and boasts a deepening collection of directorial endeavors himself. Find him on Instagram @marcusmakesfilms

Cinematographer's Reel can be found at

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