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A jaded cis lawyer is reawakened from his static existence, when a free-spirited trans female rockstar jumps in his car taking him on an action-packed neon rollercoaster ride for the night. This film takes us on an exploration of finding purpose and reveals the power of living in the moment.

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Mission Statement

We are a team of queer folk, women, and ethnically diverse artists who rally for equality and believe in the power of storytelling to make the world a better place, connecting the human spirit. Our voice is strong, it is loud and it is proud. Through unity we can empower, and keep the chant going.

The Story

This action packed film is a neon rock'n'roll rollercoaster scored along a psychedelic highway about breaking free and finding your purpose

Our story is about how two people who just met, can synchronistically align perfectly. We find that coincidence is just an illusion.  

Told through the lens of one man in the aftermath of his life choices and one woman who crashes into his numb and quite bland existence. Their meeting marks a turning point for both of them to embrace their own dreams and realize its never too late to change your fate... 

We safely filmed The Comfort Zone in this new strange COVID-era of filmmaking. We battled record breaking heat waves, fire storms, blackouts and 20 mile per hour winds in the Palm Springs desert.

Our essential team made real magic!


We hope you can join us as we take the next steps to bring The Comfort Zone through the post-production process. This fierce film needs your support! 

With our visual art we hope to keep the dialogue open for inclusion and necessary representation.

Visibility on screen is more important than ever for the trans community.

Please join us in serving our slice of love to the world.

We are raising the money to keep our voice's heard loud & clear!

In order for us to keep this alive, we need financial support to finish the funding of our post-production team and to take us to festivals around the world. 


We've all felt it, that fleeting feeling that tugs at your gut... "What if's".. intuitions and quick day dreams that we let slip away. But WHAT IF you embraced that moment. What if you chose to dive into the experience and really open yourself to connecting with another person.

In Darwin's 1871 book, "The Descent of Man" he argued that COMPASSION, not competition, & COOPERATION, were the traits that human beings needed in order to live free and survive. 

He wrote of love - empathy, kindness, mutual aid, and compassion - 95 times, and the elitism & hierarchy that dominates contemporary corporate life...the 'survival of the fittest' way of thinking, only twice. 

It's this CONNECTION that makes our lives story, and our dreams come to life. 

I started writing this film almost 2 years ago, after traveling for a few months in Mexico by myself. I didn’t know anyone or speak Spanish, but every place I traveled there was an angel waiting for me. Those angels came in any shape, age or gender, and they navigated me through the journey to my mental breakthrough, that felt like an action film, from almost being kidnapped, to falling in love with strangers, earthquakes, escaping from intense situations... basically living life without knowing what the next step is or how many more steps there are to end the journey. I learned so much about the power of NOW; being present, and the power of our “angels”. When we love with true equality to any human on this planet, the adventure is just priceless.

                                                                                                         - Ran Yatim


At the top of our list of priorities is creating a collaborative environment and committing to certain inclusionary standards that bring together women, LGBTQ identifying people, and people of color to contribute to this film. 

THANK YOU from all of us on The Comfort Zone team. We can't wait to share this movie with you and promise you, you'll be proud supporting our ARTIVISM!

Our team at The Comfort Zone has committed to creating a platform for bold storytellers and bold storyseekers to come together to show what a united world can look like. This is the future of filmmaking.

Follow us on Instagram @thecomfortzonefilm for more! 


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Cash Pledge

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Costs $2,000

With Your help we'll secure an original Psychedelic & Hard Rock score

Color Grading

Costs $1,500

Professional Color Grading from Andres Solorzano


Costs $1,000

Special Effects! !!! ? !! We Love Your . . . special affects <3


Costs $2,000

With your support we can hire an Editor to weave the magic together!

Losses & Damages during Production

Costs $2,500

Fortunately we had insurance, but the deductible is 2,500! Thank you for the love.

Post-Production Sound Mixer

Costs $1,500

We can hear it now...and it's amazing. join the cause & help our sound be heard!

Sound Design

Costs $2,000

The Comfort Zone is as much of an auditory rollercoaster as it is visually. Thank you kindly!

Festival Submissions

Costs $2,500

Festivals are between $50-100 and we intend to spread this project far and wide to 30-50 of them!!

About This Team

 Trans, lesbian, gay, queer, people of color, & differently abled people make up the core of our production team

Alexandra Grey, an actress and musician, is blazing a trail for Trans women in the entertainment industry. She is using her platform as a role model and activist to empower other Black Trans women and the LGBTQIA community. Alexandra is best known for her role on the Amazon series Transparent and the hit Fox musical drama series Empire. As Star, she embodies the spirit of living in the moment, unbothered & charismatic, and won’t let anyone crush her dreams of becoming a rock n roll musician. 


Alex MacNicoll is an actor and producer who brings passion and unbridled energy into everything he does. He is an outspoken ally to both the LGBTQIA and Black communities, and has been actively participating in this work both professionally and personally. Alex is best known for his roles on the Netflix series The Society, and Amazon’s Transparent. As Caleb, he poetically brings the anxiety & numbness of a person who left their dreams behind for the capitalistic rat race, a soul ready to break, hopefully free, from self imposed chains. 


Ran Yatim (Writer/Director/Producer)

Ran is a filmmaker from Tel aviv-Israel, born to a family immigranted from Yemen, and he has been living in the US for the past 10 years. He has worked his way up in the production realm and is excited for the world to see his directorial debut with The Comfort Zone.  It is his dream to create justice and social change within the film industry. 


Andrés Solórzano (Cinematographer)

A talented cinematographer from Mexico City, Andrés has poured his passion into stories that try to positively shape and impact a different society, working with native indigenous communities, immigrants, and social movements in North and South America. He graduated from the American Film Institute (AFI). with an MFA in cinematography, class of 2016. 


Fresh Carreras (Producer)

Fresh is a champion for independently bold filmmaking. She has over 20 years of experience as a producer and has led the way for many young LGBTQ and women creatives in the industry. As an award winning creative professional she has worked with an array of clients, from Travis Scott to Elton John, as well as BET, Netflix, & HBO to name a few. 


Vasilios Papapitsios (Co-Producer)

Vasilios is an LA-based HIV-Positive filmmaker and artist blending genres and blurring boundaries at the intersections of advocacy, education, and entertainment. His work focuses on creating space and content that prioritizes the narratives found in LGBTQ+ and underrepresented communities. 


Marcello de Francisci (Composer)

Marcello is an award-winning Argentenian/Italian music producer and composer. As an ally to LBGTQ people and an expert in his craft, Marcello has the amazing opportunity to weave a new thread through the industry, linking these communities through original music. 


Executive Producer - Michael Don Francesco

The EX - Luke Jones

Customer - Violet Wade

1st AC - Samantha Boesch

Gaffer - Rene Yescas

Grip - Mladen Durdanovic

Sound Mixer - Raam Brousard

Hair & Make-up - Morgan Marinoff

Costume Designer - Eleanor Wells

Production Designer - Jena Serbu

Prop Master - Syd Richardson

Script Consultant - Kerri Rose Cecil

Health & Safety Supevisor - Tera Tounzen

Editor - Jesus Chuy Rosales

Original Song - Jonny Shaheri

1st AD - Courtney Hope Therond



Current Team