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Elewa has started a crowdfunding campaign to address inequity in creative funding. Elewa's overall purpose as a collective is to help our creative community maintain the integrity of their creative process.

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Mission Statement

To capture the profiles of these trailblazers who have experienced both success and setbacks as they pursue their visions—exploring and sharing the business behind one's creative and innovative passion and informed by Elewa's trajectory's voice.

The Story


Who Are We? 

We are ELEWA. The creative network with an African Influence. A multimedia platform & full-service creative agency on a mission to build a digital network here to bridge the gap between creatives from Africa and different parts of the world.

The Creatives Alike Campaign will act as a catalyst to motivate African creatives to pursue larger-scale works, innovative experimentation, collective projects, and an overall increased capacity to produce culturally relevant work. You are not only assisting in the production of the "24/7 Daily Show", but you are also assisting in the development of Fidelis-Oke Daniel's music film "God Save The Queen" and showing viewers that the sky is the limit.


Who's The Founder? 

Abisola Sanya is the founder and executive producer of ElewaTv. Elewa showcases the profiles of these trailblazers, who have experienced both success and failure as they pursue their goals via storytelling. Exploring and sharing the business behind one's creative and innovative passion, we aim to develop the best creative network to celebrate our stories and encourage current and future generations of creatives. We will be able to bridge the gap between the diaspora and African creatives through the Creatives Alike program. This will be a significant platform for African creatives to be viewed around the world


About The 24/7 Daily Show 

24/7 Daily is a talk show series that highlights emerging creatives from Africa and the diaspora. The mission is to show that our African Influence interconnects our lifestyles on a global scale.

ElewaTv production set for 24/7 daily show 

  • Season two of the 24/7 daily is now in pre-production. We will be casting over 50 talents for the show, with the goal of selecting ten brilliant creatives from Ghana and Nigeria to highlight their talents.


  • While working with the production crew to coordinate our business travel plans. Our objective is to distribute the show on major media platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Blacktagg, and FusionTv. Our audience will be able to access the project by subscribing to our channels and receiving important notifications about which media outlets it will be shared on. 

Photography By- Alexsa 




  • If the project receives more than 100% funding, it will be provided to another African creative who is also in need of funds for his or her project, as well as to the Elewatv Team, who will interview creatives in other African countries.
  • Covid19 has had an impact on our production since gathering large groups of individuals to film was difficult. It has also had an impact on our services because no one wanted to develop or generate content during the lockdown. We are addressing this through our platforms by mandating everyone to wear a mask, be tested before arriving on set, and urging our personnel to be vaccinated in order to provide a safe environment for our clients and production crew.





The Creative: Fidelis-Oke Based in Lagos, Nigeria 

Named after the biblical character who was thrown into the lion's den. Daniel grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, with his Kwale-speaking father and Ijebu-ethnic mother and aunt. Underground culture is practically ingrained in his DNA; he discovered filmmaking at the age of 19 and grew up never wondering what to do. He adores music and believes that rhythm is the key to understanding everything. He now travels the world directing films and enjoys making people reveal their deepest secrets to the camera.




Olu is on a journey, to find freedom in a vast land. She is unsettled because her peace and pain haven't found
Harmony and acceptance, which eventually happen to free Olu from her bondage.



  • Because we are a group of dedicated CREATIVES who are determined to center the -BIPOC / African community in media and producing a production isn't cheap.
  • Your contributions will help us pay for our cast, crew, locations, and food - everything from pre-production to post-production and all the way through the film festival circuit. 
  • Because, while BIPOC individuals accounted for only 5% of speaking roles on television (LA Times), African descents are even less represented.
  • Once again, you would be assisting us in making history. The intersectionality of BIPOC people is rarely represented in the media, particularly on mainstream television. 



  • By contributing funds to our campaign (with perks! ), you can help us reach our goal. or fulfilling items on our wishlist
  • By following, liking, and sharing our social media content with everyone you know (friends, followers, co-workers, family.) Seriously, y'all, your shares are SO powerful in broadening our reach and assisting us in reaching our goal! It's incredibly simple and effective, and we've made it even easier for you by including some prompts below! 

Feel free to copy and paste or modify as you see fit! :)


I'm really looking forward to seeing the Pilot for the 24/7 Daily Series by production@elewatv! Following a group of creatives, native African Diaspora. I know this show is going to be great! Follow them on Twitter at @ElewaTv and show your support for them on Instagram at @seedandspark: the-creatives-alike-campaign. 

Support Executive Producer @abisolas_ boundary-pushing pilot, 24/7 Daily, which explores the lives of African diaspora creatives navigating their careers around the world. Follow them on Twitter @elewatv to stay up to date, and donate to the @seedandspark:creatives-alike-campaign to help bring this project to life.

Do you want to see more stories about creative people? Help Executive Producer @abisolas_ and her entire crew fund their Series 24/7 Daily Sho, which follows a group of talented, creatives from African Diaspora. Check them out at 


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Crew + Cast

Costs $3,500

Talent and Production personnel.

Camera Equipments

Costs $12,000

Purchase and Rental of camera, Prop Set rentals, lighting Sound, and other production equipment.

Post Production

Costs $2,500

Editing, sound, visual effects and music

Transportation & Location

Costs $2,000

Transportation & Location Fees.

About This Team

We are an all-black, women's creative collective who believes all great stories have an online and offline impact, and we are committed to influencing both worlds.

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